How to use the Dobb Daddy – Spin Fishing with Pike Flies | (English subtitles)

How to use the Dobb Daddy – Spin Fishing with Pike Flies | (English subtitles)

I am Niklas Holmér.
I would like to present our new Dobb Daddy. I will tell you how to rig it
the best way possible. It is really a cast dobb that makes
it possible to spin fish with pike flies. I will show you different ways to rig it. At the bottom we have
a hook with a rubber bead. After that, we thread the dobb. Then it is time to thread a fly. When the fly is on, we thread a cone. It is used to balance the fly. You can also use two or three cones
if you want it to dive down faster. Finally we thread a rubber bead
that locks the bait. Then it is ready to fish with.
This is the easiest way to rig it. I will show you how to fish with two flies. Take off the rubber bead and the cone. Put on another plastic dobb. Thread a completely different fly.
Like that. Put on the cone again,
or several cones if you want to. Put the rubber bead back on after that. To lock the fly. We have a hook, a rubber bead,
a plastic cone and a fly. Then there is another plastic cone, a fly,
cones and a rubber bead. Here we have a double fly. It is twice as heavy and you can
cast it with your usual spinning gear. We have gotten a lot of big pike
with this one during the spring. The third and final way I will show you
is a wiggle tail fly. It is almost rigged as the first one. Instead of a hook, we use a pike rig.
Then a tail after that. Otherwise, it is exactly the same rigging. There is a rubber bead. Put on the plastic dobb and then a fly. Thread the cone and then the rubber bead
to lock the entire thing. I have shown you three ways of rigging. The only limit is the one you set yourself. You can rig it the way you want to.
You can mix different colours. You can switch the wiggle tail.
There are endless possibilities. As for gear, I prefer a multi reel
and a lighter casting rod. This is a 9 feet 6 inch rod,
up to 25 grams. You can also use a lighter spinning rod,
which I think most of you will. If you want to fish with
your usual pike gear up to 100 grams- -it is great to use double flies
and two plastic cones. The Dobb Daddy has almost
the same density as water. It makes it very floating. If you use cones, you can get
different movement patterns. The more cones,
the faster it dives. That was all I had for today. If you want to see how it really works,
take a look at this clip: Just steal a fly from your
best fly-fishing buddy and go get them. Thanks for watching! English subtitles: Daniella Twedmark

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  1. Asså.. Kan man inte bara ta ett vanligt flöte, fylla det med vatten så att det får typ samma densitet= flyter likadant som dobb daddy (fast röd)?

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