How To Smoke Fish… In a bucket! | Jamie Oliver

How To Smoke Fish… In a bucket! | Jamie Oliver

This is proper sort of Cub Scout stuff,
even though I got kicked out of the scouts, don’t worry about that, don’t
judge me on that. Beautiful smoked fish, trout, prawns, horseradish sauce and a
lovely little watercress and onion salad. You can go and buy a smoker, but I don’t
want you to go and buy a smoker because to be honest all you need is a bucket. Right,
so we put holes in the bottom for airflow very very simple so fill a
bucket with about three inches of white hot charcoal from the barbecue. Then
I’ve got some wood chips here which you can buy you know from garden centers and
stuff like that or get a penknife and just do a pile of splinters. You
want to use things like oak, apple, cherry woods. You don’t want anything oily like
pine. You can see the smoke coming off it now.
Dead simple. Over here I’ve got some prawns and trout. Okay, so first of all
I’ve just got some nice big prawns. I’ve taken the shell off. Let me show you how
to do one. Hold the head, just crack off the body shell, pull that off and go right
down and leave the tail fin on just because it looks quite cool and it’s good to
hold on to. So peel that off like that and then skewer it and then just lay
these just like that. Then I want you to get a load of skewers, wooden everyday
skewers you can use metal ones if you want, and just lay it across almost like
a game of kerplunk, alright crisscross like that. Then I’ve
got some trout fillets and could use salmon, some seasoning, we could even get
some lemon zest if you want just give it some freshness and some brightness and
then I’m going to lay that trout over the kerplunk, flesh side down and the
smoke will come around and it will kiss your fish and then all you have to do is
get a wet cloth, I’m just going to lay it over the top like that, and that means
it’s holding all the smoke in. So that bucket now is just full of like
foggy smoke and it’s only going to take about five to seven minutes to cook.
I want to make a punchy dressing so it’s 50:50 horseradish sauce:yogurt and a
good pinch of salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon. I just think this is
exciting you know, I can’t wait to teach little Buddy how to do this. I love the
fact that you know if you teach your kid to do it he’ll probably do it with his
kids and I just love love love all that sort stuff. So look I’m really pleased with
that, got my sauce done , I’ve got my smoker on yet I’m gonna make a lovely little
salad. Finely slice some onion, season with salt and a nice squeeze of lemon then massage it all over to take the heat out of the onion. Get some
watercress and some good old fashioned cress and dress with a little olive oil.
Job done. Then we come to our fish. Alright these
would be done by now. You pretty much know when fish is cooked when you can pull
the skin off. Look at that. Let’s pick up this fillet and I let gravity flake it.
Just let it bust cooked in its own juices it’s such an intelligent way to
cook and then look, what’s quite interesting is all the heads did fall
off, off of your head, right but what’s quite lovely is the flavour of prawns is
in the head right so as the head falls on the charcoals like all of the oils
from the shell and the flavor turns into smoke. Do you know I mean? That’s what all
this is about. Just dress it with a little lemon juice and of course olive oil. I love the little dream of going away with the family, with an old
fire bucket you know full of a few little things to do this. Imagine, and
like you know picnic but not as you know it. For me that’s what this kind of
summer festival food season is all about. Do you know what I mean? It’s about the
unexpected, it’s about ‘bigging’ it up, it’s about surprising yourself with things
you can do. So there you go, beautiful smoked fish, prawns, trout horseradish
sauce and a lovely little watercress and onion salad.
Happy days. Hang it in your gob. Absolutely gorgeous

100 thoughts on “How To Smoke Fish… In a bucket! | Jamie Oliver

  1. How gorgeously simple!!! Really getting into bbq' s and fish at the moment…. the time is now to blend both together I think!! Cheers Jamie.

  2. Can u use a steam cooker instead of wood i mean steam it in a cooking steaming pan with a hot boiling water in it

  3. The rustic Jamie Oliver is back!! Awesome !!!!! This video is Jamie at his best Simple , outside and bread board …

  4. must say i like this ide ..and next week im going up to the mountains for some fishing ..thanks for sharing

  5. Thanks for this recipe, it looks absolutely delicious!!!
    And you…when you taste this gorgeous dish you looks like a child in the countryside.
    Keep it up!

  6. This is creative, lusty, brilliant. This is why Jaime Oliver has made his career. I'm amazed by this cooking every time.

  7. С коптильней из ведра, это отличная идея. Попробую но не с криветками а с белой речной рыбой, только что выловленной из реки. Подлещик, платва, густера, уклейка.

  8. I love so much about this…the food, of course, the method, the natural elements – wood, metal, nature! Gorgeous job!

  9. Thanks for the bucket tip but dressing your salad on your lap that's one for the books I have more on me than the salad

  10. Hi Jamie from Aotearoa the land of the long white cloud "New Zealand " we smoke a lot of our food here, especially Kai Moana "seafood" also pressure steam and smoked underground called a Hangi, everything from meat seafood even steam pudding are cooked that way. Come and visit one day, New Zealand even makes its own Olive Oil lol cheeers mate:)

  11. Mr Jamie is a self made chef with his hard work he has a place in the culinary world… one can buy him!

  12. jamies not too hot at the old bbq or smoking- here he uses a galvanised bucket which is poisonous and in another episode i saw him using pine shavings for smoking ! —ugh the worst tasting wood in the world (and un edible) and no one ever used it for smoking
    stick to the high end stuff Jamie, do what your great at

  13. Jay-mos, mate, you make my willy cry with ur cooking bruz. Another great feed. Looking forward to more, 2019. Cheers Jamie, love from oz.

  14. Why do you sell cheap food in Stratford?..and pretend it's good food?…I can sell the same food on street.. it's just 50 pi..

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