Lake Vesuvius Tree Planting, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

Lake Vesuvius Tree Planting, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

[music] My name is Josh Keenan. I’m the volunteer
coordinator for the Wayne National Forest. We partnered with Backcountry Hunters
and Anglers Ohio Chapter. We’re out here plant 24 trees. I’ve got White Oaks, Red
Oaks, couple Pawpaw, and so happy to be we you know came together for National
Public Lands Month. So, I mean it’s a perfect timing I suppose. This project
that we’re engaged in today is in Lake Vesuvius. It’s a recreation area in the
Wayne National Forest, the Ironton District of Wayne National Forest here
in Southeast Ohio. This is where I take my deer hunting vacations and
backpacking vacations, so this is a very special place to me and when we started
our Ohio Chapter, one of the one of the things that was really important to me
was finding a way to give back to this space. So, we started working with the
Forest Service to try to identify projects do we can participate in here
in Lake Vesuvius. So, the reason I chose to be a part of
this project here today is that this is you know our only national forest in the
state of Ohio. So, I take that very seriously and I want to help out any way
I can and we know that it’s it’s an important resource for us and we want to
do everything we can to protect it and to help make it better for everybody
that visits here. Conservation to me means protecting and keeping things the
way they are but also improving them for future generations. Backcountry Hunters
and Anglers is a is a national conservation organization and our focus
is on public lands. Broadly speaking, our mission is to keep public lands in
public hands. Obviously, our emphasis is on hunting and angling. That’s a big
focus of ours but what’s important to us is maintaining access for everyone who
uses our public lands – backpackers, hunters, anglers, campers, s’more makers
and you know everything you can possibly think of. And so much of our public land
is managed by the Forest Service; they are responsible and have a really
important public charge to maintain these resources that are
incredibly important to us as people as hunters and anglers. You know, we’re out
here, and you know, we work, trying to make this a better place for everybody. And it’s good
to see people that use the land and appreciate it come out and you know help
and give back as well. We couldn’t do without them really. [music]

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