How to Dropshot For Crappies – Double Drop Shot Rig – (Crappie Fishing)

How to Dropshot For Crappies – Double Drop Shot Rig – (Crappie Fishing)

Oh fish on whoa guys look at this freaking
giant! this is definitely my biggest one this year
hey what’s up everyone you guys been asking this for a while. today I’m show
you guys how I do the drop shot fishing for Crappies. let’s do it!
in today’s video I’m gonna show you my secret personal way to do drop shot fishing
this is really really effective in fall especially for Crappie for bass
especially when they are gonna be roaming out of the shallow flats, cruising
specific points there’s gonna be a lot less weed so you technically cover a lot
of water with drop shot. you don’t have to finesse fish a drop shot I power fish
to drop shot either vertically or I cast it and the reason why I am able to power
fish the drop shot rig is because I use two hooks and I like to use Aberdeen’s
hooks I’d like to have one very low for those fish who’s at the bottom and I
like to have one pretty high in a water column so I could effectively cover
water let’s get on the water today so I can show you guys this rig. let’s talk
about my gear today so let’s start with the rod. the rod I like to have a medium
action fast tip rod today I’m using the defi black this is the 7-foot one-inch
fast tip I got size 3000 reel from 13 fishing. This is the Creed GT spooled on
very thin braid is 10 pound braid line the reason why I like to have thin braid
line is because it could cuts through the water column a lot easier especially
for our kayak angler when I get blown all over the place
I want my lure to the bottom as quickly as possible so that’s why I opted for
the main line as braid in addition the braid it has no stretch so when you’re
actually fishing with the braid as your main line there’s going to be a lot of
sensitivity that’s got to transfer up to your fishing rod back to the fishing rod
for a second the most important thing when you guys fish braid is to have
metallic insert guides because that will also double up that sensitivity and it
allowed all the sensitivity to travel up you’re a blank of your rod and to your
hand so you know when that fish has a strike your lure and of course when you
guys get to get two of your main line you always need some sort of
fluorocarbon when you’re doing drop shot fishing because that is the name of the
game you want to minimize the line visibility so today I’m using KastKing Fluorokote, I have 10 pound fluoro line right here and I’m a tie
uni to uni knot to my braid line. for the amount of leader I like to usually
do like maybe two yards. so the next thing we need to do is tie on some hooks
these are Aberdeen hooks from VMC I’ll just use size one or size two and we’re
going to tie a Palomar knot. the first one you need to tie you gotta tie up
really high up in the hook so this is what you need to do I can’t really give
you the exact formula because you gotta be out in the water and figure out where
were too high water columns that you need to top hooks but if you guys just
need a rule of thumb when you’re just testing out the waters I like to put
this guy maybe around 16 16 inches up from the bottom so this is that’s what
I’m doing right now so I I thread it through get me some good I’m not aligned
alright then you tie a Palomar knot and after you tie the Palomar knot. this is
really really nice and I’m and I’m gonna show you alright so once you get your
knot tied you’re gonna have a tag end that you gotta tie your next hook before
you tie your next hook you have to take the tag end and place it from the top of
the hook all right when I say top you guys look at my hook right now I’ll put
a horizontal right you see this right here the hook this is how you drop-shot
hook should be hanging horizontal like this with a hook on the top so what you
want to do is do you take this tie again you want to take this and thread it
through the eyelet and then pull it through and when you do that this is
what’s gonna happen see that when the weights pulling down your hook will
always face up so when you actually set the hook see that you actually pull the
hook into the fish mouth if the hook is upside down you you trying to set the
hook you may not and I could say with a 70 to 80% chance that you won’t hook
that fish and then the last hook again it’s up to you how you guys going to do
it and then we wore you fish and have a lot of structure you might have to put
it higher but I’ll be I’ll be fishing drop off
isolated humps today so I could put it anywhere between six inches in honor so
let me put on my next look and tied up Palomar knot alright
again you put the tag in in to the eyelet and lastly you want to put your
weight on I like to put on like maybe a quarter ounce I’m not like the other
fast anglers that says you got you should use a lace lightest weight as
possible I like to put this thing down because I’m fish it’s I’m fishing
specific water columns so I like to have the Lord down as quick as possible
especially if you’re a conic angler you want it down down there if I really want
it light as possible I wouldn’t even be drop-shot fishing I’ll be probably doing
a jig head high-low jig head fishing rig instead which I’ll show you guys next
time that is a very effective lure especially
in fall too when you’re combing a water column and you’re actively swimming a
lure but today we want to keep the weight at the bottom so the lures I’ll
be using today for drop shot fishing for crappie or any type of fish I like to
use minnow type baits so we’re using power bait there pro twitch minnow
I got white if that’s the only color you guys can find that’s all the color you
only need and I have something a little darker something more of a bluegill
pattern a perch color because in South Jersey that’s what we have a lot of you
guys need to pick the right colors for your area to match the hatch another
cool thing about white is you can always dye it I got a bottle of spiked it
garlic so sometimes I like to do is die only half of your lure so that it’s
basically a fire tail and it causes a lot of commotion so guys there’s a huge
event of what I’d like to use these Aberdeen hooks and the reason why is
you’re allowed to you know I’m not gonna no smoke any mild baits when you know
smoked something you’re gonna foul hook it and look at those fish just hang out
right there that’s a lot of fish right there anyway I like to thread these
lures right now along the shank it all right
to the top there’s a couple reason why the first reason is the look at the hook
it’s in the middle of the lure if your nose hooking you hope you hook it right
there chances are sometimes when the short
strike you’re not gonna get that good hook set and two if you actually nose
hook it what if your lure spins around hook itself like that you know and
tangle up you know sometimes that one cast is really important and that
fouled up hook right there may not cause the fish to bite or you can’t do the
hook set and then you lose your fish of the day so that’s this is why I love
Aberdeen hooks and lastly when Pickerel hit these guys you know you have
those small mosquito hooks or you know those drop shot hooks they’re gonna bite
the whole thing you’re gonna lose every single pike pic rolls ever so that’s why
I like use these guys you set the hook their mouth is pretty much away from the
hook if they don’t didn’t swallow it yet you guys set the hook in time and you
could land a good size pick row if you haven’t watched on my pickerel videos
you know check that out the top right here in quarter because I call it my
biggest pick or ever using this method here’s my completed rigged the
top lure the bottom lure and the weight the next step you need to do is locate some
fish and it’s really important to have a good fish finder and also have a map so
if you guys are kind of gangly you guys are boaters and you have a Lowrance
to have a chart plotter which is basically a map and a fish finder you
guys have a capability to log your sonar make sure you guys log your sonar
basically the Lowrance they have a website that allows you to create a free
account upload your sonar map sonar log and create maps this is what I’ve done
here that’s how I get those depth charts look at that they’re gonna be a
beautiful thing right here I have a point there that’s where my fish I got
isolated hunts specific areas you know that’s where all to get fish gonna be at
and another key is especially in fall time if you find a lot of fish at 12
foot like from 10 to 12 foot chances are if there’s other places that have ten
ten to twelve foot and other part of Lake that’s where the fish gonna be so
being able to identify where those crappies are and
create a pattern you’re gonna catch more fish coming up my first structure right
here looks like a fish is hanging out right here he’s not too close to her
that’s why it’s like a dark blue but I’m sure he’ll see this I’m fishing actually
really really low I’m fishing 10 feet of water but I might have to put one my
drop shot at the higher one away high up in the water column predator fish like
to be a little lower and then I like to look up Oh
fish on Oh fish fish still on fish start to hit whoa guys look a freaking giant
holy smokes dude something hit my top one and something hit my bottom one Wow
guys this is a monster this is definitely my biggest one this year
nothing is bigger than my fish finder then put this right by my foot look at
that I mean I have Asian feet but you know holy smokes dude looking at nice
big black crappie bigger than my hand peace out man
peace out that’s some more fish right there oh that’s a good fish right there
and went down it’s looking at my lure it’s I have a feeling that it’s gonna
strike soon hopefully ah come on buddy you know you want it
Jimmy’s right here trying to catch you know you won’t be on YouTube right right
come on come on buddy be on YouTube it could be famous I promise I won’t
Egypt but guys I found them they’re here look look at that yeah I’m gonna lift up
higher and just drop back down maybe I could get some of them active fish the
one is a higher calm usually more active and I think I just don’t I just got him
to go down but this is a thick amount of fish I just don’t know why it usually
probably just means not feeding for them at the moment so I kind of like using
drop shot fishing because it’s for speed some and there we go wow look at that
these big trapeze right here just schooling up I like the spot already he
wasn’t big as the first one but they’re still playing a fish out there to be
caught so let’s see if we catch a bigger one tell you what man today this guy is
so bright I’m burning up oh yeah it’s gonna be tough I haven’t fished here since let me think
Oh what is this Wow slab holy smokes look at that dude man water crappy come
back in there peace out so they’re having guys the
drop shot rig for crap ease and any other species like bass they also hit it
this fall is gonna be awesome so if you guys want to give it a shot definitely
gets a double drop shot rig a try if you guys have any question about this rig
feel free to leave me a comment below if this is your first time watching my
videos don’t forget to hit the subscribe button because there’s gonna be a lot
more fishing videos this fall is gonna be some tutorials how tos and of course
me out there slaying it the fish don’t wait guys make sure you guys get out
there and catch a fish of a lifetime peace out

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