John Bolton TROLLS Trump

John Bolton TROLLS Trump

>>Former National Security Advisor John Bolton
has been spouting some fighting words against Donald Trump. Which means that today we share our latest
edition of As the White House Turns.>>Made some very big mistakes.>>I asked for his resignation.>>I’m disappointed in the Attorney General.>>In an interview with Jonathan Swan at Axios,
John Bolton flat out said that Donald Trump doesn’t even intend to denuclearize North
Korea. So let me give you the details. Bolton told me in an interview, Jonathan Swan
writes, that he does not think the administration really means it when President Trump and top
officials vowed to stop North Korea from having deliverable nuclear weapons or it would be
pursuing a different course. As Bolton sees it, the administration now
has more of a rhetorical policy that is unacceptable for North Korea to have nuclear weapons that
could hit America or its allies. Now, North Korea has not only continued building
its nuclear arsenal, but it has also put out more threats against the United States. In fact, going so far as to claim that they
would attack the United States during Christmas.>>So look, be careful here because John Bolton’s
a warmonger and a neocon. And so if he could he’d probably start a
war with North Korea, even though almost no one else is in favor of that. So in a sense I’ll give John Bolton ironic
credit here cuz most of the neoconservatives and the dishonest people that started the
Iraq War only care about the oil. That’s why they don’t want a war with North
Korea cuz North Korea doesn’t have any oil so we let them build all the nukes that they
want, right. But John Bolton is such a principled warmonger
that he’s like, I’ll take war for war’s sake, okay-
>>Right.>>Even though we have no benefit in North
Korea, let’s go to war anyway. So when he says we’re not doing it enough,
take it with a giant grain of salt.>>Yeah.>>But the important part here is him saying
no, I was there, I know we’re not doing anything, it’s a rhetorical policy, meaning it’s only
words. We’re not actually doing anything to hold
North Korea’s nuclear ambitions in check.>>So you’re absolutely right, he is a warmonger
and he can’t really be trusted when it comes to foreign policy, especially with an adversary
like North Korea. However, he doesn’t call for war with North
Korea in this interview. In fact, he does give a specific example of
what the Trump administration should do when it comes to North Korea. And I agree with him on this. So let me get to it. So he says, when the President says, well,
I’m not worried about short-range missiles, he’s saying, I’m not worried about the potential
risk to American troops deployed in the region or our treaty allies, South Korea and Japan. Bolton says the White House should do something
that would be very unusual for this administration, admit they got it wrong on North Korea. So a specific example that he gives has to
do with oil going to North Korea, right, and so Trump could very easily enforce the UN
sanctions against North Korea. But here’s what the problem is, Trump went
on an international tour talking about how he’s in love with Kim Jong-un. And, as a result, that greenlit China to continue
or to start working with North Korea again openly, right, and so that’s a problem. Look, I thought that it was important for
Trump to sit down and approach the North Korea situation diplomatically. But in doing his little international tour
he actually allowed for China to go against US sanctions against North Korea and work
with them. And so I just wanna give you a little tasty
taste of what that international tour looked like. Let’s take a look at that and then, Cenk,
I want your thoughts.>>He’s very talented, anybody that takes
over a situation like he did at 26 years of age. Really, he’s got a great personality, he’s
a funny guy, he’s a very smart guy. So he’s a very smart guy, he’s a great negotiator. He loves his people, not that I’m surprised
by that. Very few people at that age, you can take
1 out of 10,000 probably couldn’t do it. I think he liked me and I like him and I understand
the past.>>But he’s still done some really bad things.>>Yeah, but so have a lot of other people
done some really bad things. We had a great chemistry, you understand how
I feel about chemistry? He’s the head of a country and, I mean, he’s
the strong head, don’t let anyone think anything different.>>Right.>>He speaks and his people sit up at attention,
I want my people to do the same. Over my lifetime I’ve done a lot of deals
with a lot of people and sometimes the people that you most distrust turn out to be the
most honorable ones.>>Just every day that we have this buffoon
in office is a day too much. I mean, look at all this glowing propaganda
that he’s doing on behalf of the North Korean dictator. He loves his people, are you crazy? He has concentration camps, if anyone says
anything against them he executes them on the spot, he’s executed family members on
the spot. So he is not a great guy, he’s not only
1 in 10,000 can do. No, anyone can be the son of someone else
and then become dictator cuz they were the son, that’s not a remarkable thing. And the executions and the grotesque behavior
that he has he learned from his dad and his grandfather, it’s not extraordinary either. He’s in a long line of horrific dictators
that despise their own people and rule them in that fashion in North Korea. And then look at what Trump says, he says,
when he says something people stand up, of course, otherwise they’ll be executed. And he says, I wish they would do that here. I mean, even if he doesn’t believe that, he
doesn’t understand that concept, isn’t that damning. That he doesn’t understand the concept of
what a dictator does and why people stand up to applaud him? And that he views that as a positive thing,
that’s unbelievable. So now back to what Ana was saying, so we
wanted him to sit down because we believe in negotiations. You don’t get to negotiate with your friends,
you negotiate with your enemies, that’s how peace works. Now, I think some of the Democrats and Republicans
are too obsessed with it’s a photo op that Kim Jong-un will use, so what? When they did the Camp David Accords yes,
both the Egyptian and the Israeli leader got to do photo ops, but they also got a peace
deal. It was the most important peace deal for Israel
in it’s history, that’s how you do it. But in this case, it wasn’t just a photo op,
it allowed China to circumvent the sanctions, etc. It allowed most importantly the North Koreans
to build six nuclear weapons while we said, literally, we don’t care. Trump says, I don’t care about the short range
missiles. It would kill even if the don’t have nukes,
they would kill millions of people in South Korea alone, let alone Japan, let alone our
troops. So if it was going to be this counterproductive
then I say no.>>Right, exactly.>>Right, of course, it always depends on
the context and the context of this was a disaster.>>It was, exactly, it was a disaster. And just to be specific, look, Bolton made
the suggestion that Trump used the US Navy in order to intercept oil that’s being delivered
to North Korea. He’s not even doing that. And, again, going back to those UN sanctions
against North Korea. If the UN goes to China and says, yo, what’s
going on, you’re supposed to comply with these sanctions. They could just turn around and say, well,
why would we comply with these sanctions when the President of the United States says that
Kim Jong-un is a wonderful guy and that he loves his people?>>I mean, we’re burning the lead. You remember when Donald Trump literally said
that he fell in love with Kim Jong-un, said he fell in love with him. You’re gonna look it up because you’re not
gonna believe me, right.>>Just like I fell in love with Norway.>>No, so here’s a guy who says I fell in
love with this dictator who has concentration camps, worse dictator on the planet right
now. So I don’t care that he builds short range
missiles. I guess it’s true when you’re in love you
don’t care what the other person does at all. And he doesn’t care that he built six nuclear
weapons. We never cared about weapons of mass destruction
and Trump least of all. So his entire relationship with North Korea
has been nothing, but a giant debacle and has helped the propaganda of North Korea immensely. And so here’s John Bolton saying, so last
thing on this that’s really important, saying that hey, what we’re doing in North Korea
is clearly wrong and I’m gonna say it. I was the National Security Advisor for Trump. Okay, hence, he’s dying to tell you what else
he knows so, Democrats, you have got to find a way to get John Bolton to testify. So they didn’t even ask for his testimony
cuz they thought it was gonna get tied up in the courts and I understand that, there’s
truth in that, right. But somehow you have got to find a way to
get John Bolton to testify live in front of the cameras. Cuz he can’t wait to throw Trump under the
bus. And he has said, I have more damning information
about Trump in regards to Ukraine and maybe even Russia.>>Yep.>>He’s got to testify, he’s dying to do it,
put him in, coach.

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