100 thoughts on “Her husband neglects his family because of hobby of sea fishing[Hello Counselor ENG,THA/2018.10.15]

  1. poor hanbyeol…. i know im being harsh with the wife but if im in her shoes, i will divorce that shitty husband after the first pregnancy… i cant understand how can she still have kids with someone as trash as him…
    i pity the daughters and the forth baby the most out of all this

  2. We all are laughing I bet but deep inside,a deep seethed anger that wanna scream out"Seriously??!!"is felt….

    People here in my neighborhood would say that this guy is worthless since there was even a dad here who committed suicide when his wife won over custody rights on their kids,his wife had an affair and left them only to return with that news…imagine his despair,this guy here though don't appreciate his family

  3. I can't stand these "hobbys". I would rather die then live with someone like him. She should have went to collage and found a job. This would have never happen if she was stable woman. She literelly married sadist. What a piece of shit he is. I would beat the crap out of him if i was there.

  4. I cried so much, because this is exactly how my family is. I literally hear her talking about my father and I see my mother when she talks about herself.

  5. fdp mano como assim esse desgraado foca sorrindo ainda enquanto falam com ele, ele deve ter depressao anda real

  6. I hate this so much. The way he neglected his wife and children makes my blood boil. And that poor little girl omg. She's only 8 but already has depression. I myself suffer depression as well, and what the dad said is kind of true when he said you have to overcome it yourself. You do have to work hard to fight depression, but especially a eight year old girl needs someone to help her fight. Everyone does. You can't fully get rid of depression but with the right people helping you, youll be able to fight it whenever it comes again. I hope that that little girl gets the help she needs and that her sister's don't develop depression as well.

  7. I feel bad for the kid the most. Im depressed at 12 and have tried killing my self twice. Now i have overcome it, i can not imagine a such a small kid feeling the same as me. Feeling darkness and hopeless. I feel really really sad and surprised.

  8. He cannot be taken as husband or a father or anyone reliable. This immature person can just take his fishing rod and go to Pacific Ocean and get lost. Then he can keep fishing day and night.

  9. I wish she could pull herself together and leave this disgusting husband. But I know a woman like her will never do that and I pity the kids.

  10. when there is no love. there's no care nor appreciation.they just get married for convenience. so sad

  11. His response to the video of his daughters evaluation was a bit concerning. It felt forced. I believe that he still doesn't understand that his actions are a direct factor. I truly hope he changes this family dynamic for her sake.

  12. The man is deplorable but the woman, really should’ve been wiser. It’s her fault also to marry a man like him. Abd then she continued having babies after babies with him. She should’ve either never married him, should’ve left early in the marriage and she can still leave him now. I’m mad at the man but I’m mad at her as well.

  13. Another selfish bastard! I'm sure he has a mistress and spending his time and all that money on his affair. Fishing trips my ass!!!

  14. Just watching this makes me frustrated too. What more for the wife and kids? I wish ppl like this could really knock some sense into them. This is so heartbreaking cause I also experienced a lot as a child. It was also so loud in the house back then.

  15. If ur not responsible enough then don't build ur own family. Maybe you're not ruining your life but you're damaging the lives of those innocent souls.

  16. Husband with no fell guilty . Can this become an issue to get this man to Korean police ??? Abundant his wife and child ?

  17. As many ppl have mentioned here, it is one of the worst cases; the most selfish husbands here. fishing is just a small part of the whole issue. The pannel pointed out that he is not good at saying sorry. But I think he didn't say sorry because he lacks the ability to empathize. He doesn't even feel bad for what he did. He only said sorry because he feels embarassed because of everyone's reaction there.

  18. Que estrés tendrá este hombre si hace lo que quiere? Y además limita mucho a su esposa y tampoco ayuda con sus hijos? Que horror de hombre. si fuera ella hace rato me hubiera ido con las hijas, igual no sirve para nada el marido. ✌️🇪🇸✌️

  19. The little girls' hair looks like printer running out of ink from eldest to youngest 😍❤ The fourth baby will have ash brown hair at this rate 😂 How can you have three lovely daughter in front of you and not want to give all your love and show your best side in front of them only. The father and the mother doesn't need to work through their problems if they bith dont want to, but he needs to realize that his lack of empathy and maturity is affecting his precious babies severely.

  20. That’s why ladies you have to be independent financially. So no man can disrespect you and take your for granted. Divorce him ma’am! You deserve a more loving and respectful partner.

  21. If an in law of mine was like him, my family wouldn't think twice we will rock up and beat up the person

  22. I hope she leaves him for the sake of her kids. What a shit piece of a man. You don't ignore or take lightly the diagnosis of a depression in a child. Especially your own child.

  23. I remember that they made me take a test similar to that when I was around 8 as well. They never told me why but I had to be with, a what I remember, is a Counselor and I had to draw similar things to that.

  24. In Korea, is divorce banned? I do not understand how a couple who does not love each other and with such a negligent father is still married.

  25. He bloody well knew his wife's age when they got married; yet he had d audacity to mention d age gap!! Every damn thing was his fault! If it's me, I would have dumped that bad news long ago!! Disgraceful to mankind!!! M boiling mad!!!

  26. I feel so bad for Hanbyeol, she's so young, but now she's depressed because of her parents. I hope she gets the treatment and gets better.

  27. To see that young girl in that condition is hard. I have worked with children her age, and whenever they drew a house, they would always draw their friends or family in the picture but to say that no one lives in that house and that she wouldn't live in it, that's serious. That shows how her home means nothing to her. And for her to say that the tree would die eventually, instead of saying something like it will bear fruits or flowers, which is what most children would say, to say that it would just die and that can't be helped…. How sad it is for an eight year old to feel so much hopelessness… I really hope they work something out, because if they don't, it might be too difficult her later on.

  28. When u hv depression it hits u real hard it's not easy wen u hv depression I once experience it next year bt to c a 8 yrs old girl hv it . I feel so sadden.
    The husband seems to be like beast not human
    How can he be so cruel wen he is 100 % wrong
    There is a sayin that say wen u wrong u does want to play u right n strong
    I feel so sorry for the wife n her kids
    Just hoping her husband would change

  29. Oh my goodness😤😤I really want to fly to their studio and beat this man up!

    This hell of a man can write a book on excuses

  30. This truely is saddening. Their children are so beautiful but because of their unstable fighting and homelife the baby already has depression. This isn't something kids grow out of if the root of the problem is not fixed now, this will will affect her and most likely her sisters for the rest of their lives. People who have grown up into adults with unstable homelifes, especially with fighting, develope severe mental issues. I dont want to see this family or these beautiful babies crumble. I sincerly hope that this was at least their first step in becoming more stable, if not for themselves at least for their children.

  31. Husbands shld listen and observe their wives more especially when they're pregnant. Switch on your auto mode and be more sensitive!

  32. A man who neglects his family is no man at all. This guy doesn’t deserve to be happy, it doesn’t look like he even cares. Hopefully the lovely wife and children will be able to get rid of that man from their life, they’d be so much more happier without him.

  33. I feel so bad the eldest kid I mean at such a young age getting depression is bad. Think if she had come to hello counselor it would have continued into something worse

  34. He just doesn't want to be at home or with his wife. Guess there is something underlying to make him this way.

  35. I don't get how people can get this far into marriage and have 4 kids even though the relationship is fucked. Why would you keep having kids just to put them in a shitty situation. I get it if you like kids, but it seems kind of selfish.

  36. One thing I can’t understand: how did the people around him mange to hold themselves back from punching him????????

  37. It’s heartbreaking to see a girl has depression because of her parents fight all times. Even all things what her husband did is makes me feel frustrated to death that I wanna slap him so badly. I hope they will change and become a happy family.

  38. Its just pumped up on my recommendation..and i got a lot of thoughts having a family on my own in the near future with this kind of man its really awful and painful to watch their story and very having sympathy for his wife and children…

  39. I mean it's her fault too. Why she still with him? And still having sex? He doesn't care about her and the kids. Sis better leave him

  40. Would really like follow up shows on some of these shows… people are so very quick to blame everything on "stress"! EVERYONE has stress… This man is very selfish.

  41. I am only sad for the daughter.Why did the woman keep breeding with this excuse of a father if he wasn't treating her well from the first pregnancy itself? How can she keep getting pregnant if they fight so much? Why does she keep bringing children in this world knowing how the father is completely selfish and irresponsible? I think she is under pressure to give birth to a son.She should have stopped after the second child and started working.She seems too overly dependent on her husband.And the husband seems to be an escapist,selfish man-child who is very self-indulgent.If you hate spending money on kids,how about you stop making them? 😏 Poor little girl caught up in this mess.She reminds me of myself.It's a curse to deal with a dysfunctional family.

  42. We have to say that "Parenting is the duty for Parents, not only Mother"

    Not only in Korea. The other country has the same cases. I hope this video can make you understand

  43. I cant ever be on this show cuz id get so mad lol He doesnt want a family he wants a fishing rod! let him have it! leave him sis!

  44. Women should be well taken care especially during their pregnancy the mother’s stress affects the child. Inconsiderate husband should change more for the happiness of his family.

  45. Why were they so surprised when that dude spoke English 😂 sorry I’m new to hello counselor… I fact I new TO K STUFF (Korean) so don’t attack me😂😂😂

  46. When your child starts saying the trees will die and can’t be helped at all then it’s time to LEAVE HIM! It’s not easy, but your children are suffering 😭

  47. Cheap ass husband. He spends on himself, but not his wife. Without her, how the hell he has those cute kids. He control the money, which means he has the power.

  48. When he kept making excuses I got so mad 😑

    And the fact that his own DAUGHTER has childhood depression is just so sad

    They shouldn’t be treated this way

  49. Your 8 year old child has depression but you refuse to pay for her treatment. But you will spend hundreds of dollars on clothes fishing rods.

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