How to: Fish for Mullet – Como pescar Taínhas

How to: Fish for Mullet – Como pescar Taínhas

Let me tell you a little What am I doing today? Today I could not go fishing far from home I have time for an hour of fishing How an hour is better than nothing I decided to fish some Mullet I am fishing with bread I like to do bread drift with bread in the top of the water with only one hook, nothing more But despite being too sunny the water is cold so was impossible to fish in topwater I try even with the help of birds and ducks I threw bread for the ducks to come And the fish know when there is much confusion at the top of the water They know it’s people who throw bread to ducks so they go up to eat When I did that, I was able to see Mullet about two feet deep but they don´t go up so I put a floater has you can see A lead to a span of the hook And I fish a meter and a half deep they don´t come up has bait I am using bread It is advisable to use a very wet bread to call the fish let me get this fish and show you how I am fishing (listen that guy, don´t run drunk or you will get in someone else video looking crazy) done so many weed this is the floater It is attached only on one side Meter and a half of line The lead to a span of hook and a strong hook because the fish are big number four The fun is guaranteed with this Mullet let´s release, do not forget to release is very important there she goes there she is was quick But she left, but there’s another one and she’s eating don´t go there I will not get more Mullet there she is let´s release Is fighting different but is a Mullet Fighter there she is she don´t surrend there she is

31 thoughts on “How to: Fish for Mullet – Como pescar Taínhas

  1. This video has English subtitles, please use if you don´t understand Portuguese.
    This is a tutorial to fish Mullet with bread, hope you like and cya next vid

  2. Would these tactics work for catching mullet in the U.S? They look like a lot of fun to catch on ultralight gear.

  3. What's really cool is that you're all the way across the world from me and the bread trick works even there! When I fish areas where people feed the birds with bread, that is the first thing I reach for…bread! Awesome vid!

  4. Great fishing João! Those fish are really cool looking and appear to fight hard. Thanks for sharing and the subtitles.

  5. That was a very fun January fishing trip, John!  Those mullet were very strong fighters and looked like torpedoes!  I think you told me before that they are just for sport fishing and not for eating?  Also, I noticed many kayakers on the river including a 4-person team so you were in a popular place.  Stay warm and safe, your friend, Don

  6. That was a great video. Catching Mullet with hook and line is not so easy. I know the fly guys like to chase after those with bread imitator flies. Crazy stuff we do.

  7. Olá amigão, tbm me inscrevi em seu canal, muito top seus vídeos. Tmj amigão TD de bom……

  8. Excelente vídeo João
    Parabéns 👍
    Nunca tinha pescado as tainhas e decidi ir ao douro e experimentar essa tática com pão
    A verdade é que até me assustei com os ataques no cimo da água das tainhas
    Infelizmente não consegui tirar nenhuma pois não estava a conseguir manter o pão no anzol no topo de água e elas estavam a atacar mesmo na superfície
    Sabes como poderia ter mantido o pão mesmo no topo da água?
    Valeu a pena pela diversão de as ver a saltar 😁
    Obrigado pela partilha

  9. Última pergunta, essa isca q vc usa.afunda ou não? Fiz uma de espuma de colchão pra pescar no fly,. Nesse caso aí vc tá usando o pão,

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