I Got My Heart Broken Fly Fishing the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels for Texas Rainbow Trout 4K

I Got My Heart Broken Fly Fishing the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels for Texas Rainbow Trout 4K

I’m back out here on the Guadalupe again
and trying to catch me some rainbow trout hopefully a brown trout I never
caught one in texas and that’s my goal for today to try to catch one a nice
sunny day about 65 degrees got out here a little bit later today I want to sleep
in and hopefully miss a lot of the crowds and I think it’s a good thing I did there
was a bunch of people here when I first got here and now it’s kind of thinning
out actually fished some of the better spots rock first tout of today I thought it was a rock for a second
second heading farther downstream problems is that I don’t have my net ready rainbow what got some awesome colors on them oh right there ah could’t net him got another one funniest thing was this
flight has fallen apart and that’s the one he wanted I haven’t seen it yet
in this current they feel so big he is right here I just can’t see them he must be good cuz no come on
mmm oh he broke it oh that was a good fish hmm yeah that is disappointing Oh guess I am going to retie the same rig one thing I do love about the Guadalupe is the culture you are out here fishing and people are friendly they ask you how
you’re doing you tell how you’re doing you ask them and they’re friendly to it’s
great we’re all out here just try to have a good time and catch fish what it
should be all about I caught one by accident I tried to let the guide pass and it jumped on my lure I’m not about to complain about that good rainbow I need to get him into the shallow water
I don’t want to try to net him in the deeper water where he has more power over me and to make it easier on him to release nice color the last fish was kind of funny the guide passed me and I just set my lure down in the water to take a second let him pass
and pull back up and there’s a fish on I can’t complain about that oh that’s another good one oh it went into the current and took my bobber underwater and pulled the line
dang it ain’t it has a power that one that’s the third one that I had straighten out the hook it’s killing me I said one of the more challenging things about nymph
fishing is the drift trying to get it where it just drifts smoothly try to mend
my line and throw it upstream that way it has minimal effect on that nymph below but that makes a big difference catch a lot of my fish below me and
that’s usually after I mend the line I rarely catch them in front of me where
I’m throwing I’m trying to mend and feather and try to get the line to go as smooth as possible you almost have to study hydrodynamics
to be a great fly fisherman or at least a nymph fisherman well I hope you see that with the Sun I started wading out farther in the river
to figure out why I was not catching fish I throwing over shallow rocks not use this type of drag it knows how to use the current to its
advantage slowly work up my way I don’t want to straighten another hook you’re so
close It sees the net and it knows male gotcha there’s a beast beautiful fish he’s gone it was a pretty good day fly-fishing the Guadalupe again I got my heart broken a couple times but I’ll
be back I’ll catch it never felt that much power the end of this fly real well
until next time

10 thoughts on “I Got My Heart Broken Fly Fishing the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels for Texas Rainbow Trout 4K

  1. I just subscribed to your channel, and I also live by the Guadalupe river and I'm new to fly fishing and I'm going fly fishing tomorrow too, can you please give me any tips on what fly to throw

  2. I was fishing on a public fishing dock once, and there was this kid next to me who kept whining to his mom because he wanted to play on his playstation instead of fishing. Dang near drove me batty, he scared all the fish away. Good times, lol.

  3. NEVER EVER PUT YOUR HAND ON YOUR ROD!!! It's a fast way to breaking your rod. Nice video, didn't even think they were trout in Texas especially that far south but that's cool good video.

  4. They're only nice to you if you're using a fly rod though haha it's tested that theory and it was true. Sad but true.
    Very cool video.

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