100 thoughts on “Highly-Skilled Bamboo Craftspersons Specialized in Making The “Kishu Fishing Rods”(Kishu Herazao)

  1. what a crock of shit.

    there is nothing to master in fishing.

    rod,reel,line,hook,bait or lure,and hungry fish.

    what else.

  2. This is why Japan is able to get out of the shithole that is WW2. They not only manage to make quality, but quantity at the same time

  3. Its beautiful but not practical….a fishing rod for small fishes only….and exclusive only in a certain fishing ground…

  4. 1 từ đẹp ko nói lên được vẽ đẹp của nó mà phãi là 2 từ quá đẹp…! quá tinh tinh tế đúng là 1 tác phẩm nghệ thuật

  5. accept the Lord Jesus Christ who has not accepted yet because He is coming back … sanctify more and more inside and outside … doing works worthy of repentance and leaving worldliness … leaving the vanities the tinctures, earrings, makeup, enamels , the fashions of hair and clothes, the short and tight clothes because the Lord is Holy and we must be holy in all our way of living "1 Peter 1: 15,16"

  6. why dont u credit this video to his owner? I've seen this somewhere, its a documentary. forgot where its from, begin japanology i think

  7. All this trouble to catch a carp. For some reason, it makes me happy to know that, somewhere in the world, people can actually make a living from doing this kind of thing.

  8. Adamlarda ki işçilipe bak, bir de bizim sığırlar bak! 2500liraya kitap satıyor içinde sadece resim var, o resimlerin de açıklamaları yanlış yazılmış.

  9. Meu pai era pescador , filho de japoneses…eu sou apaixonada por pesca. Gostaria muito de ter um material desses…é gratificante ver a dedicaçao desses profissionais com o bamboo. Parabéns !!!

  10. Is that something anyone can do with minimal if any training at all? I imagine the tolerances aren't very exact so any substandard workmanship probably wouldn't reflect on the finish product.

  11. Низкий поклон от рыбаков из России! Настоящее японское кропотливое и вдумчивое мастерство во всем!!! Сделанной своими руками удочкой ловить еще приятнее чем покупной! А бамбуковая так вообще чудо!!! Легкая, чувствительная! Ловил бамбуковыми удочками в далеких 80х годах. Увы теперь такие не продаются!((

  12. Exellent fly rod>>>allabout.wiki/d6jl    I got this for my dad for fathers day he love's it. going to get mine next month.

  13. I stopped the video and clicked dislike as soon as I heard the robot voice…what the fuck is wrong with you?

  14. pick up a branch of a tree , tie a cord to it and you're catching the same fish , why do people always need to have what the neighbour has ?
    no matter how expensive your gear , it will break down
    we used to fish with the simplest of sticks and had always an amazing time catching a lot of fish ,
    have to throw them back though , can't eat fish like you used to , not even to bake it over a fire , water is all rotten and you can taste it in the fish

  15. Knock off the PC crap. The title or term is Craftsman ……. get over it………………… Also watched a video of skilled tradesmen making arrows and am very impressed by their dedication and skill.

  16. video is fantastic // but, my own opinion …the music very distracting and quite monotonous … id rather hear the real sounds,… dont allow yourself to become a commercial production …

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