and we always start from here, from the gas station there he is Today we left very late because I worked in the morning and then Giulio had a problem with the bike, which we hope to have solved it’s four in the afternoon, if not later, but now we wanted to go so we left anyway the Fury is always here it’s so slippery here! look at him! look at what he did! the sun here is — between light and shadow I could not see what was in front of me, this light is much more annoying than the one in the morning it has rained these days, compared to last week it is a lot more slippery it revs so much the light! I can’t see a thing Giulio has a slightly darker mask, it helps a little more where there is light, but he can see a little worse in the shade what a stupid fall ouch! that hurt Not really in mood today. You tired? No just unfocused maybe after a bit I’ll get better, like last time how about a harder spot no? This is hard — It seems even worse than last year because maybe the water dug it out even more wait — I slipped look at this f***g branch on the left? if you can, try OMG! but I stopped in a nice spot I could take a picture On the right? No? there’s the tree! wait — there’s the brach. Help me not too fall over I can’t give gas It’s over! We go home. How do you see the Fury on a two stroke? he’s gonna try it, and we try the 4.5 it’s a tractor look how it goes then we also hear what he thinks of 150, going from 450 to 150 that’s not a small difference I feel the front suspension a little too hard, this is probably a 2013 boys, it’s definitely changed a lot too compared to the new ones the hand-cover just saved my fingers, first impression: you help yourself much more in terms of engine obviously, but it’s a little less fun in these roads than we usually do given that it is heavier, it has so much engine that it is difficult to fully exploit look at him! look at him! Oh god I think you liked it! there was talk of forks, as I had explained to him that I felt them very hard he said that by using it also as motard it has the suspension a little more hardened at this time, he told me that in some spots they make it easier, or in other traits you hear crazy beatings on the front here? you’re an a***** S***. Too many branches! he has the hard hand covers If I’m not mistaken now on the right is the hard part look at how he held it — well, he tried if jumped on the rock I can’t give too much gas when I’m tired guys here there is a tough spot, with the 250 I had a hard time I got no traction yeah, there it goes again! it’s going shut up! I did it even better than with the 250 I did it! I did it guys you can’t understand — ’cause from the go pro you won’t get a thing. I’m starting to get the hang of this bike I have to exploit a little more the first, a little more the high regimes in the difficult parts, like as I was before when he told me “gas, leave the clutch”. guys by mistake we went down the wrong side of the hill so now we are taking up the dirt roads, to cut the mountain and get out of here – not the mountain, the hill here they are hills, since it is dark you will begin to see little so I salute you, leave a like, comment the video and share it and see you next enduro I thank ferrando motor as always for allowing me to use this splendid 150 for the endurata, follow us also on social media, instagram and facebook as ferrando motor, also because shortly there could be some cool events even at the enduro level so keep up to date via social media, see you at the next video. Bye

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