Ice Fishing Brook Trout & How to Survive a Night in the Wilderness | Cast Northwest | Episode 6

Ice Fishing Brook Trout & How to Survive a Night in the Wilderness | Cast Northwest | Episode 6

(Music) If you are what you eat than most of us in
North America are hamburgers. Walking talking, texting, driving, flying hamburgers but some
of us are wild because we eat wild food. Foraged, hunted, grown and harvesting, food from the
land, food that we are connected to, healthy food provided to us by our surrounding environment
and put on our table through hard work. Its hard harvesting wild food and sometime dangerous
but it sure is nice to know where our food comes from. (Music) My name is Captain Quinn and when I am outside
doing what I love with the people I love, I am happy. I enjoy exploring, spinning yarns
and fishing. Im a father and when I m not fishing I m also a husband. Five years ago
I set out on a journey to explore how much our happiness is connected to healthy environments.
So I moved my family to Northwestern BC, a place with wild rivers and rugged landscapes.
My approach was simple: venture deep into wild places, interact with people who are
living life-styles that honour their connection to the environment and of course chase wild
salmon and steelhead with my fly rod. (Music) I believe that my passion for fishing and
the outdoors was pre-determined by the history of our species. There would be no humans here
today if it weren t the environment to nuture us, to give us the opportunities we need to
survive. Yet I try to remember that Mother Nature does not always have a warm embrace,
we need her but she does not need us, we must respect her but she does not respect us, she
is bound to nothing but everything is bound to her. My name is Geoff Mckay and for the past decade
and a half or so I have been a student of bushcraft and bushcraft itself is very difficult
to define but I define it as wilderness skills and specifically my pursuit has been to develop
my skills to a level where I can exist with no tools or no amenities of society as comfortably
in the wild as I could in my own living room. I realize that thats not something thats achievable
but I think that its good to have goals that we will never achieve, it gives us something
to strive for. Ive thought a lot about why I like being in the bush, in the forest so
much and I suppose its because theres something grounding about knowing that theres something
bigger than yourself. Ive said it before, Im a firm believer in, this world that we
live in, theres an objective reality that we are forced to comply with outside of our
perception and I think that nothing brings that home quicker than some time in the bush
because it doesn t matter what my political views are or what my personal feelings are,
the bush has no sympathy for that and you have to adjust your perception, your reality
to fit with that and to me theres solace and theres a peace and its therapeutic for me
to spend time in the deep woods. Are you sure this is where you saw the sasquatch,
it was somewhere around here. we got lucky with the weather didn’t we, Geoff i think
were lost. I think so (hahaha) So here we are geoff lost in the wilderness
with the clothes on our backs and a few basic things
and we are going to try and survive for 24 hours in the remote reaches of Northwestern
British Columbia. What I v got with me iv brought a back pack, In here Iv got umm a
hatchet, a water bottle, a hair straightener, down pillow, sleeping bag, prime rib roast,
chainsaw, generator, Laptop, iPhone inverter, just sorta.. is that pretty much what you
brought? that should just about do it yea I usually bring just about that. Did I under
Pack? Actually I think your a little over packed but each to his own right. I was just
kidding..just kidding all I have in here is that. so we are going to try and establish
ourselves as best we can for Shelter, Warmth, fire, water, food last. thats right. I am About to deploy the secret weapon Quinn,
ok lets see it. So there have been many ways suggested of carrying a saw blade and one
of the& Whoaaa Whaaaat. one of the ways that is effective is inside of a belt like that,
you’ve got to be kidding me. 30 inch blade that ill make into a buck saw here. so while
I’m doing that& was that, did that come like that? no. while I’m doing that it would be
great if you grabbed us a bunch of pencil sized twigs like that into a hug size bundle
and we will use that to get our fire going when we are ready. I think I can do that. first will be our fire shelter combination,
Shelter fire, thats where we re going to start. Second? and then we may look at some water
if we run out of water by then. Third? third way down the road if we know that we got our
shelter set up properly we may start looking for some edible plants or other food sources,
but if you don’t know what your doing in that regard its not a good idea because if you
eat the wrong stuff out here it could be worse had you not eating anything. then we will just tighten her up. ohhhh ya
, lift it all up don’t drop it on my hand. the parbuckle? the parbuckle we can do it
over here again. thats good. so when I first spent the night in the bush like this I used
logs like this all the way across and built it up with bows and it was a hard night. Iv
since found through studying guys like martin scohandski, you lay on things like this and
theres give under the hips, and it takes very few bows now over top of this to make a comfortable
bed. and now we ll get Quinn to lay in the bed and we ll either add sticks or take them
away. to reach the desired level of flexible comfort and we ll be good to go. So I’m going
to lie down, ya if you can ya. Thats actually impressively comfortable. when we are adding
the bows we want to add them the same way they are on the tree. so you want the green
side up, and we will gather a bunch of them and we will lay them in a herring bone pattern
all the way down. So it turns of old mcgiver had not only some
tricks in his belt but he also had some tricks up his sleeves. everything you see here sans
the trees was in his coat pocket. so you got a few more steps here, Ill put the drop sheet
infant and then we will build the other bed, light up our fire and we will be good to go.
Awesome. Im going to be honest, I’m going to stop being
so silly and I’m going to openly state that this is hard. really hard. I’m sweating I’m
tired I could have gone to bed an hour ago. I think that yes it is exhausting to get a
proper camp set up but now that we are set up we are in good shape. If you look at in
terms of calories burned up front we probably burned a lot working like work horses, but
its probably less then you would if you were up all night cold, wet, searching for firewood,
scrambling, no sleep, wondering through the bush, thats right thats generally not the
best practice. So be prepared come with the right stuff and take the time to do it right.
So faze one and faze two. fire and shelter most important. theres not a chance we are
getting to fresh water or the food issue, we are getting to the fire stage now. we re
not going to use a match and lighter, we re not going to do a friction fire. how are we
going to get a fire going. So I think that the method we are going to use is a method
I rely on quit a bit called the pharaoh cironium rod, its a metal match is the bushman term.
its the modern version of the old flint and steel and we ll use that and see if we can
make something work. whats the advantage of that, I know there is an advantage. it takes
up no weight in your pocket, if I fall in the water I know Id still be able to get it
out and it would produce a flame or a spark. If your good and you practice its actually
one of the most reliable ways to get a fire going. if you don’t practice then leave them
at home and bring matches because its not going to work for you. well I’m not going
to thank you yet ill thank you in the morning. but I will say that I’m impressed. and so
we re just going to keep feeding this fire all night. we have a couple chunks over there
that should last us 4 or 5 hours. we have put out some of our larger chunks and you
can see that we have allowed the fire to progress all the way along it will be a long log fire
as long as we are tall so it heats us entirely and then when it gets down we will throw some
of our larger chunks on and get as much sleep as we can. and the cold will wake us, we will
start to feel cold, and we ll get up and reload the fire until it gets grey or until the light
of morning and then my advice is to head out. did you like that. that was an original score
I just composed for you, Awesome its called surviving. (music) We survived , a little tired, a little groggy
wasn’t the best sleep of my life, last night there was a few little creeks and
cracks in the woods and its a little spooky, this thing is real you know this isn’t an
artificial environment we are in. if you don’t work with what you have then things aren’t
going to go well for you. but we would totally be able to spend another night out here. if
we have to we could, fortunately we don’t have to we are going to be at tim hortons
in the next 20 minutes. K well thanks again geoff, appreciate it. ok. if we are equipped with the knowledge and
the tools then everything we need is accessible by mother nature. sometimes all you need to
get a good meal is an ice auger, some worms and A fishing rod. my name is richard major I’m from thunder
bay northwestern ontario and I’m a forester here in terrace B.C. my hobbies consist of
hunting, fishing, gathering wild edibles from the forest and basically being outside. I
enjoy fishing because I like the sport I also like the fact that i know where my meat is
coming from. you have a much deeper connection with the land when you can harvest and sustain
yourself basically one hundred percent from whats all around us. everything is there you
just need to know where to find it. its like a giant grocery store really. (music) it is pretty awesome to have access to an
environment that offers so many sources of food eh? oh I totally agree its completely
incredible i mean its like a giant grocery store. if you have the talent and the willingness
to go harvest it, its all there for you. So you have been ice fishing for a long time?
since I was a wee lad. why do they call it a swedish nipple? you
using worms? wiggling your worm down there in your hole? you gotta worm wiggling down
there in that hole hahaha theres two of them down there just picking
away at it. ohhhhhhh hohohoh
look at it! (music)
theres like just absolute monsters going back and forth and back and forth, Ive missed like
five and iv seen like a dozen. some of them are absolutely huge. their just these gorgeous
footballs eh. thats a nice fish captain. well done hahaha, (music) any luck over there, you jerkin it hard, you
look like your jerkin it hard. I’m jerkin it real hard over here. williams wobbler. (music) Look at that, isn’t that incredible, that
is incredible. isn’t nature& Neature. Neat. Neature. But look at that, I mean all the
cool things we can do with our environment and we are off inventing iPhones and iPads.
can your iPhone do this? nope, nope. mine can t. Can your iPad do this? nope. can your
tv do that? mine stops at microwaving hotdogs. you cant beat this eh! I honestly didn’t think,
i thought if we came out here and got one id be tickled pink about it. all and all ricky
I’m looking forward to the cook off tomorrow but, this has been the best ice fishing experience
of my life, hands down, I’ve only been ice fishing twice but. this is the best. The ability to harvest and grow your own food
provides us security. it provides us with the knowledge of knowing where our food comes
from and the knowledge to respect our bodies. My name is Eric Lennert. I am a gardner with
the city of terrace. I have a wife Carla and two children. a daughter mael and a son Dane.
we live in old remo and we bought this place just over a year ago and we are going to start
a farm and garden. A lot people say oh well it must be a lot of work and i mean well it
is a lot of work. the alternative is to work a lot and not be with your family so you would
have to work to buy food but i mean really you can just work and make your own food.
really it seems more productive to me to be around the house doing that sort of stuff.
instead of working out of town and working overtime just so you can buy food i mean.
my happiness is directly related to being outside thats why i live where i do not just
on this property but in this region of the world. and i think that its a lot easier when
there are people that are like minded like us. this place has a lot to offer from the
people just alone offers everything you need and then you have all this other stuff like
the environment and the rivers and the mountains and the animals. its a great place to live. (kids laughing) So we got skeena river sockeye that i caught
this summer smoking in the smoke house that you and i built four years ago or whatever
it was. we’ve got, were going to eat that along with some pig, some duck some rabbit
that ricky is bringing over and some brook trout so we’ve got lots of food that you have
harvested yourself from the wilderness, cant wait. lots of work to do still lets get started.
and sherwood mountain too! yes local beer. yes cant wait you gotta have beer.
(music) ready to go. we can definitely tie some steelhead and trout
flies with this stuff. the rule is when you can pull a big wing feather out easily then
its finished. do you ever eat the feet? the dogs do. there you go the dogs eat the food
you eat the food. I keep the turkey feet in the freezer the dogs eat the whole thing they
love them. I do find too the more you work for it the
less you want to waste it you know what i mean. I believe that. oh goodness me that looks good some carrots celery leak rosemary spiggest
butter chicken stock and some charcoal i think its going to taste great this brook trout is dead so we are going to
eat him. how dead? this dead. (music) thanks to the Lennerts for having us over
for this wonderful meal and you ricky for preparing this incredible dish. Dishes. there
dishes delicious dishes i haven’t even tried the rabbit yet. well here we are with this delicious spread
of food. among us when you can feed your friends and family with the food harvested from your
environment you have to consider your self one of the luckiest people in the world. thanks
for coming out. cheers guys. thanks for coming out cant wait to eat this its been a long
time coming. sometimes we fool ourselves thinking we have
an dominion over this environment yet this earth has seen several mass instinct ions.
we need this earth but it does not necessarily need us, i think that it is a gift being able
to live here. I hope we are not over staying our welcome. by spending time in the wilderness
hunting fishing growing and harvesting our food we can honour our connection our planet
and if we can live here like we want to stay here. well maybe then we do have a role to
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