Ice Fishing EARLY Ice for GIANT Walleyes!! (Back to Back!!)

Ice Fishing EARLY Ice for GIANT Walleyes!! (Back to Back!!)

good morning it’s time to go fishing
slept my truck slept ok nothing special crazy nothing too good-looking bad but
yeah it’s dark horrible lighting 7:22 I’m a little behind still dark outside
so it’s good but we’re gonna get up and get fishing a thought do my intro right
here sit outside save the save the batteries you know so
I’ll see you ladies and gentlemen on the ice
yes still gonna be careful even though I was on the ice yesterday I know where
I’m going is relatively good it can change overnight you still have to be
careful let’s go fishing made it out fishing I’m on three inches
of ice doesn’t look like much but it’s actually three inches I got a whole
actual hole drilled here it’s three actually three and a half inches so
we’re on lots of ice I’m at 15 feet so really going much further are gonna help
me a lot I can’t really get to the next stage because there’s open water so
we’re gonna fish here I’m so job just shave this had a couple marks come
through to you guys you want to really like what’s we’re looking for expand not
expand if you want to like take the most advantage of your fishing don’t don’t
film because it just takes to pull your fishing time I’d be fishing already if I
wasn’t filming probably the claw 20 pounder you know play pond walleyes yeah
okay get set up the fishing okay recession not bad not bad
8:21 Suns just should be rising it okay else we’re going on here to fix starting
with the rattle bait first we’ll see the last video I did they use a bunch of
different baits so we’ll see what today rings I have to switch up once in a
while I never I never tried the hyper glide last time that’s usually a hot day
for me first ice so I’ll probably try that on a bit today
yeah in last video too they were biting so so finicky like so finicky
everything was just hardly hooked on top of them all so we’ll see hopefully
hopefully today is the day I wanna put some monsters on the ice
I’ve got an itching for a big ice walleye there we go we go I’ve didn’t
take long at all 8:25 a couple minutes and I hooked up my
first fish of the day looks like we got walleye
yuppers nice one – nice one fish it gets off it gets off don’t want to get my
hands too wet too early in the day and you got to watch that hook when it
swings – there we go first one of the morning right there
nice Walter now I am fishing outside so I’ll be rushing fish back in today for
shirt I got a measuring board here right beside me though I’m gonna grab two if I
ever need but that’s probably about a twenty inch or so good start to the
morning Ralph ate nothing beats ice fishing and
you don’t have to use bait like if you can use artificials it’s just so much
easier especially fishing outside like right now my minnows are frozen it just
sucks to have to deal with that you can get back in the water so much quicker in
the shack it’s not as bad and keep those minerals thought out but yeah good start
wishing we were fishing I have another mark on me don’t get too aggressive like
right away when you first get a mark come in you can always change up after
but the same thing don’t change what you’re doing what brought that fish in
okay let’s try a spoon action spoon spoon spoon spoon tip with the eyeball
from catch the other day there we go fish eat it right off the bottom that
spoon you pump it up let it fall to the bottom let it sit there for a second a
lot of times those Y’s will combine eat it right off the bottom flutter spoons
what do we got here deal huh he’s got a little bit of pull
to him for sure Oh fish is dogging me come on my turn I could turn my drag up
a little bit I had it loose from last time yesterday nice fish nice fish nice
fish average size starts today is really good come on we can see it play under
the ice come on there we go we got a bit of a different mood today with those
walleyes you know last video every fish took it in hardly look at that one spoon
munched gone a little bit of a different mood that is a good sign for the day
hopefully and grab my pliers real quick here okay just grab my pliers real quick this
is healthy remarks down I’m gonna get down there now nice fish
my hands are cooled gold gold gold gold gold oh that fish came and eat it right
out of the sand popped it up let it fluttered down and when he went to
lefteris wait so I just followed through with the hook set it was like a nice
like 22 23 inches so good fish good start good start to the day oh geez I was pounding on the Santa and
the sand same thing went to lift and there’s a little bit of weight I got
crushed oh okay this morning is turning worth it to get out of bed nice fish
nice fish baby yeah using the same rod as last video that True Grit made by
frostbite and I’m I’m very happy with it it takes takes me a lot to get super
ecstatic about a rod but I really love the action in this mr. Heron weeb you
did a good job of designing this rod that’s off to yes oh yeah anybody
doesn’t know of the frostbite rods rumor is they’re designed by Heron himself
fish three right there voila mark and fish we go back to the rattle bait here
a little bit no drop down the rod will be an instant instead ooh nice fish that fish came up a little
bit quicker a little bit quicker nice fish though nice fish nice fish I
love watching these fish swim around underneath the ice like you can’t beat
early ice you can’t beat it it’s the funnest time of the year nice
fish nice fish be really careful though don’t don’t
don’t horse and when they get to the hole weight to the head comes up and
then give them that final little pole right at the end look at him swimming
circles around the bottom of the ice hole there we go there we go there we go
choke that rattle be gone choked it what a difference of bite compared to
yesterday look at that one right there and look at that rattle be completely
inhaled inhaled inhaled gone gone quick though quick and like I said get these
fish back in fast don’t mess around with them when you’re fishing outside I watch
them disgusting things on YouTube the last night eyes frozen disgusting get
those fish back in the water please for fish and note I’m glad I woke up glad I
woke up sorry to round about the the whole fish but just get them back in you
guys like get those fish back in there’s no reason to keep them out and freeze
their eyes and their fins when you’re in a shock you can keep them out a little
bit longer take some nice photos but you’re not gonna see me mess they’re out
these fish today very long at all I’ll get a measurement if it’s really big I
might get a weight but keep it in the water pulling it out so probably just a
measurement today when I’m in my shackle I’ll mess around with it a little bit
more but there we go there we go dope
that one took a little bit of coaxing had to get him on the bottom brought him
up second nice another nice fish so jeez I can’t beat early ice got time to get
my gloves off what are you doing down here – girl what are you doing Oh
watching them fight oh I don’t know if you guys can see much of that stuff
that’s so cool okay right there right there okay nice fish nice fish
okay girl get the paint out quick there we go
another nice specimen walleyes nice probably 20 21 inch sure well no I it’s
only -5 odd right now but that wind adds a little bit of a nip in the air especially your hands are wet wet get
those hands dry before you get them back in your gloves they’re also you’ll have
wet cold hands Oh I think my drags a little loose on that
one definitely need to tighten my drag up I shouldn’t have ripped that much
when I set the hook that was user error right there but
feels decent though I just pound that rattle be right on the spot
oh yeah I got a big fish on it’s big is it a wall it can’t be a walleye it’s
big I got a big big walleye like giant walleye that looks really really big
it’s like really big like really long whole heart is pumping right now that
looks big I can see a range the ice right there
I’m sure it’s a walleye it’s a big walleye it’s a big walleye it’s big it’s
big Oh baby hole baby now I see why my drag slept so
much when I set the hook is just all it’s giant it’s giant come on it’s big
oh I almost thought about tail grabbing it right there
it’s big Oh it’s choked it’s big come on look at him
look at him no no I thought I had them I thought I had them it’s big it’s big
that’s frobbie it’s gone yeah baby
BAM monster does that feel good that rattle beat is just choked like I said
though earlier get them back in fast you’re outside pull that rattle bait out
with the measuring board right here quick measure make sure you have a metal
wedding metal measuring board you wet it’s their skin doesn’t stick doc is a
monster giant fish yeah baby 29 29 inches baby awesome beautiful fish and
look at that hardly out of the water at all back down take care of those fish
please if you’re gonna fish outside like this you’ve got to take care of them
okay I won’t talk about that anymore I stress that enough in this video
damn yes hot fish choked that rattle bait right there that’s a tantrum I mean
by frostbite and I set the hook I was like wow my drag is really loose but
obviously there was a reason for it it came off so quick and when I got here I
was like is that a walleye it’s long right on and when the fish are in the
water especially under the ice the magnification grows a little bit like I
thought it was like really big don’t get me wrong 29 inches is a big wallet but I
thought it was like like like 33 silly cleave don’t don’t don’t don’t go away
yet guys one quick thing if you’re enjoying this video please smash that
like button let’s blow this channel up you guys pay attention right now to the
depth finder because exactly 9 minutes later this happens
oh I literally was just pounding the bottom huh I got another nice fish
another nice fish another nice fish found in the bottom I
went to lift it and there was a weight man this the shallow water they just
come up so quick like instantly throw at the ice honestly like I’m gonna sound
like a Salesman but the rod keeps its load the whole time which is which is
something you have I have always had troubles with sometimes with Wally rods
isn’t being too stiff you get you have a super fast action and basically what
happens is the rod loads way too early but this it’s got a pretty good action
but I’m very happy with this rod like this is probably my favorite while I rot
I’ve ever used this is another monster like back-to-back tanks baby this is big
I think this is bigger than the last fish Oh
unreal doctor back tanks are you kidding me are you kidding me like within
probably 10 minutes apart not even oh it’s big again it’s big it’s big it’s
big it’s big come on easy easy right here right here right here I think it’s
bigger than the last fish it’s definitely bigger than the last fish Oh
baby absolute monster fish is everything as
big as the last fish maybe a bit bigger unbelievable unbelievable again rattle
bait just choked like choked gonzo unbelievable I’m not gonna measure this
one you guys because I know it’s probably about I’d say you’re on the
same size maybe a half an inch bigger type of thing so somewhere between 29
and 30 inches it is bad Oh unbelievable I I’m having a dream day
right now like this early in the day and two monsters Paul take care
no bait rattle baby baby yes and that fish eat it right off the bottom I sound
like a complete sales and I’m talking with those rods but I’m very very happy
with them I got water everywhere stuffs wet I’m gonna need a midday dry
out probably unbelievable back-to-back tanks back-to-back monsters what do we have here Cisco there’s a lot
of the marks that I’m getting our Cisco’s like I talked about in my last
video that’s what’s bringing these walleyes in here right now the shallow
bay it’s that fish right there bait and you
can see that the date that I’m using obviously yes it’s a lot smaller but
it’s got kind of the same kind of color tinge to it so that’s what we’re doing
with this bait right here matching the hatch tripleheader what do we got here
what do we got here it said tripleheader because it’s got
two buddies over there that it’s hooked up and literally at the same time it’s
been really slow like everywhere else I’m like yeah a bang-bang pretty crazy
how they just kind of move in like that marking Lots it’s why I’m not a monster
but it’s definitely nice walleye I went to a jig and a minnow for a little bit
because it wasn’t getting any action there we go hold on the camera that’s no
good right top lip mmm come on baby there we go
top lip there we go nice fish right there a little bit
slower in the last a little bit but average size has been unbelievable oh
good what is going on what’s going on that fish hammered me
break it must be a pike must be a pike must be a pike must be a
pike pretty sure I got a pike I don’t wanna lose this rattle beat I don’t want
to lose this rattle beat it’s not to be a pike way too dirty
that was crazy I just ate her it off the bottom where is it
yeah flu shark don’t you dare lose my rattle bait bud always hooked just in
there just in the upper lip it comes to the hole I’m gonna pop them off right
there come on come on don’t you wrap up and lose my bait I only got one of these
I only got one of these right there there it is okay there you go take off
just as easy as that cool how’d have been so sad if I’d lost
that beat stay on my line please don’t forget after a pike you know something
the corner mouth do you have a good check you know what I got a couple
Bregenz there I’m gonna do a retie there we go lock it down
look at down fucking down fuck it down I think I got another little eater here
perfect Oh dad will be happy that he’s gonna get some blackened wall ahead this
walleye is the perfect eater don’t kill those don’t kill those 21 22s even 20s
try to go for your like 16 17 inch or something like that this is a perfect
perfect either mmm is there a better eating fish than a
why comment below and let me know well that’s gonna wrap up this video
caught a couple beautiful fish this morning and then a couple nice fish to
take home and eat as well they ended up with like ten eleven walleye something
like that a little bit of a drive to go to get back home and get these videos
edited I will be back on the ice for walleye again shortly so thank you guys
for watching and don’t forget get outside

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