How To keep organised on your peg

How To keep organised on your peg

– When I’m fishing, I like
to be comfortable on me peg and I like to concentrate
on what’s happening in front of me in the water. So behind me, I like everything nice, where I can get it at hand. I don’t have to get off me box and walk around everywhere to pick bits and bobs up that are lying about. I like to be comfortable
and organised at me peg. So, to help you, the angler, Preston Innovations have
brought the Slimline Tray out. And that’s gonna help you be
more prepared on your box. The idea is two knuckles, one on each leg, and they got this smart lock connexion. And all you do is line it up, push it down, lock it
underneath, lock it underneath, and just press them down,
there, and lock it on the top. It’s really strong. It’s really sturdy. And then all your extra
equipment or extra bait, you can keep it behind you. That’s at hand, and put it on your tray, and your small bags. So you don’t have to get off your box, wander around, spill your peg, and all you’ve gotta do then is worry about the fishin’
that’s front of you, ’cause you know if you need
any extra tackle or extra bait, it’s behind you and it’s set
on that tray, waitin’ for you. It’s called a Slimline Tray. It’s a great new product
from Preston Innovations. (quiet, intense music)

4 thoughts on “How To keep organised on your peg

  1. Like the videos but almost every one is selling stuff, not just how to organise your box but "you need this tray from preston!"

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