What’s up m8s it’s Proxy Foxy. Today is a very special day and I will tell why. We’re gonna troll harder than my dick gets whenever I see a thirteen-year old on Instagram. I even recruited a Yasuo fag that suffers from severe brain damage (like all Yasuo mains) exclusively for your entertainment. Wait a minute I’m sensing something in the other side of the map. That’s bitch to the right thing and walk away this red tree fuck is ours now. We are going to make you kids and declare them retarded so I can sell them for highest bids on ebay. Don’t be a pussy Katarina, you are going in either you like it or not ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Kill them both now or else I’m going to stab your ears and fuck your kidneys with my moist, furry, infected padidlidoo. Get dicked in the eye socket enemy team Our Katarina is more determined to kill you then my uncle was when he was chasing me to rape me when I was little. Nowadays I don’t run any more. Smoking doesn’t just kill you it also makes you vulnerable to predators like my uncle Francis. I like spreading diseases that are exclusively transmitted with buttsecks. That way i can experience giving it away myself to the enemy. I’m the chlamydia Santa Claus. You might as well call it forced charity. This giant chicken nugget smells delicious and since the enemy is not interested in it, oh well… Don’t mind if I do player, don’t mind if I do. What does oral sex and the defeat the enemy team is going to get have in common? They certainly didn’t ask for it but they are getting it anyway. Reminds me of my childhood memories with grandpa. This Riven is the definition of an autistic cancer generating fruit-fuck that does nothing but masturbating and jizzing in his own mouth. I’m sorry did I sound too gross? You are right I can’t keep doing this actually no … I can … and I will … I’ve done worse in the past. Rasputin Katarina OP! Carry hard and I’m giving you a special gift. I normally charge 30 bucks an hour and 250 bucks per night for this. But for you baby it’s all good. Baby i’m giving you a lifetime supply of free for fuck coupons on my sex distribution center. Syndra let me help you kill yourself. There you go, that’s what you deserve for stealing a kill earlier by tossing your ballsacks where my free kills are. Yasuo what the fuck are you doing go kill yourself. Syndra : “1v1 me m8, I’ll rek your sh*t” Syndra : “Stop fighting back you f*ck” Syndra : “GET REKT C*NT BI-” Syndra : “BALLSACK JUMPSCARE” Thanks for watching guys I hope you liked this video. If you did, please like my page on Facebook @ProxyFoxyOfficial and subscribe for more cancervids like this one. If you have any suggestions leave a comment below. See you next time when I will masturbate with a cheese grinder until I bleed to death.


  1. What are Rasputin Tactics? I read the whole Wikipedia article about him but nothing of it reminds me of your Rasputin Tactics

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