I AM FISH !!! Funny fish simulator game 🐟 (Saiman Plays)

I AM FISH !!! Funny fish simulator game 🐟 (Saiman Plays)

Hello, everybody.
Welcome to Saiman PLAYS! And today, we’re going to play a GAME, and this is game is-
FISH and this is game is-
I AM FISH Never teach a fish swimming,
and Saiman gaming. This game is made by the game developer ‘Bossa’. Bossa also made ‘Surgeon Simulator’.
You might have watched its videos. It was a very popular game on YouTube. The same people have released
this new game called ‘I Am Fish’. It is not the entire game.
This is just the prototype of the game. Bossa has three releases in total.
One of them is ‘I Am Fish’. Let’s do this, guys.
Let’s do this. Are you ready? “Are you ready?” “Are you READY?” “ARE YOU READY?” [cheers] “Requires Controller”.
Yes, I have a controller, everybody. Actually, this video got delayed due to this controller. I couldn’t get this controlller anywhere.
It showed as ‘currently unavailable’ on Amazon. What am I supoosed to do? Go to an
actual shop and buy this controller? Heh. It works, right? HOME! Sorry, I had to press the Home button. Okay… Alright, everybody.
Are you ready? Let’s keep the difficulty at normal, okay?
The controls of this game are really frustating. So let’s keep it normal, okay? “Press A to begin.” A? This is A, right? Yo, A, X…I get confused by them.
I am a PlayStation boy. So these…X, A, Y, B,
these are confusing times. “Swim towards the light.”
Okay, game. We’ve to hold these two buttons to swim.
Okay. Okay. What? Now do I… Now… Okay, so yes, so… Okay, so yes, so…
In short, in this game, this fish has acquired some sentience. ‘Fish: Become Human’.
Instead of ‘Detroit: Become Human’, this is ‘Fish: Become Human’. The fish has gained sentience, and it doesn’t want
to stay in a fish bowl for its entire life. So, it wants to go in the lake. There,
with this glitch, you can see the lake behind. We have to enter this lake. One day this fish watched
‘Finding Nemo’ on TV, and that change its life. Basically, in this game, we are fish,
and we’re trying to find freedom. I recall a proverb, “Do not judge
a fish by its ability to climb a tree.” So, this game took offence to that proverb. One checkpoint done. Yee, YEE! [gets overwhlemed by his gaming skills] Thank, God, there was a cushion over here. Trying not to get a single scratch on this bowl,
otherwise the fish is dead. Okay, we can go out.
Nice. Let’s go out. What’s there? Wait a minute.
Wait a minute, fish! (x2) What is that?
What is that bouncy thing? Maybe it is something very useful.
Let’s go and collect that. As you can see, the controls are very confusing. It’s not, like…
It’s not as easy…easy as it look. Easy, at..
It is not as easy at, as…as it looks. Did I collect that? Where is it? There was no sound effect
or animation when I collected that. Very good, very good.
No, fish beta! There, go to the door, fish. Oh, ho! We’ve to go there, goddamnit. Yes! Here! We’ve to go here.
Very good, very good. [cheers] Yee. Okay, guys, we’ve made it out of that flat. And as we can see, we’re on a top of a building. And where’s it going? [primal noises]
Yee! (x9) [primal noises]
Hoo! (x4) [primal noises]
Stop! (x5) Oh, shit! The fish bowl has almost cracked. I think if there another crack
on the fish bowl, it’s going to… break open and we’re going to die.
But, we’ll not let out fish die. Okay? Slow down, fish, slow down.
Okay, there’s something here. Yeah, we can go down from here. Yee! (x9) Hoo! (x2) Hoohoo! (x6) [bowl cracks open, Saiman screams] How did this happen? “You died on the way towards freedom.” [Cardiac arrest simulator] This is so sad, everybody. Thank, God. It started at the checkpoint.
I thought it’d start from the beginning. Okay, let’s go down now. Okay, so, this is another way.
Before this, we’re down there. Now, we’ve reached this terrace up here.
Okay, let’s check out what’s that over here. [fish bowl clinks]
Wha…Is this fish alcoholic? Who the heck does this? Next checkpoint is there.
Very nice. Also, guys, I am working on
a very special video which you’ll see soon. Due to that, I couldn’t upload last week.
I am sorry. It’ll be worth the wait, everybody. Bravo! Very good, fish beta.
Very good. Very good, beta.
Very good. (x2) Ah, what a somersault!
Very nice. Okay, we’ve reached this terrace.
On the first try, we did land here, but our fish bowl broke. And we found another
checkpoint here. Very nice. Yee (x7) Don’t worry, guys. We just got
a checkpoint before that, so we’re sorted. Uhm… We’ve to fall on the cushion down here.
Okay, very good, very good. What do we do now? Oh, shit! We’re on the street now.
Go fast! (x3) Oh, shit! Okay, so we’re near the lake. We’ve to go into it.
How? How should we? Uh…
It’s done, right? “Why do you hate me?” “Here’s what you would’ve got,
but you’re still in the bowl.” We’ve to smash the bowl, right? Before falling into the lake,
we’ve to smash the bowl. Yeah, that makes sense. What’s the point of going into the lake
if you’re still in the fish bowl? I got it. Very smart game, huh.
Very nice. And now we’re… We’ll figure out how to smash the bowl. Yeah, there it is! [bowl shatters]
YES! We completed this level with a C grade. C grade,
cigarette. Next level, next level. “I Am Fish. Press A to begin.”
Okay. So, this is our next stage. And the music has also changed. Very nice. No, no! [Fish bowl shatters]
No, no! I am sorry. I am soory.
I was no ready, okay? I was not ready. Now I am ready.
Uhm… OMG, it threw the monitor.
Is this fish CarryMinati? It broke the monitor. The controls of this are frustating,
but I would not break my monitor. I am not CarryMinati. Or I should say,
I’m not as rich as CarryMinati. I cannot afford another monitor.
Uh… Okay, we’ve successfully landed on this cushion. And where do we have to go now? We’ve to go through this ladder, right?
But it is at some height. How am I supposed to go there?
Goddamnit! Go straight, fish. Straight. Ha! Oh, shit! Aah! [groans] We’ve complete it, guys.
Don’t worry. Goddamnit! A- (x8)
Almost! We almost reached there. [fish bowl shatters] Ha! (x4) Hoo! (x3)
Finally! Foof! Speedrun, guys. I am doing
a speed run of this game as you saw. I slid like a pro on that ladder. Yee (x4) Stop! (x4) I think there’s a…trampoline down there. Would the fish bowl shatter on the trampoline? [fish bowl shatters] Where are you going from, bro? Yes! Very good, very good. [cheers] Now where? [fish bowl shatters in the pool]
Woah! Okay, we’re in this pool. Okay, we’re out of the fish bowl, everybody.
And now, where do we have to go? Where do we have to go? Why am I translating from Hindi to English? Is this my content? Okay. Do we have to go into this hole?
I don’t know. We go in it. Let’s do this. Just go into the hole, come on!
[cheers] Okay, we’re in this drain now. And, uh…there’s a lot of junk in this drain. [cheers]
Oh, we’ve to collect that slice. Should we collect that slice?
Should we be a completionist? I don’t even know what it is. Eh, Ha! I collected that. Yes. Eh (x11)
Eh, don’t get stuck like that here. Eh (x4)
Wha…? Oh, we continue from here. Very good. [cheers] I collected that slice.
I am very happy. Yeah, very good. VERY good.
Fish beta, very good. Now, we go into this hole.
How many do we even have? Goddamnit, I can’t go into the hole properly. Am I a noob, guys? Am I a noob?
What do you think? Am I a noob? I am not a noob, guys.
I have done gaming in my time. I don’t play games like PUBG,
but I’ve played a lot in my old days. Go into the hole. Go into the hole, fish.
Can’t you see? Yes! Okay. Where would it go? The fish would definitely die of that! I don’t know what this fish is made of. We’re in a trolley? So, all of this hard work we did was for
this fish to go from a fish bowl into a trolley. What kind of fish is this, bro? I mean, what kind of fish
has this much power to move a trolley? Okay, we’re going outside. Eh! Now what? Man: Hey! What did the music change?
Why do I hear boss music? Why do I hear boss music, guys? Is that…
I think that man is following us. Man: Hey! Hey, baba. Don’t give me anxiety, game.
Please. Man: Hey! I think…
Am I going the right way? It seems I cannot go through these stones.
Avoid the stones. Yes, yes! Very good.
Very good, very good. Very good.
Very good, fish. Eh (x13)
This man! Man: Hey!
Saiman: Don’t “Hey!”, man. Why can’t you let a fish live? Bye! Bye, man!
Bye! (x3) Okay, so…this is it, right? [cheers] F? F!? Alright, Fs in the chat for me.
They gave me an F after such a good speedrun. But it”s a cute game.
I love the animation. It’s very simple and colourful. It reminds me of those old PS2 games. But, I like the game.
It’s fun. I love the part where it jumped out
of the trampoline and it landed into the pool. I like ragdoll physics. So, I hope to see more of that in the full version of this game. As I said, this is just a prototype.
It’s just an extended demo of this game. This is not the final version.
This is not the full version. I could’ve played the third level in this game
as well, which I played on camera. But the thing is- there’s a certain part in that level
where my game keep on hanging. I don’t know what is the reason for that. But I thought that that’d be frustating
to show on camera, so I deleted that part. But, yes, I hope Bossa fixes that level. And if you liked this video,
please let me know. I’d like to make more gameplay videos. Alright? Suggest me which games I should play. Goodnight, bye.
Shab-ba-Khair, Kailash Kher. Wish you a happy married life. [Outro plays] [Outro fades out]

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