Ice Fishing Tips & Techniques : Unfreezing Jig Rod Line in Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing Tips & Techniques : Unfreezing Jig Rod Line in Ice Fishing

Now one of the things that ice anglers often
run into, just given the temperatures that exist during the time of year when you’d be
ice fishing is that everything tends to freeze once it gets wet. So when you’re jigging and
your line is coming up and down the hole, maybe you’re catching a few fish so the line
that you’re bringing up onto your reel is wet, then say, “Geez, I have to go get a tip-up
or do something else.” So I put my jig rod down. When I come back, the line around the
reel that was wet is now going to be frozen. Now there’s a couple ways to deal with this.
One is to simply have your drag set loosely, pull out the line, hope that the ice comes
off. You can open your bail and try to gently peel it off, but the easiest way that I’ve
found to alleviate this problem is that when you do have an ice buildup on your reel, your
line’s all stuck to it, the easiest thing to do is simply use some body warmth to solve
that problem. Put your fingers on either side of the line of spool usually for about 30
seconds, a minute. You want to do that on this side, move your hand so it’s on the other
side so that you fully get the reel un-thawed, and then you should be ready to go back fishing,
and your line will come nicely off the spool.

17 thoughts on “Ice Fishing Tips & Techniques : Unfreezing Jig Rod Line in Ice Fishing

  1. Or you could piss on the reel, considering all the beer you'll be drinking you should have plenty of piss to last all day

  2. OMG!! I'm from tennessee and never knew ANYTHING about ice fishing except through Prarie Home Companion. How cool.

  3. Is everyone on You Tube a freakin' 13 year old juvenile delinquent?!!! Or do you all just behave that way?!!! Grow up people and learn some manners-or stay off the internet.

    Nice ice fishing tip.

  4. I just like to blow on everything to thaw it out. especially on my line guides. Havnt found anything that works better and I certainly do not want to contribute to cold finger tips by using this method!

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