How Outboard Motor Fins Work – Uncle Norm’s Marine Products

How Outboard Motor Fins Work – Uncle Norm’s Marine Products

now this is a Mid October and I’m bout ready to go
out for wanna my last salmon fishing trips
this morning this wanna talk a little bit about the films that I have on my boat here the happens be a 22-foot Northwest jet and you notice the the Orica then might 250 or show Bihar and the dolphin and over there on my nine-point the same kicker lol the film’s do a lot for me this boat the see that the boat the the rather large care cab is third we will catch the wind if
you’re out in the current wind blowing like that is this morning think it’s the flag that they’re gonna
but the other boats like this will be over
the river here with a hard time holding or state in the slot the I will but have trouble doing there
because the films my upward kicker a really acre the boat give me the a lot
more rotor area so I have consequently a lot more control the boat I can pretty much set
the the in the channel get a trim the yield to stay right there and track for
long as I wanted to as filled install really really easy you’ll notice the syriza screws right
there on the top with the film prozor gradually screws the clamp the the onto the cavitation plate we have a the drill the holes in the
boat motor bear the same for the kicker motor so the the film to slide onto the
cavitation plate then basically the clamps are tightened
down you know it’s held this final is 250
horse the air rips or couple other advantages to the the films on the on the boat a one we go through as being
awake so it’s the until he is your for the other boats that were passing
out there it cuts down on the amount of love borrowing that the boat makes I
think the flu carry on the top with the film act like a shock absorber so that the the boat doesn’t bob up and down there
when you accelerate Camaro holeshot about our rise dramatically you pretty
much come out shooting straight outta the whole and
away you go so for visibility is good so lets a was great and fire this up and get it
out on the river and I can show you two out there real conditions with this
gonna do I’m okay writer okay the were out on the river a you may not be able to tell it but the
windows blown out here used in the concluded that waving in the
breeze here labor here and were belting health Badar bottom just roll along here
low-speed you can see the the kicker motors work in and the dolphin been a in the orchid been are working together tied together with
the bar though job able be a hero in the world fishing in the
backfield pointing straight up for following
course and very very stable because the finance on my kicker and my my outboard on you have been running this for a couple
years now I actually have been run been done both
more about 10 years now and I can tell you real deal up a warm marine products believe me know you will see it the with cover blood drawn burger go over there gore the that provides
great bomb yeah you can help by quarter here the got a little rough go robbery reblogged work roll around around here the and even
though in the low I’m not driving the boat and
the wind is come in for a porn site here we’re were actually holding accord them doing what we do because the gonna or are gold you her acting the action though that her and the win their gold day

14 thoughts on “How Outboard Motor Fins Work – Uncle Norm’s Marine Products

  1. We put fins on the sheriffs department jet boat and it made a world of difference, I took a lot of the work out of running the boat.

  2. Fins really make a difference. The guys that use autopilots can tell you that the fins make the control with a TR1 some much better.

  3. I fish about 30 days per year from Buoy 10 to the hanford reach for salmon, I will attest the dolphin fin has helped me dramatically when fishing in the wind. I no longer have to keep my hand on the kicker handle at all times. The product was simple to install without drilling and has truly made a difference.

  4. I have been a manufacturer for 30 years. My observation is that most manufacturers are very resistant to change and the conventional wisdom tells them that if it was good enough yesterday, then it should be good enough for tomorrow. That's why so much innovation and out of the box thinking comes from small companies.

  5. I have a friend in Nova Scotia with a 28 ft Bayliner that put one of the Orca fins on his boat because it wondered all over the place. Bob says that he gives the low speed control an A+. Bob also told me that he is saving on fuel because now the boat planes on less power. He says that it used to burn 55 L per hour and now it burns 50 L per hour on plane. It was an unexpected benefit. Bob says he's not taking the fin off. In fact he is going to make his own youtube video about it.

  6. This is just the thing I have been looking for. By the way, the word that two of you are  looking for is 'wandered' and 'wander'.

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