If Magnet Fishing Were Not Filmed, No One Would Believe us!!

If Magnet Fishing Were Not Filmed, No One Would Believe us!!

Big Dave thinks he’s got something big
right here LaBelle oh you do got something alright guys welcome back to
the episode I am at a new boat dock I’ve never been here before
I did bring the 1500 pound pull bag net so we’ll go ahead and throw it in here
get the show started I just pulled over a metal rod very first fine today oh yeah look at this
oh man it’s got a walkie-talkie hey will you guys just found my very first
walkie-talkie oh yeah just found midnight that oh I just found
fidgets spinner huh check it out with very first fidget spinner
oh yeah take a look at that I just found first pair of needle nose pliers today
Oh would you get it well you got a lighter
fishing lure little pop can bottle some more lures well there’s something on there just
like a pair of old set of keys house keys more likely oh look at that some piece of metal not for sure what
that goes to oh there is something on there what is that oh it’s rich check
that out look at that thing David just sounds old
wrench what’d you find over here oh they’ll tie
or pull it out of the water I don’t need to belong in there hey that’s disgusting
there ain’t nothing down there nothing Bell oh you do got something
look at that pair of pliers anal fissure look at that
thing that fishing lure and these other lures
yeah good fine right there well Hut my hat heck yeah you guys saw the catfish
Bell I had another pair of needlenose pliers
he’s been in for a long time he’s our black oh there is something on there
there’s a rod on here look at that guy’s oh yeah it’s not a fishing rod reel
handle all of that snake holy cow right there right there hey that’s
disgusting would somebody do that alright guys hope
you all enjoy today’s episode let’s take a quick look what we found
define a soul pair of pliers did find an old fishing rod reel the finest pair of
needle nose pliers Big Dave found them did find his another pair of needlenose
pliers define his cool walkie-talkie never
found one of these before they find old fidgets better some kid must have
dropped us in the water found a fishing rod handle found a pair of someone’s
house keys fouled catfish Bell Oh bottle cap let’s say we found a little junk
knife did find this wrench right here to find some Pole of some sorts we’ve got
some line right here might have been used as a trotline spike or something
and we did find a lot of fishing lures today well hope y’all enjoy today’s
episode please hit me a big like and leave a comment down below make sure you
tie subscribe button see y’all next episode thank you for watching

100 thoughts on “If Magnet Fishing Were Not Filmed, No One Would Believe us!!

  1. Great job finding those items mate its good to clean out the river now and then when magnet fishing. Thumbs up 👍👍😎

  2. HEY, You found My long lost tire that I definitely lost of a bridge and definitely did not throw it off from the shore…

  3. Cool that walkie talkie sells for $578 a pair on Amazon. They are supposed to be water resistant LOL.

  4. DAM!!!! I wanna come fish there!! I caught a bottle cap and a rusty paper clip first time I went out..wanted a knife or pliers..anything but a paper clip!!

  5. I live in Washington state. I was at a dock with my magnet and rope when a guy came by and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was magnet fishing for "steelhead fish". Somehow I don't think he believed me. I don't know why??

  6. Somewhat related, found a large dead bullfrog on the creek bank, hooked it to my fishing line and hearing some other kids coming, hurried up onto the bridge over the creek. When the kids were directly under the bridge, I lowered the frog on the clear mono line and “jigged” it up and down, the legs flapping with this action. One kid shouted “Look, it’s flying!” I quickly flipped the frog up out of sight and heard them splashing back the way they had come. I hoped the kids hadn’t been too traumatized…NOT.

  7. Hello my new friend found you @ exploring with the nugs channel😊. Awesome finds I haven’t magnet fished yet but I will be trying it.😉 thanks for sharing. Best wishes

  8. All those "old tools" soak them in white vinegar and watch the rust disappeared. Re- oil them and they should be fine for a nice set of spares

  9. Who would dislike this video and why? Somebody that would go out of their way to dislike this video needs to find a hobby. This video has no opinions no political agenda it offends nobody. It is entertaining and fun to watch. If you really didn't like this video couldn't you just have stopped watching it

    This is a great video I enjoyed watching. I rarely comment on videos. I live on the Mississippi River and am an avid duck hunter fisherman. I've been wanting to do this on the river for years. And I know there's a lot of cool stuff in the river. Thank you for posting this video and ignore the haters.

  10. It’s garbage. Iron that’s sitting in the water?? What’s of value. Maybe a gun probably not after being in the water.

  11. Ooh look at that. It’s a piece of metal! Ooh look at that!! It’s my first fidget spinner. Ooooh look at that it’s a hook!! Good find oooh guys ooh look ooh you gotta look at these pliers

  12. your fishing in the wrong river..try the water ways on the Detroit River ..that might be fun..Thats if a nosesss what i mean..lol

  13. I worry about fishing hooks in water. When we were kids we lived wading in the water. Not any more. Looks like someone dropped their tool box in the water. Not a bad find.

  14. Good job , y'all found a lot more then I have lately. Its really good to see more ppl getting into the magnet fishing , mostly because it cleans up the waters and allows , ppl a chance of finding something , without having to dig for it. Great job Tom Sawyer keep up the videos.

  15. Hey Tom I'm on the Mississippi too Hannibal Missouri at your service hows Huck? Better question are you throwing that stuff in first just kidding….you know that looks fun subscribed nice to meet you stacy aka Mississippi Queen

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