Logan Paul TROLLS Flat Earthers with Satirical Documentary

Logan Paul TROLLS Flat Earthers with Satirical Documentary

Logan paul has released a 15 minute documentary satirically trolling the Flat Earth Society and the Internet thinks it’s comedy gold you’re watching What’s trending and I’m Mandy lolani don’t forget to Like and subscribe for social media news daily and follow me along on social media at Auntie Lonnie if you’re really that bored now if you don’t know logan Paul is a youtube creator who despite coming up against public backlash from 2018 Has come back swinging the internet went crazy after logan. Paul was spotted at the flat earth International Conference in Denver on November 15th publicly declaring his faith in the theory and while some thought logan was serious others like me we’re calling it BS and now Logan has released a 15 minute long documentary which shows Logan interviewing those who believe the Flat Earth theory and expressing his interest in traveling to Antarctica to visit the edge of the world. I Just don’t know what to believe anymore Logan talks to attendees at the Flat Earth convention goes on a date with the Flat Earth believer and even interviews kids How do you know that they can’t lie to millions of people it was pretty far-fetched, huh? And this brings us to the conclusion that Logan is totally trolling us One user said when did Logan Paul become a comedy God and freezy added can’t even lie This Logan Paul Flat Earth doc is absolutely hilarious. It’s really well done in fair. Play Logan Paul must have taken some tips from Shane Dawson because this is actually Pretty decent and while the plot or society may not be too happy with the parody A lot of us are actually like relieved that Logan Paul isn’t a believer because despite there being abundant Scientific evidence and photographic proof of our earth being a round planet this subset of people Strongly believe the earth is flat and while like a lot of us can just like roll our eyes and just like scurry on to something else it actually kind of Worries a lot of people because it reveals a deeper issue conspiracy and pseudoscience channels have long been able to thrive under youtube’s old content guidelines and many of these videos are Recommended by YouTube’s algorithm in 2017 a study conducted by Ashley Landrum at Texas Tech University Surveyed 30 attendees of that year’s plot Earth International Conference and found that 29 people Credited YouTube’s videos to changing their views the study also noted that most of the group previously watched Conspiracy videos about 9/11 Sandy Hook and weather NASA really went to the moon before YouTube’s algorithms recommended Flat Earth videos But YouTube was actually started to crack down on these conspiracy videos in January YouTube announced they would begin reducing Recommendations of borderline content and content that would miss inform users in harmful ways Now I’m a big big fan of conspiracy G’s and love those kind of videos first to click on that Shane Dawson release But I do think some regulations should come on conspiracies just to make sure that no false information or false content comes through now the real question is do you think Logan Paul’s video is Diminishing the splatter theory or exposing even more to all the masses. Let us know in the comments down below and Mister thoughts, but and be sure to LIKE and subscribe for more What’s trending? You can also check us out on roku? Amazon fire and Apple TV

52 thoughts on “Logan Paul TROLLS Flat Earthers with Satirical Documentary

  1. I hate when people are wrong about a scientific theory, and then they show me a YouTube video that's just a text to speech about how the government is lying.

  2. Flat-Earthers, Anti-Vaxxers and people who bribe school officials to get kids in college are a symptom of the slow rise in anti-intellectualism that has been happening. As much as I don't care for Logan, I can agree that it needs to be called out. My one problem is Logan going on a date with someone with the intention of making fun of them.

  3. Congratulation What's Trending, you are doing what Logan Paul and his PR team wanted people to do. Just delete this upload and let Logan Paul's relevance disappear into obscurity a little faster.

  4. Foolish to suggest that youtube should decide what's true. Susan Wojcicki has phenomenally demonstrated a complete lack of wisdom in the judgment department.
    Should youtube by freak accident develop a significant wisdom what they could do is offer promoted counter points to temper a frenzy. That could fittingly be done for flat earth and trump. It would require real wisdom though to do it with calm gravitas. Smarter every day or vlogbrothers certainly don't have the wisdom for it. One voted for Trump, the others for homosexuality. Ironically the two major keys to US' current biblical calamity. What youtube theoretically could do is form a panel of wizards. The wisest of guys and yes they would be men. But who in power has the wisdom to choose the wisest… one notable exception, Einstein was asked to rule Israel but declined. How different history would have been with a conscientious pacifist and man of the truth defining early Israel. A jew believing in Jesus Christ. There would have been no Deir Yassin. Maybe none of the wars around them. Maybe peace in Israel. Maybe no subversion of US politics by Israel. Speaking of conspiracies.

  5. How can there still be thus many stupid idiots out there its freaking 2019 people the earth is round, global warming does exist, donald is a very VERY bad troll, and there is NO GO not getting into that wtf is wrong with people 🌍🌎🌏

  6. Yesssssssssssssss. Not a big fan of the Paul bros but this is absolute gold. Now i gotta watch it 😂

  7. The fact that you viewed it as a "comedy"  confirms your indoctrinated confirmation bias. Anybody who still believes the earth is a giant spinning pear/ball flying through an "outer space" is a blind pathetic fool.

  8. No it’s not a documentary and no it’s not the flat earth society. There are no actual photographs of earth …nasa even tells us that.

  9. The Flat Earth movement does not care what Logan Paul thinks. Over time he will have zero effect. Real flat earth researchers are doing real tests and recording results. No need for TMZ bullshart. Logan should stick to desecrating ancient graves. It suites him.

  10. omg that recommendation thing happend to me, they recommended nasa stuff , the moon, and then flat earth and now I dont trust nasa and question everything

  11. Nothing about that was a documentary. It was s comedy skit acted by actors. Using the flat earth international conference as a scene

  12. Thank you for introducing your subscribers to the Flat Earth concept. For anyone who is curious, ask yourself: How do I know it's a globe, without using a space agency? It's harder than you think. Do your own research, and never stop asking questions. Long Live Flat Earth.

  13. When someone claims without evidence they are most often presenting false information.
    No hoaxer, no denier, no flattie, no creationist, no conspiracy riddled mind speaks truth.

    Take the flatties for instance. Most all of their videos are based solely on ignorance and scapegoating. They always make erroneous claims, such as:

    "mainstream science" – There is no mainstream science. Science is a global enterprise, free of faith, politics, and personal opinion. It is based on logic, which they do not have, nor know how to use. It also covers many disciplines, that are not interchangeable. For example, a biologist would not know much at all on the complexities found in physics, and vice-versa.

    "what you believe is pseudoscience" – No, pseudoscience is where you make a conclusion and only accept observations that fit it. And in all cases is not repeatable, as no data is presented, nor is it peer reviewed. Sorry flatties, peer review does not come from YouTube commenters, or Google, the owners of YouTube. "Good video" and other pats on the back from those just as ignorant as the presenter are not peer review.

    "we are indoctrinated because we do not question science" – No, we are not, as fact-based science begins with a question. They cannot accept the fact that most sane people let the observational and empirical evidence either prove the question right, or prove it wrong (and start over). They cannot accept that the same proven evidence has been tested multiple times under multiple conditions and by millions of different people all around the world.

    "we are NASA shills and NASA lies" – No, no one is paid by NASA to comment on any YouTube video. When asked what NASA has to do with something that was proven over 2000 years ago (the shape of the Earth), they dig deeper into the rabbit hole. Scapegoating anyone and everyone, they never look inward at their own idiotic thinking. It is somehow not their fault that they cannot produce sufficient and accurate evidence to support their insane ideas.

    "science is a religion" – No, it is not. Religion by definition requires the presence of a deity. There are no deities involved in science. Science has nothing to do with your faith. Science proving something that your faith-based beliefs claims, wrong, is not an attack on your faith. It is simply the observations, data, and evidence showing that reality does not support your religious beliefs.

    "this is proof" – Presenting quote-mined segments and tossing in a false narrative is only proof of their dishonesty. The actual proof is they are scammers of the social media type. Preying on the gullible few that will give their videos clicks to generate adsense revenue. If they get you hooked, they will keep reminding you to join their paid Patreon channels. Jeranism himself has admitted that he lives solely on his YouTube income, and does not work a real job.

    "Its all FAKE" – anything and everything that exposes their delusional little dreams is claimed to be fake. From years of repeated scientific experiments, to years of empirical data, to photographs, to live video. Never is it actually proved, and never does any scientific body on the planet support their claim.

    "They don't need maps and models" – This is easy, they can do neither. In their logic, they believe the sun to be close, they believe the Earth to be flat, yet, they cannot provide a workable map, nor can they provide a simple model of sunrise/set for any location on the planet that matches actual observations. Something that spherical models have been doing now for centuries. They simply cannot math, and cannot science.

    In summary, Google should scrutinize its content and better manage content makers. An idea would be to remove Science, Technology, and Education tags from general user options. Make those reserved specifically for makers that carry verified real world credentials in those areas. As an example, Education can only be used by educational institutions, and certified educators. It should not be able to be used by some tin-foil wearing, basement dwelling, burger flipper. If Google wants to fund it, make these tags also a pay service product.

  14. I dont believe Logan is a comedy genius (actually its a comedy genius) instead Logan and his team subconsciously helped atheists like me that is fighting against creationism (its creationism) entering and disrupting schools, specifically science classrooms, by infiltrating that bullshite conversion.

    Creationists loves uneducated people and exploiting children, people in desperation and mentally sick people is easier for those people running everything to convert, a collective, just like the Borg!………

  15. people who mocked logal paul got wrecked. it just shows how people are easy to judge. then logal paul proved it. that these people are not good. and they are deleting their videos mocking him. they dont want other people seeing how bad people they are.

  16. So YouTube will reduce your content because you make claims about people/celebs that you don’t know whether it’s true or not. How can one person decide what’s true or false when facts are not always facts and people will never have the same opinions.

  17. Seeing is believing!?! Then u must accept that all Cgi is genuine imagery, when sparks fly at your face in an IMAX movie you must accept that they are real and can burn you ,seeing is believing……

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