Launching a kayak – How long should it take? – Florida Fish Hunter

Launching a kayak – How long should it take? – Florida Fish Hunter

I swear it takes more time setting up
for the camera than just to come out here and fish So what is your process for launching your kayak at a boat ramp? Well for me it’s pretty basic… Get the kayak off loaded from the back of the truck preferably close to the ramp and then begin mounting the essentials… like your rods, fishfinder, battery, drinks and so on… Now being OCD about certain things dealing with the cameras actually slows me down as I end up spending too much time setting up them up to get good angles and footage instead of prioritizing fishing first and filming second but that’s a work in progress… in this scene here I’m waiting for the
ramp to clear but this gives me the opportunity to spend a little more time
getting the camera settings just right since I’m not fond of the idea of messing around with the cameras once I’m out on the water… the ramp is finally clear and now I can get the kayak in the water I prefer putting the kayak in tail first when launching from a concrete ramp In this manner I can get the whole kayak to float without dragging the nose through the concrete yes it’s a little
bit more work for less damage to the kayak eventually I’ll be launching the
kayak from a trailer just like you would have boat so this should make the
launching process that much easier I should have a double-wide jetski trailer
that I recently purchased ready to go within the month the landing gear sometimes is a little more time-consuming to deal with as can be seen here but for me it’s a necessary
evil but even this would be one less thing I would have to deal with once I begin launching from a trailer. Now this video timeline it’s probably around seven minutes from the time that I offloaded the kayak off the truck and got
everything on it to the point where I actually got the kayak to the water
and started going… Now I normally kayak fish by myself so I have nobody or anything to compare it to time-wise So what do you guys think?
Am I taking too long to get to the water? Should I work on shortening that time
frame? Or is this just about right What normally one spends to get ready for the water… Let me know in the comments below…

7 thoughts on “Launching a kayak – How long should it take? – Florida Fish Hunter

  1. I think that's not a bad time. It's really whatever you're comfortable with. I know if I rush it, I usually forget something. 👍

  2. That's a great time. I have mine down to about 15 minutes (at Fellsmere) and that's not bad either since that includes walking my wheels back to the truck. I have plenty of room to bring the wheels along but I usually don't. I attach 3 cameras and my fish finder. For me, I always try to have my cameras rolling because you just know, that one time I don't have them, I'm gonna get that double digit.
    Hahahaha. Thanks for sharing this John.

  3. I honestly don't know how long it takes me. There was a time when I would try to rush through the process to get to the water as fast as possible but I found I was forgetting stuff. I get to the water early and take my time. Also I don't travel with my kayak rigged since all of my fishing trips are at least 25 minutes drive time. My seat, fish finder, rod holders, cooler or fish bag, tackle boxes, etc. all ride in my truck. So I'm probably in the 15-20 minute time frame from the time I get to the launch. I do have a trailer I use when carrying multiple kayaks but when I'm alone I don't take the trailer. I have Boondox Groovy landing gear on my PA14 and just haul it in my truck. Coming back up the ramp after fishing is the hardest part.

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