How to tie fly fishing knots (EASY to learn flyfishing knots)

How to tie fly fishing knots (EASY to learn flyfishing knots)

hi it’s Anni from – fly
fishing community. So fly fishing knots and especially the fly to line and
also leader to tippet fly fishing knots how to do those if you are wondering
that this video is for you so the first trip of the season was to
Kuhmo and that didn’t include so much fishing, other than just like spending
time outdoors which is of course nice so today is the first day out and actually
fishing. now the whole idea of this vlog of mine
is to sort of document what happens in 10,000 hours of fly-fishing and on top
of that I think is to share that you don’t have to be super professional to
enjoy fly-fishing because sometimes I crack myself up
for example fly fishing knots. Each spring, each start of every season I’m
struggling with fly fly fishing knots for example the basic the very basic one
how to tie a fly to the tippet but I have a solution for that So for example the fly fishing knots tippet to fly or leader to tippet. Those are the very basics that you always need
especially the fly fishing knot line to fly. Which is very simple but still every
time early spring I struggle to remember that and for that
I have a secret weapon so what to do if you are not the most
organized fly fisherman and then this free-spirited like I am well I have a
little cheat sheet which I actually prepared for you as well and it has the
two most useful most used fly fishing knots. I will give you a download link
you can get your copy as well. So there you go.
If you are wondering the fly fishing knots, line to fly or leader to
tippet, then go and download my free fly fishing Cheat Sheet, there’s a download link
below the video and now we are heading to fishing now I’m little scared to step off the
step off the skis I hope you’ll liked this video if you did
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for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. Thanks for watching this video on how to tie fly fishing knots! Do you find it easy or difficult to remember your fly fishing knots?

  2. Wow – didn't know you could fly fish in cold water. I thought all the fish were sleepy! So cool – literally!

  3. What a cool video. I am not sure how you could go fishing in such cold air but thanks for the tips. 10000 hours of fly fishing is a lot of fishing.

  4. So much fun just to watch your videos! Thanks for making them and sharing them with us! They and you are so awesome! ~Elizabeth

  5. I have never fly fishing but I have kids who would love it. Thank you for sharing so I can educate myself.

  6. Heyyy Gorgeous, I really enjoyed watching your video, I just Liked and Subscribed to your channel.

    I also have a channel would like to invite you to check it out, like and subscribe!! ❀❀

    I hope that we can support each other and help our channels grow together 😊!

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