ICAST 2014 | New Minn Kota Ulterra Trolling Motor

ICAST 2014 | New Minn Kota Ulterra Trolling Motor

When you’re fishing shallow water conditions
having the ability to deploy, stow, and adjust the height of your trolling motor is critical. Most game fish spend a portion of their year
in shallow water in cover such as rocks; docks, weeds, and wood are fish holding magnets. But these habitats require you to pay attention
as trolling motors can take a beating. Minn Kota’s Ulterra is a fast response next
generation electric steer trolling motor that features auto stow and deploy, auto trim up
and down, as well as the integrated I-Pilot or I-Pilot Link we’ve come to depend on. In
short, you have the ability to dominate the shallows with electric steer like never before. When you’re fishing current like this
draw down areas where there’s shallow water rock and you may have some wood floating in
the area it’s critical to have the ability to move up in those shallow areas because
a lot of times that’s where the fish are at. It’s great to be able to take your trolling
motor and adjust the height of it based on the conditions as opposed to have to lean
over and lift it back up. It really gives you a lot of versatility when you’re working
these areas. The other thing is working an Eddie like this and you can see where the
two current spots meet on the foam line. Basically you want to put it in Spot Lock. Now I can
hold right in that area and I don’t have to worry about sliding off the spot. It’s kind
of like being on the spot on the spot. The Minn Kota Ulterra Trolling Motor is available
in 24 volt and 36 volt motors and a 45″ shaft and a 60″ shaft. As a professional walleye fisherman and a
multi species angler that 60″ shaft is critically important to every thing I do. A lot of times
I’m out in big heavy water where I’ve got to have that sixty inch shaft all the way
down into the water to give me the power and the ability to be able to hold on a spot. Now on the same token I might go out and fish
a shallow rock reef or shallow water area and having the ability to raise that motor
up as I’m going into that shallow spot makes life a lot easier and also makes me more effective
at fishing because I’m not worrying about adjusting the trolling motor manually. I can
do it through the use of the fob to adjust it up or down. As well as I can use the foot
control to make that adjustment. As opposed to concentrating or focusing on the motor,
I’m using the fob to make the adjustments allowing me to concentrate on fishing as opposed
to adjusting the trolling motor manually. So if you spend time fishing shallow water
Ulterra gives you immediate control of your trolling motor in a fast changing environment.
The foot pedal and remote provides complete dual control options depending on your fishing
situation. The auto deploy and stow are a major convince factor as well as a safety
factor. Especially in current or rough water environments.

9 thoughts on “ICAST 2014 | New Minn Kota Ulterra Trolling Motor

  1. Awesome,  Guess I'll have to add that to the list of what's going on the new boat.  Just this weekend I was thinking "I wish the Terrova deployed like the Vantage."

    On another funny note, I was thinking this as I was on the exact spot that video was shot up by the damn.

  2. I may have to retire my Minn Kota Genesis and upgrade to this unit.  I sure love my Genesis

  3. Hey guys, I just made this youtube channel I do fishing videos with my friends maybe you could watch our first video and help us grow! Thanks everyone!

  4. I've looked at all the promotional videos and in all, when it time to stow, the motor position is already angled to the right for stowing on the base.  The demonstrations in all the at the Icast show they never turn the motor from the deploy angle and then stow.  They deploy, raise the height up and down and stow.  They never turn the motor like in real conditions.  Maybe this is still a prototype.  But would hope that you could press the stow button at any motor angle position and the system would recognize and correct that position for proper stow.

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