How To Fish the Yum Houdini Shad | Bass Fishing

How To Fish the Yum Houdini Shad | Bass Fishing

Hi, let me tell you how I like to fish with
the Yum Houdini Shad when I am fishing a lot of lily pads like this. What I like to do is I like to target areas
that are open. So, if I am casting, I try to cast in an open area where I can swim that
bait right on top, keep it up right above the surface, and pop it right over these pads.
What’s that going to do is, it’s going to get the attention of that bass sitting in
there. It looks like a natural baitfish, so, when
you’re working it through work it through real slow. Depending on the condition whether
they are aggressive or not aggressive you can work this bait real slow and let it sink
into these pockets where these lily pads are sitting or you can burn it through there.
Which is a great thing, because you can actually see the fish either come up and wake behind
it and blow up on it. When you are fishing this bait you want to
keep the rod tip up. What that does is it allows the bait to fall right over these lily
pads. These lily pads have Vs so, you want to try to maneuver it through these lanes
to get it through there so you don’t get hung up. If you do get hung up give it a little
pop and it pops right out of that V. Now, when you do this you’re basically getting
in an area that another bait can’t get into and these fish are in there. They are going
to come up and they are going to bite this bait. Here we go, nice fish. Get them out of the
pads. There he is. The Yum Houdini Shad, I tell you what, there’s no other bait that
beats this. Soft, plastic, jerk bait, this is what it produces right here, real nice
fish. I’m going to let him go. Yum Houdini Shad, you just can’t beat it. Right out of the package, you get four different
presentations. Let me show you a few ways how I like to rig this bait. One of the most
common mistakes that anglers make is they use too small of a hook when they are fishing
these baits. I use a 5/0 extra wide gap hook on these baits just to get a better hook percentage
when I’m fishing this bait. There are different ways you could fish this
bait. You could fish this with a weight, you could fish this with no weight, Carolina rig,
and you can even flip this bait and catch fish; a lot of different presentations. Yum
has set themselves apart when they made this bait because, like I said, four different
presentations out of one bait. What it does is right out of the package it
comes in a full paddle tail. The full paddle tail actually gives it a slow fall or if you’re
working it over pads you can keep it on top and it helps keep it on the surface. But,
it also gives it a slow fall for a slow presentation. Another way you can modify this bait is, they’ve
actually perforated the center diamond cut, you can take that piece out and give it a
fast fall. So, if you are fishing it with a weight, a Texas rig, or a Carolina rig actually
gives it a faster fall and a better action on the tail. Another way you can fish this bait is with
a slit or a quarter paddle tail. What that does is it gives it that swing bait effect
or buzz bait effect. You can use this presentation in those pads and actually attract more fish
to bite. The last is a traditional V. The traditional
V is taking the center cut out and then cutting the bait so it has the V at the tail giving
it a fast action. So, whenever you get a chance purchase one of these Yum Houdini Shads, and
I promise you’ll catch a lot more fish.

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  1. Awesome informative video! I’ve been using this bait only the past 2 weeks…and I’ve been AMAZED!

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