How To Tie a Drop Shot Rig for Perch

How To Tie a Drop Shot Rig for Perch

hi and welcome to another video from me
mark carp of the north west carp and anglers diary fishing blog today we’re
going to look at how to tie a drop shot rig for perch okay
so I’ve done drop shotting before on this channel but I used what they call a
spin shot rig which was quite advanced so we’re just going to dial it back a
bit and I’m going to show you how to tie a
drop shot rig for catching perch with okay so first up is the line we’re going to use drennan supplex in ten pound you’ve seen me use this before I
use it for my lure fishing and drop shotting and barbel fishing on the river
severn stuff like that it’s really really good stuff okay so that’s the line I’ve
got a size six drop shot hook I don’t know whether you can see that I’ll put it up to this camera size six drop shot hook and that’s about it really
we’ll talk about the weight at the end I’ve got one of those as well a
little fox weight and I’ve got my snips not that I’m going to need them
right okay so to tie drop shot rig first of all you need a length of line there’s
a bit of a kink in this so I’ll just cut it off you need a length of line now you should
use at least three feet what I do is I stretch my arms out as far as they’ll go
and use that and I think my arm reaches about five or six feet something like
that so snip that off and this is the piece
of line I’m gonna use to tie the drop shot rig it’s my leader that’s gonna
tie to my braided main line okay so it’s a bit wiry because it’s only
just come off the spool and the spool’s been tucked away for quite a while but
we’ll crack on okay so the first thing you do to try you drop shot rig is
thread your line through the hook now it goes through the eye like that and then
back again and then you want to pull this line so that it’s even length nearly through I’ll get there eventually okay so there we go so we’ve got an even
length the line through both sides and basically the hooks in the middle of
that length of the line okay so I’ve got two cameras working here by the way
there’s another one out of sight for doing close-ups and what we do then is
just tie an overhand knot in it like you would if you were tying a palomar
because that’s all the knot is for the drop shot a palomar okay you can see that tightening down and then you thread the hook through the loop just like you would with the palomar knot if you’re not sure about the palomar it’s on
my channel already that particular knot and this is just a palomar okay so once
it’s done you just tighten it down like so wet it a little bit we separate the ends and just pull it tight and there we go we’ve got a hook there that you can see put it up against my face that’s
so you can see it see that hook now the way that hook is sitting in the line it
should be at a right angle it’s right the line’s horizontal across here and the
hook is just dangling down at a right angle 90 degrees and this end is going
to the rod and it’s gonna be tied off on the braid and this end underneath is
going to have the lead clipped on it and that’s all the drop shot is literally
that’s it it’s just a Palomar knot in the middle of a length of line and
whichever way it sits when it comes off the hook has to sit upwards and that’s it
so this end is gonna get tied to the braid on your reel now I’ve done a knot
on this already I call it a shock leader knot and if you want to see that it’s
on at the end of this video I’m not going to cover that today it’s just
basically tying the drop shot rig okay but I’m gonna tie that so my braided main line with a shock leader knot and it’ll be on at the end of the video okay now
that’s pretty much it for the drop shot rig all we have got left to do really is
clip a weight on now the weights I use are these from Fox you can see that the Fox drop shot weight and I’ll just turn it round to this camera
Fox drop shot weight and underneath here we’re just gonna
thread the line through it it goes through through there and the weight is kept in place by
just pulling both sides of the line to the end and then that’s locked in
position okay so the line that’s left over you
don’t worry about that you don’t have to snip it off or anything like that you
can leave it on so you can alter the length your drop shot that’s the weight
already on and the hooks here it sits weight down hooks there and that’s it
and that’s ready to take a lure okay so the lure I’m going to use today with mine is this little bright yellow one yellow and red and that’s called a gunki whiz gunki whiz
okay all we do is we’ve got the hook pointing upwards like so on our rig and I’m just going to nick this through the
bottom of the fish through the nose and out the other side and that’s it
that is my my drop shot rig set okay so I’ve got me little gunki whiz on there
that you can see that’s all ready to go it’s at a right angle
hooks facing upwards and that’s good to go for drop shotting and that’s
a cracking little lure and a cracking little set up the drop shot hook I’m
using is a size 6 and the gunki whiz lure is 50 millimeters which is 2 inches
and that’s a lovely little setup that’s gonna catch some perch that okay so that’s how you tie a drop shot rig for perch so now you’ve seen me tie it up I’m gonna tie
this to my rod and then we’re gonna go fishing and see if we can catch some
fish right this is the drop shot rig I’ve got set
up that’s about 12 inches from the Fox drop-shot weight which is seven grams to
the lure 12 inches and that’s just so I can work it along in that last foot
of water because it’s very cold today and I’ve a feeling the fish will be on the
bottom so that’s the drop shot rig you seen me tie before exactly same one and
hopefully that’ll produce me a few fish let’s get on with it there’s my first drop-shot caught perch
of the year let’s take a look at him you well I think I’m gonna call it a day I’ve had just the one fish to be honest I’ve not been here long I’ve done about an hour but it’s bitterly cold it’s four degrees today 30th of November and I’m also
learning how to lure fish left handed for those of you who know me and know this
channel you’ll know I’ve had a shoulder problem and I’m trying to lure fish with my
left hand and I’ve switched the reel handle over and I’m not getting it very well
I’ll be honest but you know I only wanted to demonstrate the drop shot and
you’ve seen a perch caught on it so that will do it’s a very easy rig to tie and
this is a lot cheaper than the spin shot
you know you get more hooks in a packet and they’re cheaper yeah if you don’t want to use the spin shot hooks which I’ve used in the other drop shotting video this is an ideal alternative and that’s
a VMC hook as well okay so we’ll call it a day there don’t forget the leader knot is on this video as well I’ll stick it up in the corner there
shock leader knot thanks for watching and I’ll be back with another
video soon take care of yourself and tight lines. How to tie a drop shot rig for perch.

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  2. By far the best tutorials for light lure fishing here on YouTube, Mark.

    Keep up the good work mate, and nice one as always.

  3. Cheers for that knot Mark,i have to try that one,i went for a few casts yesterday but it was below freezing on the boat so i went home 🤣

  4. I’m off to a venue with perch in up to 5lb 8oz in a few weeks need to beat my 3lb 6oz. Awesome video as always mark.

  5. Is that stretch still controlled by Lymm? Used to fish the other side of bridge some 15 years ago massive perch until they cut the far bank over hang away

  6. Tried this today as it was mild,no fish landed but i mastered the set up after rewatching a few times,i just ordered more line as all i have is old nylon line.Thanks again bud👍

  7. Good vid Mark, I don't do much spinning or drop shot fishing, but I may give it a go st some point, keep the films coming.

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