22 thoughts on “How to test and gap a stator pick up pulsar coil / pickup pulser coil / trigger coil / pick-up coil

  1. How do you set the proper gap if the coil is mounted is mounted inside engine cover on my motorcycle..? Its hard because when i put the cover on then i cant see or gert access with tools. Do you have any idea how to properly gap such kind of design..?

  2. How do u test it on a kicker (05 Honda trx450r) and like the other guy said how do u gap it when it's mounted inside the stator cover?

  3. Hi my friend, good video, I like to know if all kinds of pick up coils generate low voltage to excite the CDI? My engine is an RM 125 and 92, but it did not generate something voltage i think have a problem from my pick up coil, what do you think ?

  4. Shouldn't a coil with higher resistance give more voltage? More resistance would be on account of greater winding of coil if I am not mistaken.
    Is there any particular reason why the voltage dropped with an increase in coil resistance?

  5. I thought that the only thing producing voltage in the CDI stator system was the charge coil upon which we apply the magnetic fields across a coil assy. The pickup coil should only "trigger" the discharge of the energy stored within the CDI system. Is this voltage increase a result of a stronger "trigger" signal?

  6. sir why some rotors have a recess of 5-7mm in the trigger mark??i mean a trigger mark of 5 mm …then a recess of 5 mm…then again a trigger mark of around 20mm

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