Ice Fishing With Tip-Ups : Reel Setup for Ice Fishing Tip-Ups

Ice Fishing With Tip-Ups : Reel Setup for Ice Fishing Tip-Ups

So let’s talk about setting up a reel on a
tip up. After you’ve spun several hundred yards of good nylon or dacron braided line
onto your reel, and again, several hundred yards. Because when you get a big northern
pike or a lake trout or a salmon that takes a run with one of these, you’re not going
to get away with just a hundred yards. You’ll lose that fish. So a couple hundred yards
worth of braided nylon line on it. We’re going to set that down and we’re going to tie onto
the very end of that, we’re going to tie on a small barrel swivel. Do that twist we talked
about earlier. And take the tag end through the hole, down nearest the swivel, tighten
that off like so, then you’re going to take your fishing line or your leader, which is
going to be about twelve feet long, and you’re going to tie that off through the other end
of the barrel swivel. Now this is one of those times where you might want to go through a
second time. Don’t go through that barrel swivel just once. You’re going to be fighting
some big fish here, so you want to take it through a second time, make a second loop
before taking it around three or four times, and then feeding it through both loops. This
will give it a little bit of extra strength on the barrel swivel knot right there. And
there you have it. Then of course you want to clip off your tag ends because you don’t
want the fish to see these. As a matter of fact, you’re hoping that the fish don’t even
see the barrel swivel. Then you have this twelve foot long leader and about two feet
above the hook, you have one split shot. And that’s all that’s holding it down there.

4 thoughts on “Ice Fishing With Tip-Ups : Reel Setup for Ice Fishing Tip-Ups

  1. i have a question for you fishermen.I want a reel that, if i look at it side on, bobs in and out as i turn the handle.The faster i turn the faster it bobs etc.I dont know the correct terrm for this action/reel.Any suggestions???

  2. bignaughtydog it is called a conventional reel, never seen a tip up reel that has a conventional style…
    banjohed45 i think it is just an "improved clinch"
    a dot of crazy glue on the nylon clinch is good 4 me. i still have the same swivel on all tip ups 3 years running

  3. i don't think this guy has ever been ice-fishing. i have 200 yards on all of my jacks. i have caught plenty of decent pike in the teens and my fair share of browns between 5-9lbs and have never used more than 75 yards of line. also what does it matter if a fish sees the black barrel swivel when there's a massive aluminum sinker right next to the hook.

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