56 thoughts on “How to Properly Bleed Engine Cooling System by yourself

  1. Kind of curious. All the instructions I read and watch have the car on a flat surface. Seems to me it would make more sense to either have the front of the car on ramps or jack stands… Air rises through water, why not make the radiator cap the highest point? The top of the radiator should at least then be higher than the heater core, right?

  2. on my 2003 Buick Lesabre custom I want to drain and flush then refill the cooling system with Dexcool and distilled water. now on my other cars even with bleeder screws I do not like to open those little screws that can easily snap off I done that been there, so can I burp the air out without touching those little hard to get at bleeder screws , can I squeeze the top and bottom radiator hoses to get the air out then run the engine recheck the fluid level and add to it

  3. I recently changed my radiator and it won't stop overheating!😭
    I fill the radiator up with the bleed line open and wait until it stops going down. Then I twist on the radiator cap and close the bleed valve.
    next I start the car, turn on the defrost full blast (because that's the only speed I have) and then wait for my car to get half way up in temp.
    I open the bleed valve and just let it do its thing (only stem comes out) until it gets a quarter away from the red mark (270) . I've repeated this process 4 times now and it seems like there is less air coming out after I shut the car off. first times was about 10 mins and now around 3-4 mins. my time could be off.
    anyways, am I doing the right thing and or could there be an issue with the thermostat…?
    I got a 2003 chevy Impala 3.8 V6. everything I believe is stock besides the oil filter, transmission filter and the radiator ( I did it all myself!πŸ˜‰).
    sorry for the long comment but I'm pretty ignorant in this department and I need some serious help.

  4. yep, it was air…. I knew I would get a lot of air but not that much! at least I got a new thermostat and water pump now. they have never been changed and it's one less thing to worry about. it was a big learning curve for me. lol
    my car runs great now!
    up next is spark plugs!πŸ˜ƒ

  5. I own a 2016 Ford fusion 2.5L – whenever i have the AC ON I hear this bubbling or gurgling noise. It goes away once i turn the compressor OFF.. I have been told it could be air in the system and others say it is normal as it's just freeon passing through the system πŸ™

  6. I like how u forgot to drain the coolant from the engine block there's a 17mm drain plug right above the oil filter it holds 25% of the coolant

  7. You didn't cover a "closed system' vehicle like a ford t auras or Mercury sable. these cars don't have a radiator cap on top of radiator. No help at all !!

  8. What would I do differently on a 1972 Dodge D200, 4×4, 318 C.I., 4 speed manual transmission, with AC? The vehicle has only 62,000 miles on it and the radiator was just replaced or maybe it was ok and the hoses only. It sat for for 30 years since 1988(+-). At first everything seemed fine, good heat etc. but I let it idle for 20 minutes or more and it overheated and blew out coolant, I don't know where the coolant leaked from, I'm guessing/hoping the radiator over flow tube and no damage done. I picked up a new thermostat w/gasket. I have not done anything yet to address the overheating issue. Your advice please.

  9. 2001 ford explorer sport trac… mine is topped off, thermostat gage won't move from cold air bubbles came up and have no heat.. hose that goes to the thermostat is empty no pressure

  10. I've watched and enjoyed these 1A Auto repair videos for years, but not so much this one. No mention of bleeder valves on many vehicles, and not a mention of the chronic air pocket problems in many, especially those van models with secondary heat in the van back. (e.g., the Venture/Montana series) But hey, why not do another video for that Venture you often do videos on?

  11. i followed your guide however I hear some water noise whenever I start the engine. How do I bleed the air from the heater core?

  12. You guys are awesome!
    My 97 Accord was surging & overheating and I just tried your system just before taking it to the mechanic's tomorrow and it worked like a charm. Thanks for the video!

  13. When u said take it for a spin come back and check too see if your radiator still has water. Can I do that as soon as I get back home or should I let it sit for and hour or so. Just wanna know will the radiator cap fly off andwill hot water come out or is it safe?

  14. once there is a big drop after the thermostat opens and fills the block with coolant do you continue to top off the radiator with coolant?

  15. Didn't read all comments. After topping, install cap. Fill overflow to low. Start car and monitor overflow and add there. You open cap you get air again.

  16. So after starting the car to let it run a bit per your vid, the coolant level started rising and overflowed. And that would be caused by what?

  17. When you do this why would coolant come out of the resivour. 2002 2500hd Silverado 6.0 vortec. No radiator cap just resivour cap

  18. So I’m having a problem with my 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse gs 2.4l I changed my radiator and filled up with water and little bit of coolant because it was late night and I didn’t have coolant. My car wanted to overheat after new radiator instal , I didn’t burp it . Can it be that? I also checked my oil to see if it could be my heads but oil seems fine . Or could it be my thermostat?

  19. This might be how you fill a Dodge fit a Ford and a Chevrolet of a closed system and you do not put antifreeze in it like that that's not how you get air bubbles out of the system

  20. My heater only blows cold air, the car was my son's who is an addict, that's why I took the car off him, he never done any service or maintenance and as a single mum I am learning to fix it, I'm loosing power when vehicle is cold but it heats up too fast and doesn't cool down, I'm suspecting that the head is warped. I bled the system not long ago, maybe I didn't do it right, I'm just learning this stuff but learning fast. Great video, thanks.

  21. At 2:00 you say to shut our vehicle off… reinstall the radiator cap… and let it run for a few more minutes. Did I turn it back on after reinstalling the cap or should I never have turned it off in the first place?

  22. 08.27.2019 ( do you need to bleed air off every time you take the radiator cap off to check water level or antifreeze

  23. So, do you need to use bleeding screw or not? I just did coolant level sensor replacement and I'm not sure if I should "bleed it"? I have 2 cups of coolant LEFT after whole process. Temps are good etc. I assume I have air in the system, but coolant in the radiator is at max. Please advise :).

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