“Isanla Ang Slurpee sa Pawnshop” | Comment Trolling

“Isanla Ang Slurpee sa Pawnshop” | Comment Trolling

Hope you notice this Tukos! Go to the mall and do the “Jonel Challenge” Joneeeel! Joneeeel! Joneeeel! Jonel? Get here in the Condominium Yes! have your dinner here you’re cutting in and out hello? Joneeeel! we’re losing signal promise! yes here are you on your way? oh wait we’re losing signal later ha? you sure? ok! you really love it whenever I call you Joneeeel! ok, bye bye Joneeeel! Go to a stranger offer a shake hands and missed it multiple times, then just awkwardly leave. HAHAHAHA Sir? sir, can I ask? can I just ask sir? where can I possibly buy a tire? second hand tire outside oh outside sir? by the way sir I’m Jongga Jongga bro! bro! alright bro! Do a magic trick and let them pull your finger, once they pull it,fart! Hi excuse me,boys! can I just interrupt you for a while? i’m a magician I came from England I studied magic tricks in England I just want to try the magic tricks I made here’s what we’re going to do just hold my finger, if you pull it it will disappear it will be transferred at my back sounds good? let’s try it you try it first not yet not yet just try it if…. okay 1…. 2… 3! pull it! there’s nothing blow it! abracadabra ok, so now pull it! one more, one more ok thanks! I really need to excrete jer* Buy a softdrink, if ask if to be put in plastic tell them put it on a plate. HAHAHAHA do you have softdrinks? ill take this please put it on a plate on a plate plate?? yes plate. put it on a plate on a glass? no, on a plate. plate? yes. oh maybe he’s going to eat Durian No, only this oh ok ok i’m coming near how much? 12 do you a have bigger plate? it can’t be consumed quickly glass! use a glass instead I just want a plate it taste better here thank you! Follow a girl then ask if you can follow her, because your mom told you to follow your dreams. Miss? can I ask? can I follow you? follow? can I follow you? can I follow her? why? cause my mom said follow my dream is it smooth? can be Thank you! is that smooth enough to get your number? okay Bea Thank you can I ask? can I follow you? why? my mom said follow my dreams i’m really a gay I don’t like this! silly mother! mother! mother! Mother, I can’t take this! no!!!! Go to a pawnshop, pawn a Slurpee. Tell them it is worth 2.5M, but only in Mobile Legends HAHAHA yeah hello bro! can I just ask bro? can I pawn a very expensive thing? worth 2.5 Million Diamonds through the appraiser only how about here? can I show it to you? this is relic Family Heirloom is it secure here? don’t you have securities? on a lunch he’s eating, but is it secure here? take a look sir, it also comes with a plain ticket it’s from Egypt in the Pyramid the ones with the Mummies ok, what is that? I packed it very tight here you are bro! bro, please cover us cause this is very expensive worth 2.5 Million of Diamonds what’s that? can you….. it’s kinda scary actually I have a bullet proof vest I might be shot in the head is it secure here? if I take this out? this is a relic it’s from another country he said relic he said Diamond he wants to pawn it oh pawn! yes, i’m going to pawn it ok ill just show it to you i’ll take it out no bro, this is.. oh my goodness this is expensive this is worth 2.5 Million Diamonds on ML on ML can this be pawned? can this be pawned? yes sir! just take it there yes, it can be? too expensive too expensive? im okay even just for 10k I really need money it can be exchange at the 711 only on the E-STAMP can’t it be? wait wait hey brother and sisters im Dj didjay at your service Actually I would like to offer you a large amount of money for that slurpee how much? cause im giving this to them for 10k a price you wouldn’t resist how about 5k? im pawning this to them for 10k how about 15k, is it good? 15k? cash 15k? ok ill take it. 15k cash my friend, I will buy it, double the 15,000 I will buy it, you know how much? 30k plus noodles with noodles? sounds good, with freebies hey! I will take it with noodles I will buy it for 50k together with Unlimited loan you buy this for 50k? ill buy it for 60 plus my grandmother with granny? 80k! unlimited supply of CD/DVD I will buy it for 100k together with my house and lot and our own divisoria 130k plus my NBA Team 56ers ill go with with NBA Team No, No. NO!! I will sell this to you then I can be your assistant I’ll sell this to you then comes with my life yes can be. I need an assistant his life is worthless No, yours is Unlimited loan mine is unlimited command 50k with porcelain potty potty! but it has defect the holder is inside waiiitttt!!!! it’s all done. She’s going to take it I will buy it to you She’s going to take it No ill take it ill take it ill just find another pawnshop instead you can take my motorcycle Sister, it’s just a prank! the camera is in the car Oh my goodness Hohohoy Tukos! shout out to!…… pull it my day, follow, vlogging channel subscribe to our vlogging channel follow us on twitter and on instagram follow us on instagram where we always post our my day, let’s go! Hey Tukos, a new prank is about to come out, editing it now and coming out today, Tukos! can I get a hohohoy? comment #Tukomi for shout out, Tukos! always remember! continuous… good vibes!!!! hey brothers and sisters its DJ Didjay at your service chong kwoi la chiriri kong kwoi la a butsikik

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  2. Hanap kayo ng nagbibigay ng flyers, kunin niyo tsaka niyo pirmahan like a celebrity at ibalik sa kanila HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  3. Hi Mga Ka Tuko Pa Request Po Sana Gawin Nyo
    Pumunta Po Kayo Sa Lalaking Naka Single Na Motor Tas Sumakay Kayo Sabihan Nyo na Wanna Ride Kuya #CommentTrolling LT po To

  4. mga tuko sana magawa nyo toh yung last part ng trian 2 busan gawin nyo po sana yung acting nung tatay nung bata yung naging zombie na sya ty sana magawa nyo

  5. Sana mapansin nyo po to mga idol! Punta po kayo sa tindahan at bibili kung ano at play money ibigay nyo HAHAHAHA๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. Punta po kau sa redribbon tapos bumili ka tapos sabihin dun munakakainin palagay mo sa plastik at dun ka kumain sa plastik #tukomichallenge

  7. Hi, you can get P50 worth of freebies for you to buy load, pay bills and more on the GCash app! Just register here: https://gcsh.app/r/OrLsblg

  8. pls gawin nyo po ito pumunta po kayo sa playground or sa circle at magswing kayo dun magbihis ka ng anna custom tapos kantahin mo ng malakas "for the first time in forever"

  9. pls,,,,,,,, pgawin nyo to am sabihan mo ang babae na kasama kanyang jowa sabihin mo na love meron kna palang iba (pls…. gawin nyoto mga toko)………………

  10. Omo di ko kinaya yung sa "isanla yung slurpee". ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Hahahahaha. Parang ako yung nahihiya๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. haha dami ko tawa sa slurpee prank niyo.. punta po kayo dito sa bohol maganda dito..
    mag prank po kayo dito..
    pa shout din po sa next video salamat po..god bless po tukomi bros.

  12. Mag suot ng ala ed caluag tas mag hanap ka ng karindirya tas sabihin mo " may nararamdaman ako na multo dito" hahahahahahaha tignan nitin ang reeaction nila hahahahha #TukomiCommentTrolling

  13. #TokumiCommenTrolling punta kayo ng UP diliman. Tapos gumawa kayo ng against sa anak bayan.. sasama kame lahat ng barkada ko haha

  14. Hello tukomi sana gawin mo ito sa isang cort ung sa kainan ung maraming po upuan tungtung ka po sa table at tska gawin mo po ung ano po ng naruto

  15. Punta ka sa mang-inasal or jollibee tapos order ka ng sabaw pagkatapos after 5 seconds na umorder ka sabihin mo ng malakas "NASAAN ANG SABAW"

  16. mga tuko punta ho kayo sa mall na nagbibinta nang mga damit, tapos tanungin nyo kung magkano presyo, pag na sabi na po nila kung ilan ang presyo, sabihin nyo MAHAL, " MAHAL KITA ". tsahahahah sana po makita nyo tong comment ko…… pa shout out naman po mga tuko.. salamat po..

  17. Punta ka sa isang store tapos tanong mo kung san pede magtinda ng bahay pero pang minecraft #Tukomi #Commenttrolling

  18. Spending my GOSURF50 in just one day dahil sa kapa panood ng vlog nyo. Thank you Tukomi for making me laugh all day. โค๏ธ

  19. Bumili ng Cobra Energy Drink sa tindahan tapos pag tinanong ka kung ipaplastic sabihin mo pakisako kasi baka matuklaw ka. HAHAHA. Salamat mga Idoloooo

  20. SomoUt kayo nanG diaper at gumala sa daaN #tukomitcommentTrolling..sana ma gawa nyo to mga tukmi๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿค˜

  21. Magamit kayo na parang nagrerecruit sa Frontrow tapos mag ask kayo sa mga random people kung "Gusto niyo bang kumita"?. Tapos pag mag sabi sila ng oo, sabihin niyo rin na gusto din niyo kumita then babay

  22. Pumasok sa mall ng naka bridal gown tas hanapin si groom ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


  23. Sana manotice nyo po to. Punta kayo sa tinadahan na pwedeng magpaload tapos sabihin mo paplastik naren. HAHAHA SANA PO GAWIN NYO

  24. Sumabay ka sa babae sabay sigaw HALA๐Ÿ˜ฑ mahuhulog na!!! Ako sayo (sabay ayieeee)
    Plss gawin nyo po ito kayo po ang the best prank in the world

  25. iba tlga pg sa davao. babait ng mga tao.. pg dto sa manila cguro knina kpa snapok๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„.. #tokumi. twang twa ako sa mga gngwa nyu.๐Ÿ‘

  26. Pwede po gain nyo Ang dare Na ito??
    Sumakay po kayo sa elevator or escalator at hawakan nyo po yung kamay ng mga lalakeng makasabay nyo po at sabihin nyo pong hi babe๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ#-tukomi comment Trolling

  27. may request po ako๐Ÿ˜Š
    punta ka sa mall tapos makipag aper ka tapos wag mong aaperan tapos takbo kana at sabihin mong sunog hahaha๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚

  28. Hi po sa mga mahilig sa prank.. Small channel here,, may handog po ako my 1st prank sana magustuhan nyo po,, shout out sa tukomi… Mga idol kayo po ang inspirasyon ko salamat.

  29. Hahaha,, salamat mga tukomi,, dahil sa inyo nagkakaron kami ng lakas ng loob haha,, mayron na din ako first prank. And tagumpay naman,, sana po mapanuod nyo rin,,

  30. Tokomi gumawa kayo ng prank na nerd parin kayo at try ninyong humingi ng number sa mga chix at tapos kung hindi kayo bibigyan hayaan lang ninyong lumakad ang chix papalayo sa inyo at maglagay kayo ng isang kasama ninyo na nakaporma at pogi ang dating sa direction na kung saan papunta yung chix na hiningian ng nerd ng number kailangan po nasa malayo po yung kasama ninyong pogi para hindi mahalata yung prank

  31. Pasok po kayo sa mall so tom's world po sa mga laro sa tapos sabihin nyo po pwede maki angkas sa kotse na pambata ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  32. Hai po tokumi Sana po gawin ninyo ito "pumasok kayo sa high school tapos Iba yung uniform ninyo. Tignan natin kung ano yung reaction ng guard #tukomicommentTroling

  33. Meron po ako mga pranksters. Pumunta ka sa tindahan tapos bumili ka ng ano yung nasa kanila tapos sasabihin mo "SANA ALL". Go do it mga masters

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