I Found 5 Guns, Swords & Urban Treasure While Magnet Fishing!! Best Finds Of 2019

I Found 5 Guns, Swords & Urban Treasure While Magnet Fishing!! Best Finds Of 2019

yeah yeah I told you here oh my god oh
yeah another guy things old sword how’s the sword get throw a Big Dave just
hooked on something big right here and he’s pulling it up whatever this is guys it’s big all’s another one of those things we’re
gonna get so much hate we throw that back in my class oh there’s something
what is that is that good oh my god oh my god oh my god thank you yeah oh my
God look at that oh ho heck yeah we got something guys oh we got a knife in a
case I never got a nice in a case before do the things been down for a hot minute
check that out it’s a total murder weapon for sure Oh what is that is that a cannibal dude
it’s not a can of all I think it’s a cannibal guys I’ve never found one of
these before oh heck yeah that’s not excited oh oh oh I got a sign like yeah look at the old
sign guys I love fine sides West Side Drive okay guys take me to that that’s
my first barbecue grill hey yeah Big Dave just hooked onto something big
in the water I hear you kept using the magnets and 90s kept slipping off of it
so we got the grappling hook and we hooked on tuna he’s pulling it up right
now all right Big Dave got he’s pulling it
loose I’m pretty excited I can’t wait to see what this alright look at the bubbles we’re over
there this is definitely big Oh check it out what is it for the fish
oh hey take a look at that look what we just pulled out more likely the
conservation or something put this in the water for the fish to swim around
but look at all the lures on there we’re gonna take all the lures off keepo oh yeah look at that we got a knife like
yeah through that knife definitely add that to the bucket
oh yeah look at this oh there it’s got a walkie-talkie see what your I just found
my very first walkie-talkie oh yeah just found midnight oh wow look at something
on there oh my god oh my god it’s great gun yes
Wow this thing is small look at this holy cow holy cow oh I’m excited now yes Oh what you got all I guess what’s army
knife check out that guy’s Swiss Army knife
ain’t a crappie jig yeah maybe that guy’s the lawn mower had a gas tank and
everything on it so there’s definitely a good thing we got it out of the water
for the fish I got something big right here I can feel it whoa look at that
what is that I don’t know how I have no idea what is that take a look at that
what is that have no idea huh that is really cool oh wow look at that guys
oh yeah we got an orange knife goobie a murder weapon people think this is a
murder weapon let me know down in the comments Oh what kind of sign is it 220
220 oh my god guys look at that guy’s oh-ho I did find a gun I just know I’m
freaking going guys oh yeah believe that guys Oh another big find out we always thought
this thing was safe but looks like it’s a big old AC unit oh we gotta play nice
oh yeah look at this guy’s holy cow it’s got a freakin play knife
oh I got a sign oh yeah oh yeah thank you guys we just found a sign of I’ve
never found a sign I’ve been wanting to find a sign for a while all right guy
who’s got a very first sign thanks to my daughter she let me get it
out never found sign before it’s really long let’s figure out how I’m gonna get
that in a car but I’m definitely taking that with me oh yeah oh yeah good fine
right there nice yeah that’s a nice knife to a little rusted and fill a
little things wrong with it but not bad fine that stinks dude God does thanks
Malik oh dude there’s me tonight I told you
that stock where isn’t wrapped mrs. dad whatever that is it stinks I don’t know
what it is I’m gonna drag it put it off to the side there’s no wow they’ll take
that with me there’s something dead wrapped up in there see all that guys yeah things in it for
a long time hello look I just found it stop pocket
knife and shell case the two shell casings oh it’s a sign look at that this
is actually the second sign I got here let’s take a closer look at the sign
look at it no dumping it’s been all shot up and everything look at that dude it’s
coming I got something big look at that look at the old piece of
metal heck yeah look at that guy’s
big ol piece of metal I knew there was something big right there I’ve got
filling it that thing must be Olivia old pieces old bridge or something
heck yeah I’m talking about helicopter why’d ya if you guys think
this is a helicopter blade let me know down in the comments it’s freakin heavy
guys as far as telling you got anything oh look at that guy’s freaking night
heck yeah not too bad actually here guys please
ladies pull it up guys huge sign look at the sign hello it’s a red one you you

54 thoughts on “I Found 5 Guns, Swords & Urban Treasure While Magnet Fishing!! Best Finds Of 2019

  1. You had one heck of a year my friend !!! Gonna be hard to top that in 2020! But it will be a awesome time trying!! Looking forward to our collab, I'm ready when you are

  2. Hey Jeff great video..!!
    I can't beleive all the crazy stuff you found..!!
    I've never seen any other magnet fishing channel find 5 guns..!!

  3. Some good finds I love your enthusiasm man its refreshing to see someone get genuanly excited to find things and I know I've said that before but imo if you are happy with the simple things in life you will be much happier

  4. 6:55 is a gas burner grill casting; 11:26 is not helicopter blade, it looks like a replaceable blade for a snow plow or dirt bucket.

  5. Ewwwww bag full of meat …that was the grossest thing u Fount…but all other stuff u Fount it was a good year for ya👍👍

  6. Great video and well put together. You had one heck of a year with lost of great finds. Hope 2020 goes much better for you and I'll be watching your videos along the way. Have a Happy New Year and can't wait to what 2020 brings your way

  7. Hi don't put you in all these states to have found a rifle and pistols it looks like it is the first time that you make these discoveries 😃😃😃 well i'm happy for you it's great gen

  8. You sound and act like a couple 4 year old on Christman morning. Calm down a notch or two. Those guns and weapons could possibly be a murder weapon in unsolved cases. Might want to have police check them out. And for Pete's sake CALM DOWN!!!!

  9. SOOOOOOO much fun!!! I really really enjoy hanging out with you!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Happy New Year to you and your family and friends!!!!💖

  10. Hey Jeffrey this is Stormie. Glad to see you are back. Very fun video to watch. The sword was my favorite. Hope you keep them coming. Happy New Year.

  11. I made it to 1:04 before I couldn’t handle the unbridled elaborated enthusiasm. Too loud for me. Sorry. Decent finds up to the 1:04 point at least!

  12. Hey the knife that was in the sheath black handle black sheath do you still have it and would you get rid of it

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