How To: Change Your Outboard Motor Ignition Sparkplug Wires

How To: Change Your Outboard Motor Ignition Sparkplug Wires

Alright… today I have a quick little video for… a quick little job. We’re gonna change the… ignition wires or sparkplug wires on our outboard engine. These are not OEM, they’re actually made by an aftermarket company… but they were still about $10 a piece for a small 9 inch wire. This is more of a preventative thing, as I’m not really having any problems. I just want… to swap them out. I’m gonna keep the old ones as spares and probably even keep them on the boat for the… off-chance I might need them while I’m offshore. It wouldn’t hurt to have them. So I’ll go ahead and get started. I’ll put the engine down now, and we’ll open it up. Alright, I don’t anticipate needing too much for this. The wires should just pop off. I have a rag… that I am going to use to clean the old lubricant… off of the sparkplugs and… coils. And then there’s some Loctite silicone dialectric grease lubricant tube that I’m gonna use there to… relubricate the connections. Alright… I’m gonna go ahead and do this one at a time, starting with the top one. I kind of twist them to make sure they are free to pop off. Add a little bit of grease here. I’m gonna go ahead and remove the power lead… lots of corrosion in there. I should dig in there and clean that out a little bit. After dabbing some grease on there, it appears that both boots are exactly the same. Make sure they snap on there. So… number one is done. Alright… I moved the camera a little closer for this one. I am getting a low battery warning on the camera. After cleaning out some of the corrosion, I dabbed on some dielectric grease and snapped on the new ignition cable. That one gave me a little trouble. Alright… number two is done. Now, the next one is not going to have much to see, since it’s hidden down in the engine. So, I’m gonna go ahead and do… a couple more. And then I’ll show you the end. Alright… and now the last one… seems to be the messiest one too! I was a little bit concerned about all the corrosion and am very glad I was able to clean them up and lubricate the connections before it caused me any problems. Alright… that about wraps it up. Nothing too complicated. I’m gonna go turn on the hose… and make sure it cranks up! Alright, let’s see if I can prime the bulb… and get it started. (Engine Running Heard) That’s all there is to it… Alright, hopefully you found this video useful. If you did… don’t forget to leave a “thumbs up.” If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them below. Don’t forget about our sponsor, because they make videos like this possible. Thanks for watching… and I’ll see you next time!

6 thoughts on “How To: Change Your Outboard Motor Ignition Sparkplug Wires

  1. Dan your videos are great. I got my first boat with a '87 Johnson 88SPL. Can you recommend a place to get parts online? Also, do you have any plans to do a winterizing/de-winterizing video?

  2. can an incorrect spark plug  gap create a rough idle or even cause overheating problems?  i recently changed my spark plugs on my outboard and i started seeing those symptoms i just mentioned. 

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