How-To Find The Spine Of A  Multi-Section Rod Blank | Rod Building 101

How-To Find The Spine Of A Multi-Section Rod Blank | Rod Building 101

finding the spine on a rod blank and doing it correctly creates a better performing overall fishing rod it’s very easy to do and requires very little in the way of equipment one being a China marker the second being some rod building masking tape so first things first I’m going to create a visual aid on the blank itself I’m going to take the tape and just actually wrap it around the blank creating a little bit of a flag we’re working with a two piece rod today so I’m going to work on the tip section first placing the butt of that section on a hard flat surface I’m going to support the tip in my hand and actually put a full flex into the blank itself once I’m ready I’m going to pinch and actually twist this blank and if you watch the flag there it’ll pop right into place you may find that there’s more than one spine on a rod blank and in which case you want to do this a few times and figure out which one is actually strongest or the hardest to roll out of once I’m satisfied i’m going to take my china marker and make a three to four inch mark on the blank itself now for a spinning rod i’m going to make that mark on the inside of my curve if i were building a conventional or casting rod i would actually make the mark on the outside of the curve now because this is a two piece rod we’ve actually gone ahead and spine the butt of the blank and when we’re actually ready to assemble you’ll want to align those two marks up and that will be the actual build of the rod right so it was a three priests rug drive a run or fly rod you do the same thing for exactly Eichmann’s there you go find the spine billed accordingly any of the high-performance fishing rod

5 thoughts on “How-To Find The Spine Of A Multi-Section Rod Blank | Rod Building 101

  1. Nice demo for the tip end but what about showing the MUCH less flexible bottom half? In this demo, you've only shown half of "How-To Find The Spine Of A Multi-Section Rod Blank".
    Truly enjoy your video's and your products…in this instance the demo fell short for me.

  2. Congratulations on the excellent work and thank you very much.
    I wonder if they have any video with the construction of a fly rod

    Thank you and continuePaulo Cruz from Portugal

  3. Yer killin me… I’m looking for information on, I think that they are called ferrules, how they come, how you fit them.. I was hoping one of your vids would cover them.. couldn’t find anything… gotta add that in iffin you can! (Ferrules I think are the hardware that connects, slides together, two parts of a fishing pole)

    But otherwise I loved your vids! Quite informative and done for simpletons like me! Lol thanx!

  4. I agree with Robert Adamson you need make a video on how to spine check the bottom half. This video should be for Multi-Section Rod Blank spine check…

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