100 thoughts on “JDM Daiwa Theory Unboxing Overview and Tear down Better than the Ballistic LT! Crazy Price!

  1. COOOOL It took 314 likes and 5000 views for this to get it's first dislike!!!!! That's pretty cool….When it hit 300 I was going to dislike it myself!! lol Jinxed myself 🙂

  2. Insane reel! I would never be able to spend that much on a single reel. Would be an awesome upgrade from my penn. hope I win!

  3. Wow this reel has more gold than Spandau ballet and odd job put together have to go and get some costas if I win this bad boy (empty cups that is ) keep up the good work visor loving it over hear, the big pond
    that is .

  4. Love the reviews and insight! I’d been looking for info on the reel for a while! I saw it on the jdm side a while back, and scoured the interwebs for more than just specs. Thanks again! Looking forward to the GAW and more videos!

  5. It'll be REEL-ly great to. To LINE my bags with this Daiwa. In THEORY you should SEA this and I hope it TACKLES all the barriers.

  6. Can you do a vid on properly shiming a reel and hand wound line vs machine here on the west coast all shops spoil on a machine and I almost always get over runs wonder if hand spooling will improve performance. Nice reel looks nice!

  7. Hi visor you asked for suggestions on what content we would like as subscribers for forthcoming videos ,how about doing a $200 beach surf set up for newbies may be a couple of rods n reels explaining what sizes to choose and how to get the best from each sett up. I know you don't plug any old gear from suppliers just so they send you party bags so your advice on some starter equipment that will last at least a few tides would be good for all us to build on ,cheers for all your vids .

  8. That's real nice.
    3500 size is cool too!
    Nicest I have is a Daiwa Legalis LT 2500 it's alright.. but never have had a real nice spinning reel before.

  9. How did i miss this one? Lol you know I'm always watching, luckily i saw your last call post and knew when i clicked and the like wasn't highlighted I hadn't watched.

  10. Good video. Van Staal still shits on 99% of saltwater spinning reels on the market. For $500 you can have a reel that lasts decades through extremely hard fishing. Almost nothing comes close. Many people don't like this fact , but it's true. Take any Daiwa or Shimano skishing and it's going to get messed up quickly , even the Saltiga and Stella.

  11. Love these vids!!! +1 for doing one on the Luvias. They are now going for about the same price as the Theory and are made in Japan.

  12. Hey Tackle Advisors. I just picked up a theory from J and H last week and tested it out jigging up about 25 schoolies up to 26 inches and it performed flawlessly. But I just noticed that at low speed cranking the Anti reverse makes a slight squeaking sound and slightly degrades the smoothness until you start cranking faster and returns while the reel slows down. It only does this while the anti reverse is engaged and is complete fine while it's disengaged. I just wanted your opinion on what to do since I heard oiling the anti reverse can cause it to slip.

  13. I bought the Ballistic 3000 LT and love it. I also found a Ballistic EX 2500 and 3000. They don’t feel as smooth. I would like them serviced. Can I send you them so you can do a video on them?

  14. 1. The rotor of ballistic LT IS NOT JUST STANDARD GRAPHITE, it is DS5 carbon (shorter carbon strands than zaion, but most likely more than 70% the strength of zaion). You said it so it sounds like it’s comparable to graphite rotor of some chinese off-brand reel!

    2. The rotor of Theory size 3500 and up ARE NOT ZAION, its the “lower grade” DS5.

    Also theory is made in china vs newer ballistic LT production is made in japan (gold accent color). The drag capacity of theory is waaayyy below LT series (1000LT is 5kg vs 2004 theory of just 2kg). And the last, in most country theory is 20-30% more expensive than “japan” ballistic LT.

  15. but the handle isn't really good for light fishing.. right? like I want the ballistic or caldia or freams lt for fishing to 3/8 oz ors

  16. Based on your overview, I purchased one. I took it out on a halibut charter trip yesterday and it handled the Halibuts like a beast ! Very smooth reel.

  17. Hi, could you please tell me if the clicker is louder on this Daiwa Theory than the Ballistic in similar size? I hate reels with wimpy sounding drag clickers. Thanks, Tony

  18. Can you do a tear down os the JDM Certate HD 3500/4000. It’s on sale everywhere and a lot of guys don’t know much about it. It may be the best reel under $300 anywhere

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