How-To: Fishing for Panfish (Bait and Set the Hook, Reel in the Fish)

How-To: Fishing for Panfish (Bait and Set the Hook, Reel in the Fish)

Hi, I’m Tom Goniea. This is our second video
in the How-To fishing video series. In our first video, we showed you what equipment
you might need to go out and catch panfish. Today we’re going to show you how to utilize
that equipment on the water catching fish. When you fish for panfish you’ll probably
use live bait. Most people use worms. Earth worms, leaf worms, or wax worms are popular
choices. If you choose to use a nightcrawler, they’re usually rather large and you’ll
probably have to cut them before putting them on a hook. If you use a red worm or a leaf worm, they’re
smaller, but you’ll probably have to wrap them as they go on the hook. Wax worms are
the smallest of the three and the whole wax worm can go on the hook. After you bait the hook you might want to
take a moment to set the depth of the hook underneath the bobber. You’re going to want
it to be a couple of feet underneath the water but not too deep that you can’t cast or
it becomes difficult to cast. So when using a spinning reel to cast a line,
the first thing you’re going to need to do is open the bale. After you open the bale
you’re going to hold the line with your thumb against the rod and as you bring the
rod tip forward in a casting motion you’re going to let the line loose which is going
to send your bobber and your hook out onto the water. It may take some practice to get
it perfect but in no time at all you’ll be casting like a pro. When your bobber is on the water you’re
going to want to be a little patient. The fish tend to come up and nibble the bait so
you don’t want to try and reel them in at the first movement of the bobber. You want
to wait for that fish to really grab hold of the worm and make that bobber either dance
or go all the way underneath the water before you begin to reel it in. It takes a little patience and it takes a
little practice but after a while you’ll get the hang of it and you’ll start pulling
fish in one after another. Once the bobber goes down you don’t just
want to start reeling it in, there’s a motion of setting the hook that has to be done. It
involves a twitch of the wrist which brings the hook home into the fish’s mouth and
hooks the fish really good so that it stays on the hook as you reel it in. If you just try and reel it in without doing
that motion the fish will most likely just release the worm and swim away. Once the fish is hooked and you start retrieving
the fish – a larger fish you might have to sort of a pumping motion where you raise
and lower the rod tip in rhythm with reeling it in. Either way you want to try and keep
the rod tip elevated during the course of the fight. You don’t want to give the fish
any slack line which would allow them to spit up the hook. Properly handling the fish includes wetting
your hands before grabbing the fish and then supporting it after it’s out of the water.
Panfish have spines on their dorsal fin and they’re very, very sharp so you want to
make sure that you grab the fish from the head and then work back down across the body
towards the tail. You don’t want to come in the opposite direction or you will get
poked with those spines. Removing the hook is really dependent on how
the fish is hooked. If the fish is hooked lightly in the tip of the mouth a lot of times
you can simple remove the hook with your fingers. If the fish is hooked a little deeper in the
mouth this is when you might need your pliers to be able to get a better grip. You want to be a little gentle when you release
the fish, you want to bend down and drop the fish as close to the water as you can and
let it swim away on its own. Thanks for joining me today on the water.
Check out online for other How-To videos. See you next time.

15 thoughts on “How-To: Fishing for Panfish (Bait and Set the Hook, Reel in the Fish)

  1. Very informative. Love the end when the dad asks if the daughter wants to unhook and release the fish and she just shakes her head like "no way I'm touching it" lol.

  2. This was a great video. If I get the chance I try to take kids from the neighborhood. My own kids are grown and out of the house but they have the love for the great outdoors. I say the more people we can get involved the better.

  3. thanks for making such a beautiful video, especially love the natural Lure used in this video easy fast way to catch panfish.
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  4. The only thing good about this video is that i recognized that dock that they were fishing off of because i have fished from it a few times.

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