Lake Hartwell Striper Fishing – Herring on down lines

Lake Hartwell Striper Fishing – Herring on down lines

alright so waters really hot today we
must have a surface temperature of about 90 degrees so the thing about it with
the herring is you know at the clover water and sooner when you bait your hook
you need to go ahead and sink those herring down cuz you don’t wanna stand
up with the surface for governments while you’re fooling around with your
rod because it’ll shock them too much and they’re gonna die and stripers don’t
like the dead bait I mean it’s cuts one thing but they don’t like that went
alive take it so that’s kind of what we’re shooting for get the bait down the
bottom from about a hundred foot hole here with a sandy bottom the trees on
the outside of here just off the main channel down by the dam so that’s what
we’re shooting for let’s see if we can find some stripers
down that cooler water I need you to get the net oh when I keep it away from the
boater back up alright get up here work it girl work it cuz you are on Boone
down south TV watch that line try to keep it you okay you need help try to
keep that sea outlines coming underneath there you don’t want to hit the pontoons
and watch the boat motor too if you the net free Rebekah alright well she’s getting even that
pretty quick I’m thinking try to keep it away from the boat good job good job
Rebekah you working girl you work it that’s in the back keep working it keep
working it you got it you got it come on there it is in the water and I see it
she’s got a good and she’s got a good and easy now easy now easy
all right look at that thing look at that thing all right let her brink try
to guide it into the net okay get the head in the net and then do a scoop go
scoop awesome help in the get something out of my face I
just can’t grab it okay your finger film that huh go around 57 there was
some round the bottom too yeah that’s pretty big he’s a pretty big
one laughs filming literally right now just hold it up and you’re caught on the
net that was smooth done ooh did a poop harem get a picture let’s
get him in the water 6.3 – it’s in turn this way everybody make a wish wish for a fish on
the rainbow because the lake is kind of an the this time at the end of the
rainbow so whoa look at that look at that
oh man coming did you get summer back up ii been reading all day not gonna quit
there’s no fun in lighting like there was yesterday so we’re gonna hit off a
little bit smell a day you know not the best time and we’re just gonna find the
main channel main Creek channels out here on Lake Hartwell Ella and we’re
just gonna listen do rigs about 200 feet behind the boat let them sink down
what was it guy ready to yesterday said something describe for he was seen was
maybe 30 50 foot although we were touching him at hundred feet couple days
ago but he said last night he saw me 30 50 so I don’t know if all the rain kind
of last couple days pull things down and coming up a little more I just don’t
know I’m not an expert here but we’re gonna go out for an hour to in the rain
and just went some you Rick see if we can come up with anything so in the bask in the back squeeze a little bit on the bottom but that’s not something a little come on come on I need to get the first
vote y’all all right come on up come on up come on up come on down mom can you
really pull up come on dad come on post another post won’t get on
that one there yeah I’m gonna need some help come on down come on down come on
dad huh daddy come on oh wow oh oh oh dude that’s definitely the biggest you
ready with the camera for picture so I can get him back in the water
mom Oh there’s 3-1 she’s doing no no it went

6 thoughts on “Lake Hartwell Striper Fishing – Herring on down lines

  1. For the record, I was getting over a cold when I was struggling to reel in the small striper… 💪🏻😂

  2. Nice video. I have two boys, 7 and 12 that I am hoping to get out this weekend and try our hand at striper. Ive never been particularly good at it though. I plan on using gizzard shad on the Seneca River/Conneross Creek part of the lake. We are on the SC side.

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