100 thoughts on “HE’S BACK!!!! Fishing with UNCUT ANGLING

  1. Can we get a 39 hours esc. challenge with y'all, Googans and the crazy twins? I feel like that'd be the best series on YouTube ever.

  2. Bluegill beds are so crazy, how do they make them? In my local lake a ton of black circles pop up in june where creek meets the lake

  3. What kind of sunglasses is UNCUT ANGLING rocking? Those are really cool, never seen a pair of polarized sunglasses with 2 different lenses! LOL

  4. Good stuff man literally just found your Channel! I can't believe with your filming and editing skills that you only have like 8,000 subs! Keep up the good work man love the vids!

  5. Did you forgot to scale some of those shots to frame size? Good stuff though wish my editing skills and camera equipment were as good!

  6. 7” master angler Gill seems crazy. That’s like minimum eating size in Iowa. 10s are huge tho. Great video guys. Hurry up and win so I don’t have to look at that nasty stache lol

  7. Arron and his fxr gear…lol its summer my guy. Your boys in swimming trunks and you ready for an avalanche…lmfao

  8. For future reference Little Sask has Bluegills in it as well! Same deal with mooneye and goldeye for days!

  9. You guys deserve all the exposure and more… keep it up! Id love to see more trout vids too! Lakers or Brownies, Brookies, and Bows. I love all trout….

  10. Awesome video!! The video production and detail on this is second to none. I wish all other fishing and hunting videos had the detail and production that this one covers. Great to see you two back in the saddle again!

  11. "Mmmm… I've put them in my mouth, I don't know if I've eaten them." 😂 The things Aaron Wiebe will put in his mouth.

  12. Great video !! My name is STEW and I only fly fish. Can't believe you guys don't enjoy the essence of fishing. Get on the fly !! Want me to send you some flys ?

  13. Was just listening to crossfire, went to the home screen and this video was at the top. Played it for a bit and the song came on again. Too much greatness to handle.

  14. Lol blue gill is like the only species I haven’t caught in Manitoba. Going to have to give this a shot!

  15. Yeah, please don't wait another 400 days for this. You two clowns are meant to be together! One of, if not the best video you guys have put out there!

  16. Man I miss watching Uncut Angling channel. My fav video is the gigantic crappie hard water fishing with a buck tail jig.

  17. Aaron this video makes me want you to come down and catch a 2 pound sunfish here in mn… we have caught plenty close to it in the last year or 2

  18. Funny how it looked like Aaron was so not into this day and came to life once you brought the McDs into the truck! Would love to do some ice fishing with that Guy!

  19. Wiebe we wana c you ice fishin start makin videos bud..lakers underwater camera part 2 best ice fishing video on YouTube

  20. Wonder how many species of master anglers Jay and Aaron would catch in a week, that is a challenge by the way.

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