Lake Temescal’s Trout Season Closer – $40 Daiwa Rod VS $200 Phenix Rod

what happened no way dude what the heck
dude are you kidding me it’s totally clean off yeah this is the
resident it’s gonna make a good video dude you know I heard about that damn
otter bro I wouldn’t have believed that if I didn’t see that with my own eyes hey guys I just got this new rod
it’s a daya Laguna ultralight 7 foot I’m gonna give this a shot today with my
dial up crossfire ultralight have four pound tests on here so let’s see what’s
up first cask ice let’s let’s check this
out have a spoon on here I believe this is a 1a
I could be wrong maybe 116 it’s pretty small holy smokes that’s nice Wow the cast ability on this rod is
awesome man and maybe it’s just because I’ve never
had a rod like this but I swear I’ve held the Phoenix rod and that passed a
Phoenix rod a $500 Phoenix rod and initially it’d be hard pressed to tell
the difference here I mean the quality bill is obviously different but you know
in regards to cast ability this is Inc this thing throws your what is this one
16th I think this is one 16th I’m throwing you can get it out there I mean
it’s $40 this is I think the best rod I have Wow I really like this rod flop no one’s freakin here oh yeah I got one I got one I got one
for Sean that’s a bass baby oh no it’s a trout yo yeah
yeah baby yeah oh it’s a fatty – oh yeah baby
come on come to Papa yeah that’s right come on Oh we’ve got to show you to the guys check
that out yeah man check that out Phish song woo check that
guy out catch and release today guys cool that’s
a solid hit look at that okay okay okay okay okay okay okay
here we go oh man he’s in a little bit of shock no
skunk no skunk for me oh man let me see those so it’s funny man um she’s so you
got like $1500 right here oh dude a Lix oh they’re delicious
they’re $100 wine they’re like 150 150 would you get a mat so you know what I was I was looking at
those but check this out I got this one dude this is the Daiwa $40 do you see
how far I’m whipping that out but so I was in the market for this one this is
wow this is lighter than that well well this is my real semi but um but this is
substantially lighter than lik sir huh which so would you get this one can I
throw it would you uh Vanessa’s okay oh this is beautiful dude
wow I’m glad I asked about it what is this this is like 1/8 one so okay so
where’s this one one forty one thirty that you had the rod right and then
that’s a 40 bucks deed so it gets it out as far but this is super light man this
is a good comparison bro so you guys this is a phoenix elixir and this is
actually the one I was gonna get but I couldn’t find it locally I couldn’t even
find it online this is a beautiful rod guys but it’s like four times as much holy
smokes hi this it feels good my goodness which-which real is is oh it’s a strat
strategy oh dude you’re not fooling around are
you so Neil just hooked up the review guys and better not stay away from the
edge a little bit in case Wow um yeah man this is this is really this is
really sweet Wow and I think the real the real makes it right it’s like Wow how long one of those Phoenix rods
now she’s let me let me hold this thing next to each other yeah man it’s I mean
it’s a little bit shorter but it’s distinctly like it was with a dial one
this this’ll kumar’s a little bit it’s heavier but man you get what you pay for
and then do you know what the rings are they’re probably titanium this is
aluminum they say cut I mean the finish and this is the seat the ceiling is
still plastic that what a trip it is Loomis the equivalent of this but
it’s american-made this is this is made in China Loomis is american-made right I was happy I was happy all day I had to
compare it with the Phoenix it’s okay it gives me gives me an excuse to go out
there again with a $40 rod I’ll pretty impressed with this though for for what
you get I mean this is way better than my ugly stick that’s okay
you guys aren’t in the way to bring enough cookies for everyone yeah no I’m
just doing a No thank you I haven’t had lunch you guys are gonna spoil my lunch yes Clint
uh-huh okay tomorrow there’s always tomorrow
good luck guys I’m sorry the older guy the guy that catches he does the spoons
or whatever well I haven’t been here so yeah yeah and I was a lot of work for one fish you
know it’s funny I have I just I grabbed a spoon before I left my house I think
last time I was here was that uh Joaquin’s little uh was that tournament
yeah and I think Ken was giving those out right yeah I haven’t I was gonna use
it but I was snagging I lost two lures early on I was I had enough I want to
use that one right now oh and you you have to get it from him when he’s here
right yeah that’s right so I don’t even know what he looks like he’s hey it was
Asian a oh my god I he’s he’s uh yeah I mean I think I know I think I remember maybe he can donate some to me and I can do a little marketing for him is there no peace unity I’ve been here
all freaking day I tried every color I must’ve switched chatter baits bottom
chatter baits top ChatterBait black rooster tails white rooster tails I’m
gonna pink rooster tail yogi Zuri’s Rapala all night so he just walks around
Oh got it dude it’s only fish Oh baby is this on I
hope this is on yeah numbered Oh baby yeah oh this one’s kind of big huh it’s
for I don’t know what my drag is set like whoo there’s still fish here bro haha
nice dude well hold on hold on let me pop this picture look look guys nice little fish Thank
You Neil oh yeah okay I’ll kind of release this guy you
want him you want him would be the same if you didn’t smell
like fish thanks for netting big shout out to Neil
right here say what’s up Neil oh that’s a nice little rush what happened no way
dude what the heck dude are you kidding me it’s totally clean off yeah this is
the resident it’s gonna be a good video dude oh wow I get back to work man I
gotta get you another one no wait you know I heard about that damn otter bro I
wouldn’t have believed that if I didn’t see that with my own eyes what an
awesome day I thought I was gonna get skunked they stopped planning here about
two weeks ago I don’t think they’re planning to plan anymore I really
thought I was gonna get skunked today I was really out here just a tested Iowa
rod Laguna which performs excellent for forty dollars it’s not a Phoenix but
then again you’re not paying $200 what an awesome day caught two pretty big
trout thank you guys for watching my videos thank you for subscribing
we’re over 400 subscribers right now and pushing on I wouldn’t be here without
you guys and I want to say thank you thank you for watching thank you for
subscribing and sharing my videos and commenting I really appreciate it I hope
you guys enjoyed this video I hope to see you guys out on the lake keep your
lines tight and fish on

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