KastKing Speed Demon Pro Rod Initial impressions

KastKing Speed Demon Pro Rod Initial impressions

hey guys what’s going on it’s Mike and I
received my first casting rod I’ve purchased some of the reels before in
the past but this is officially my first casting rod and wow I’m impressed with
what I just received first off it came on it came in with this huge huge tube
which surah was incredibly protected I’m going to talk about the rod for a second
but first I’d like to say that casting did a great job shipping this rod out to
me it had end caps and foam and then this plastic piece right here was
installed on the bottom section of the but the butt of the rod so making sure
that rod was safe during shipping and would not move anywhere you know just
it’s what you expect but sometimes when people ship rods or in companies to ship
rods I had to happen to be before in the past you get them with bent tips bad
guys they don’t go and ship it the way that it should so this is really cool
because you know it came in how I was expecting I came in and got home and
seen the rod had delivered so I am really excited to talk about it today I
got the speed demon Pro rod this is the crank bait 73 model it is rated for 8 to
17 pound test and its power is medium action is moderate guys I picked up this
crazy rod for only $54.99 casting I think has absolutely lost
their mind right now because this is a 7-3 rod with Fuji reel seat you have
Fuji Alka Knight guides what wind grips as well with a hook keeper that says
casting for one $49.99 guys I made how I may need to go hop on the internet right
now and order me a few more as a casting speed demon pearl rod
amazing orange color it looks so sweet this right this rod right here is
normally priced at a hundred and nine ninety-nine and honestly guys the rod in
my hands it is so balanced it doesn’t tumble over to the right or to the left
I can’t wait to put a fishing reel on it and do some fishing I am extremely happy
with my purchase guys the rod does not feel like you know it doesn’t feel it
feels like if I had to pay $100 for this rod 110 dollars I be okay with it a
hundred percent the rod feels like high-end it doesn’t feel like a cheap
you know Walmart special or Kmart you know it feels real real good in the
hands its quality and let me tell you these wind grips are amazing once you
get used to them it’s hard to go back I’ve purchased rods from lose before
that had these and I kind of got used to having my rods with these awesome wind
grips because when you cast and you’re reeling in for at least for me in South
Florida it’s humid sometimes it rains a lot and my hands do get sweaty having
that grip right there is real real nice and you know I I kind of tell you guys I
you know that I still this rod 50 bucks for under fifty bucks for a rod with
Fuji reel seat guides it is incredibly nice and I can’t be more happier with my
purchase so this is why I’m making this little review today for you guys you
have a customer care card from cast King it says right here all the features is I
a make elite carbon blanks utilize carbon nanotube resin technology to
reduce weight and diameter while increasing lifting breaking strength by
over 30% crankbait models are competitive blend of S Class fuji guides
and handles and fighting amazing amazing I
can’t tell you how happy I’m with this purchase
I am with this purchase that I made from casting guys it’s bent your boy Mike I
am really really happy with my brand new casting speed demon pro rod if you guys
want to find this rod I’m gonna leave a link below in my description make sure
you check that out and casting you guys did an excellent job I’m very happy
can’t wait to use this rod once put a reel on it and do some fishing later see
you guys

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  1. I was blown away by the quality of my first Kastking rod, I said $49.99 cause I was exited, I paid for it on sale on amazon $54.99 shipped to my door.

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