Hello, i am Constantinos from KN FISHING stores and today we will see show how to spool a surfcasting reel with mono line. I will use the YUKI ‘AMG 10000’ surfcasting reel. YUKI ‘AMG 10000’ comes with a main aluminium spool and 2 extra shallow aluminium spools. I will spool the shallow one Line capacity is 160m of 0.20mm mono line. will use a 0.205mm line YUKI ‘Kenta’ line is a good option, very strong line. First i must fix the reel change the main spool to the shallow one Changing between the spools are very quick and easy on the YUKI ‘AMG 10000’ reel. Will place the reel at any surf rod A question i get very offen is what is that tiny hole on the middle of the spool. Lets take the spool out again Push the line through that hole use a microbead (very small bead) just to stop the line getting back out of the hole. Do any knot, doesn’t matter which one, just to keep the bead at that point! Any knot will do the job for you Anyway the specific knot takes no pressure here (no chance to break) As you can see the knot cannot got though the hole Reel pick up should be at the ‘open’ position. Place the spool on the reel Push the pick up at the ‘closed’ position and screw the reel drag back at it’s position. If you don’t have another person near by to help you, i will show you a very easy way to spool your reel. Just place the line on a bucket full of water. Hold the rod and the line tight and start spooling. Line capacity of this spool is 160m of 0.20mm line I will also use a piece of shock leader (15m) so i must spool less than 160m of 0.20mm line now. It will be ideal to spool around 130m of 0.20mm line. This reel has a 113cm retrieve per crank, which means around 100 retrieves will spool 130m of mono line. While spooling be careful to check the way the line is distributing into the spool. When the spool is about to get full, the line will usually gathered at the top end of the spool. Ok thats around 100 retrieves (130m of 0.20mm mono line). Now will show you how to tie the shock leader knot. Will use the YUKI ‘SAFU’ shock leader which is a 15m line starting from 0.18mm and goes up to 0.57mm. This spool has 10 ready precut shock leaders of 15m. So let’s see the shock leader knot for main line and shock leader line of around the same diameter. Like now 0.18mm shock leader to a 0.20mm main line. Cross the 2 line ends Turn each line around the other 4 times on each side. Now lets cross again the 2 line ends This time turn each line around the other only 3 times on each end. Now i hold 4 line edges which i will slowly start pulling up to this point when i get the 2 main edges and push again. This knot is really tiny as we use very thin lines (0.18mm to a 0.20mm line). I can use a thicker diameter shock leader but i prefer the 0.18mm to create the smallest possible knot. (The end of the shock leader is 0.57mm and this is the part of line which gets the force when casting) Now i will use the bucket with water to spool the shock leader. Shock leader is 15m and is precut. Safu line changes color at 7.5m from orange to clear. Ready!! A spool belt is ideal to keep the line on the reel spool! Easily fixed around the spool That’s all about spooling the reel and the shock leader connection Please feel free to leave comments below! Thank you for watching! (Please SHARE!!)


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