Do I have enough RP for Beemo? There’s no fucking way that skin costs… My god wait, it’s only 1350 holy shit. Wait, I can’t believe it’s only 13. I thought this was like a legendary skin dude or like an 1820 skin. They’re practically giving Beemo away and yes, I’m paid by riot to say that. Dude I thought I’d at least be like 1800 what the fuck. Only 1300 for that shit, that’s unreal Wow there’s recolors of Beemo? Should I go with classic – wait ladybug Beemo… NOOO! I can’t afford ladybug. Wait this ladybug one is so cute. We lost connects. Yeah, I got a hit ’em with bzz Got a hit ’em with that one dude bzz Alright let’s do it boys. It’s time for Beemo. Bzz. The one and only I got a feeling this is gonna be a free-be. I have no idea What the fuck I build on this champ. I’m just gonna do some shit, dude This skin is so fucking cute, holy shit, I fucking love it This guy really flashed for me Yeah boots is actually the best start he could do because it gives them health Regen, cuz he’s gonna need it cuz I’m gonna poke the shit out of him These things little Bunch of honey coming out of him dude. Just this sound of the honey slapping against the uh creep I fucking love this skin dude. I feel empowered now The Soraka got first blood. Queen Raka Soraka with the double kill dude. She didn’t stop at just one The fuck outta here you little bitch guy better be careful trading against me Kid I said beware Bzz I just love, Bzz, I just love that fucking noise, dude. I can feel my autism like growing by the minute Whatever dude I call worth on that shit fuck that kid. Armed and ready. Armed and ready. HYPERS! Armed and ready Shit my poison does a lot less damage than I think it does Oh I’m dead as fuck. My god. Damn he was actually still fucking camping for me there I should have known that he is still camping there though Because the Lucian was like in such a fucking weird spot It only makes sense if the guy was just waiting for me to show up What a little punk Dude, fuck man, I would go if guinsoo’s didn’t get nerfed this patch I’d actually just build exactly like Kai’sa does But it did get nerfed this patch. So I’m pretty sure it’s garbage I didn’t even get an assist on that shit, fuck I think I could have actually outran them there I thought my blind fucking uh I thought my blind doesn’t let him flip me. Does blind block Voli flip? Or no, I mean it must not actually because I fucking blinded him there so Oh my god. Good fucking bye All right, this shit’s looking dicey, I’m not gonna lie man this shit’s looking dicey Jesus I’m getting fucking just murdered. This on hit build fucking garbage. I’m pretty sure all right I got my first item now. This shit’s fucking over. Okay, he bought hexdrinker. I can never kill him RUN! Oh, I got him let’s go holy shit. I can’t believe I actually killed something there Yeah Teemo ain’t a useless champion buddy. We’re just getting started, the thing with Teemo is he’s in it for the long haul I’m in it for the long haul dude now this on hit build thought is fucking terrible This is shit does no fucking damage. Better off just playing for my mushrooms than to try to fucking DPS Oh come here Oh I couldn’t fucking get my thing out fast enough They’re gonna go for that baron. If he steals baron we win and if they get it we probably just lose. Oh let’s see. Ok we win League of Legends baby. Let’s get it. Let’s get it. This shits a hundred percent winnable now though Oh my god, holy shit. I was so fucking close to killing him Well, maybe not winnable after all dude, maybe not winnable after all Oh my god Wow that was so sad that shit didn’t fucking explode on them immediately there. Shit actually We got like absolutely nothing going for us They got some real fucking trong champions. The Zed’s probably like the biggest pain in the ass for us Wooo Baron! Go Go Go! Alright we won GG Oh my god wait I’m 1v9ing. And by 1v9ing I mean I’m doing absolutely nothing Jesus What the fuck is happening? I’m too fucking good on this champion the Beemo God himself Oh RUN! Oh I’m running! Holy shit. We got fucking rolled What can you do man? Dude my Beemo game I was supposed to 1v9 on it Alright let’s see who dealt the most damage. I’m gonna guess Jayce, me, Taliyah, Soraka, Zoe. Jayce, Me Uh, no, actually she did decent damage Oh I thought Soraka ending up out-damaging her You know what, could have been worse It could have been worse. If I literally played anything other than Beemo we would have won that game But playing Beemo was proving a point dude. It was proving a point

100 thoughts on “Imaqtpie – TROLLING WITH BEEMO

  1. 3:21 flight of the bumblebee plays lol
    P.S. you have a really good editor, i've been noticing other good music picks such as things from pokemon and lizst just to name a few

  2. Honestly temmo gets hunted when u play him in any game mode he is abused by almost everyone in the other team

  3. Fun fact: On the Russian client the skin is actually called "Buzzmo" because in russian you can't make that pun since "bee" is a long word which can't be incorporated into Teemos name. The more you know.

  4. am i the only one who thinks that his aa should be bees and q honey?
    i mean his auto attacks POISON so bees would be more smart
    and his q BLINDS like honey on the eyes i mean isn't it pretty obvious?

  5. boring,even more boring is the idea to build on hit effects on teemo….and where is the trolling? i didnt see a mass genocide by stepping on traps,neither the meltdown of enemies by despair and agony

  6. Teemo does no damage now. I loved that little turd for years but now anyone buys a cowl for 1200 and my poke does lirterally 0… He loses most of the matchups he countered or was strong into for ever. So sad 🙁 most champs have stronger passives than Teemo's skills and his passive speed is outran by "slow" champions with 1 item…

  7. "Blind must not block voli flip because I blinded singed and he still flipped me…" Jesus fkin christ QTs been playing this game how fking long. And still doesn't know the difference between an ability and an auto-attack enhance….
    FYI: Blind works on Voli flip, but not singed E. Basic af info.

  8. I just got the weirdet shit happen to me, I spent 25euros on rp to buy dragon trainer trist and bullet angel kaisa, god king darius was on sale for 25% off, I bought Bullet angel Kai'sa and Dragon trainer Tristana and I had some rp left enough for snowdown capsule, I bought the capsule and first thing I got was God king Darius, second thing was Dragon trainer Trist (plus I got beemo, I hate Teemo but that skin makes me wanting to play Teemo), lol.

  9. Nashoors->runnans->liandrys (frozen mallet if you want to be more tanky while providing slows) I use this with electrocute aka thunder lords, comet does no damage.

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