How Thrawn Trolled Darth Vader on Being Anakin Skywalker [Canon] – Star Wars Explained

How Thrawn Trolled Darth Vader on Being Anakin Skywalker [Canon] – Star Wars Explained

Well before Thrawn’s career within the Imperial
Navy in the Galactic Empire, the Chiss came across the Republic General Anakin Skywalker
during the final year of the Clone Wars. Their paths intertwined when they both found
themselves on the far edged, Outer rim planet named Batuu; where they both helped one another
to recon and eliminate the threat of a secret Separatist project for their separate, respective
missions. During this time, Thrawn and Anakin came to
highly respect each other for their unique skill sets. Anakin was the first Jedi Thrawn had ever
met in person, having only heard about the magical force wielding knights in rumors and
tales. He also came to value the Jedi’s courage
and fighting prowse, so much so that Thrawn went out of his way to help Anakin even after
he had already completed his own mission for the Chiss people. On the other hand, Anakin came to have high
regards to Thrawn for his tactical mind and nearly unnatural ability to analyse situations. He was so impressed with the Chiss’ talents
that Anakin actually mentioned and praised him to Chancellor Palpatine after he returned
back to Coruscant. Many years later, Thrawn used this interaction
between the two and Anakin’s earlier praise of him as a means to gain Emperor Palpatine’s
trust. However during this same meeting Thrawn was
informed that Anakin was killed during the Clone Wars, a statement the Chiss seemed to
be skeptical of. It wouldn’t be until much later in his career,
finally at the rank of Grand Admiral, that Thrawn would get the chance to work alongside
Darth Vader. Palpatine had felt a disturbance in the force
that came from the planet Batuu, in which he decided to send his Chiss Grand Admiral
and Sith apprentice to go investigate. During their trip, Thrawn on multiple occasions
tested, and in some ways, trolled Darth Vader on the fact that he was the very same Anakin
Skywalker he had worked alongside with many years earlier during the clone wars, and ironically
they were heading back to the very same planet they originally met on. As we all know Vader regarded Anakin to be
a separate person from himself, someone who had died the moment he became a true Sith
Lord. Any memories of his past brought about him
tremendous emotional pain, and it was so bad for him that he literally killed all those
who discovered his true past identity. And Thrawn’s trolling or tests almost ended
up getting him force choked, especially as they got gradually more irritating for the
Sith Lord. At first during their journey to Batuu, Thrawn
often brought up Anakin and his adventures with the Jedi Knight whenever talking about
what he knew about the planet they were about to visit. Each time Anakin was brought up, Vader always
made it clear that he was dead and of no importance, to which Thrawn always responded with “so
I have been told”, never fully acknowledging the Sith Lord’s statement to be true. When this first happened, Vader wasn’t fully
sure if Thrawn was mocking him or if that was just how he went about himself. Each time he checked the Grand Admiral’s
emotions through the force to see if that was the case, only to find that Thrawn was
always fully neutral whenever he indirectly dismissed Vader’s claims that Anakin was
dead. As they arrived to Batuu and began to explore
it, Thrawn began to talk about the planet with Vader as if the Sith Lord had been there
with him on it long ago, even once using the word “we” when talking about how he discovered
vital intel on it. When this happened, Vader actually had to
take a moment to stop himself before correcting the Grand Admiral that no one else on the
Star Destroyer had ever visited that planet. Thrawn apologized, stating that it was true
that only he himself ever visited the planet, and that he made an error by saying “we”
when referring to how he discovered the information during his visit at the time of the clone
wars. Just like last time, Vader checked Thrawn’s
emotions through the force only to again find that they were neutral just as they were the
last confrontation. Though perhaps the biggest troll move from
Thrawn was what came next. The so called disturbance that Palpatine felt
came from a small group of Chiss children who had been kidnapped by a violent alien
species that came from the Unknown Regions. These Chiss children were in fact force sensitive,
and Thrawn’s people used their connection to the force as a means to navigate through
the dangerous portions of the Unknown Regions, as the children could use the force to show
them safe passages through hyperspace. They also used a special machine to better
help them see the paths through the force and submit them to the ship they were on. During their search of another kidnapped group
of force sensitive Chiss children, Thrawn suggested Vader to use this machine and the
force to better locate the kidnappers that were within deep space of the Unknown Regions. Vader reluctantly agreed to this and entered
the machine. Once inside, Thrawn asked if he wanted to
know what his people called those who used the force to navigate space travel? Vader didn’t seem to care, but Thrawn continued
on, first saying the name in his native language, before translating it to Galactic Standard,
which translated to Skywalkers. This of course grabbed Vader’s attention,
in that Thrawn purposely asked him to enter this machine and later go out of his way to
inform him that those who used it were called Skywalkers. Again through the force Vader checked Thrawn’s
feelings, and once more they were neutral. This only frustrated the Sith Lord, which
only piled on Vader’s dislike toward the Grand Admiral as he had suspicions of Thrawn’s
true loyalty to the Empire throughout their time working together. There would be one more time after that where
Thrawn hinted he knew Vader was Anakin right in front of him, by stating that he felt he
owed Vader a favor because many years ago Anakin had helped him while they were on Batuu. And that he wanted to balance that out among
the two of them. At a point where he was almost shouting, Vader
stated he did not care whatsoever about any favors that Thrawn believed he owed and that
Anakin was dead, that he did not matter. That Thrawn’s only concern should be serving
to Empire, and not to any other man or purpose. Not out of fear, but perhaps out of realization
that Vader was truly not the same man as Anakin. Not in a literal sense, but in a mental one. And that the Jedi Knight he served with and
befriended many years ago was never going to return. As for the very first time, Thrawn acknowledged
in front of Vader that Anakin was indeed dead, and that he made a mistake of ever assuming
that wasn’t the case. After that, Thrawn made no mention of Anakin
or any means to try to bring the Jedi back from Vader’s mental imprisonment.

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  1. It’s kind of sad it didn’t work. Most people would try to poor their hearts out at Vader but Thrawn was just trolling like he would with a friend. Most everyone wanted Vader back on the light side and all that entailed where Thrawn probably just wanted enough of his old friend back for Thrawn to work with a friend not just another colligue.

  2. OK, serious question since I don't have any of the novels or comics, prior to the announcement of Galaxy's Edge did Batuu exist anywhere in the material ? Or was it entirely created by Disney and retconned into the material line for the purpose of back story for the parks and the Skywalker thing made up for the last movie?? I smell a mouse !!

  3. I literally just realized that what thrawn said about force users was right for episode 9, the rise of Skywalker, and force user are called Skywalkers…

  4. Thrawn: So lord vader do you hate sands



  5. Theirs a reality where anakin was never burnt and rules the Empire with Luke and lia on his side where thrawn is his 2nd in command

  6. I was thinking “Wow, what a dick.” The entire time, but then it turns out Thrawn just wanted to get his old friend out of his serious and grim mood. Then I got sad.

  7. What if Vader would encounter a person that instandly wiped out his mental issues? Would Vader be Anakin again or not? Or even just an Anti Hero?

  8. Thrawn always had a way with Jedi. you all made jokes about his balls, aka his courage against stronger opponents that could wipe him out
    read the original stories, Heir to the Empire. they are great. he stands up to a made jedi master clone who is trying to kill thrawn and take his empire away. Knowing his could be wiped out, he faces this man down countless times as the master takes control of his ship.
    In that story, we see he also faced down the emperor palpatine himself, refusing direct orders and gets accused of treason. Only to be proven right and given command again. And he did that no less than three times, in those stories
    im so waiting for the new Treason Novel.
    but, in this, the conflict is said to be over protecting his people, not wasting the empires resources on suicide missions

  9. Not real canon made up by people with no understanding of starwars so Fake conon if they understood starwars then why do the Disney movie suck so badly

  10. Thrawn once visited my community college and managed to convince some students that 90% of the dental floss produced on Earth comes from a farm in Montana.

  11. Anakin is dead means Anakin is a force spirit. Darth Vader is invisable. The difference is…….. well must think of it……

  12. If I cared as much about actual history as I did about Star Wars canon I'd be a fucking college professor.

  13. Theres alot of Charakters in the Star Wars Universe… that i didnt know (froms Comics)… Why they never appear in a Movie?

  14. If thrawn managed to turn Anakin/ vader to the light side for the force palpatine's plans would've backfired horendously

  15. Thrawn would have been an amazing Jedi, with how level and neutral he can be, let alone tactically speaking with all the different senses; and abilities, of mind, body, and force. He was able to remain neutral next to a Sith Lord with a nasty record of relocating insubordinant officer's trachea.

  16. I've just finished this book. On the whole it was boring apart from these bits. In the middle of the new novel and it's great

  17. Thrawn: So basically the only reason your like this is because you're actually a lunatic?
    Vader: searches emotions neutral

  18. Thrawn was always the most complex character. I wish they would have done a movie with him in it. The "Rebels" Thrawn story arc was great and I wish they would do a follow up series which would show Thrawn in all his post-empire glory or gory…

  19. What’s most impressive about all this is how Thrawn was able to keep his emotions in tact while clearly trolling the fuck out of Vader. The guy literally made it obvious he knew Vader’s identity and yet whenever Vader read him through the force Thrawn remained “neutral”. Thrawns mind is a work of art.

  20. So sad thrawn met Darth Vader and must've somehow figured out he was Anakin but probably assumed he could loosen the grip the dark side of the force he had by reminding him of who he was but it didn't work which is why he finally admits to Anakin being dead

  21. I thought Thrawn said that Vader owed him a favor, not the other way around. (Because Thrawn came back and help Anakin when Thrawn had already completed his mission for the Chiss and had left.)

  22. Thrawn: Lord Vader I was thinking we could take a break and stop somewhere for some drinks, may I suggest the "Sandy Collins"?

    Darth Vader: That's it!

  23. thrawn has balls like legit balls of steel. not many fuck with vader, and even less do it and stay so cool that he cant tell

  24. Thrawn is NOT CANON

    Stop trying to act like he was.
    What part of the EU is not canon did people NOT GET from Lucas.
    Lucas himself has said that it is a different world world than my world.
    He said they were TWO different universes just like with Star Trek.

    I don't care what Disney says is canon now. THEY AREN'T.

    Only George Lucas is the real canon of Star Wars. HE created it. It is HIS story and no one else has the right to decide what happens in that story than he does.

    Which is why I don't count anything from Legends or whatever Disney want to call their junk as cannonical because they aren't.
    They never were, never will be either.

  25. So is it for Darth Vader multiple personality disorder? Once he became Vader the Anakin Skywalker personality got locked away in his mind until Luke brought him back?

  26. I personally think Thrawn knew that Anakin was there and that Vader's outburst only solidified his theory that Anakin lived. But he knew that with his many proddings that he would not be the one to bring him back. So he made no mention as he figured if anyone would be able to bring him back it would be one that Vader would actually care about.

  27. I can’t stand Hayden as Anakin. He ruined Darth Vader. They gave him the emotional maturity of a potato. Constantly bitching and complaining, whining about rules and sand, how tf did Padme fall in love with such a whiny brat. 🖕🖕

  28. Thawn was testing him he constantly schemes and plays the people he’s around always putting himself in charge he is such a badass . I wonder if he would have tried that kinda shit with the emperor. Or was he seeing if any of anakin was left and seeing if that could be a threat coz in the end it turned out to be the emperors downfall. Foreshadowing at its best I see.

  29. It is probably the most inconsistent part of star wars to me the fact that the republic and the jedi have been intertwined from seemingly the beginning of history yet people still think of them as a myth and what not… I have heard all the "explanations" and reasons for this which to me are flimsy attempts to explain away the phenomenon… if there were laser sword wielding wizards in a prominent governing/military roll EVERYONE would know about them and would be completely captivated by them, there wouldnt be so much uncertainty about whether they are real or the extent of their powers, there are no arguments that can sufficiently excuse this phenomenon.. it's just unrealistic and it is an unfortunate aspect of star wars storytelling cause if you acknowledge this story error it takes you out of it to a certain extent..

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