Magical Trolling

Magical Trolling

*Screaming* *BOOM!* *You are Kurwa stupid ugly MAGGOT and your mama never love you!* *Crying* Oh Hey! *Magic Mann!* You are Troll Scout, right? Yeah… :'( Oof… Ooohhh… What happened? Troll Scout: *Explaining*
Magic Mann: *What?* And that stupid soldier make me cry? *Sigh* Gah… C’mon man! This is a real freaking embarassment… Let’s go! No! *Sad sound* *Teleporting…* What? Hohoho… *Transform* Atta boy! *Demoman sounds* Haha! Look at this!>:) *Teleport again* *Footsteps* Eyy! Eh? Lil’ help? 🙁 NO!!! YA WEE SCAMPERING WIND BAG! WE’VE GOT UNFINISHED BUSINESS YOU AND I… AND BY GOD, I’LL SEE IT SETTLED!!! Kay… *Laughing* Yeah come get some, ya freakin’ wuss. *Evil Laughs* Not today… Heavy now! *Wonndering sounds followed by POW!* *Heavy sounds* I have plan for you… More pain! *Demo giggles* (lol) *Punching sounds and pain* *More pain* Ha ha ha… Yar doin’ good lad! *Trolling sounds followed by Uh?* Hmm? OOF! What??? You fat! *More trolling sounds* Oof? *Screaming* *Heavy Screaming* I have squashed you like bug! YYAAAAA!!! *Sounds of missing* *More sounds of missing and Demoman waking up* *Roaring followed by trolling sounds* HA! Ah! You’re wicked, and you’ll burn! Drunk! *Dat face xD* *Screaming followed by magic sounds* *Suffocating* *Crit* *Silent pain* *Loud pain* (also dat face again lol) *Random gibberish* Thanks! *Screaming and pain* DIE! *Followed by return of sad sound* *SMG sounds and some screaming* Ded… Demoman: *wakes up*
Heavy: Uh? Demoman? Good… UUhhhhh….. That wasn’t supposed to happen… *Trolling sounds followed by aggressive UUH!* *Heavy_Reading.txt* *Ticking*
Heavy: What? *SCREAMING!* *KABOOM!* That’s what i’m talking about! Yeah! Subtitles by FireSkull (⌐■_■)

100 thoughts on “Magical Trolling

  1. You know, I'm really happy for the success of this video. Really, 1,2k likes and 79k views. It makes me really happy to see that videos starring TF2 Freaks are still alive and strong. This should get me in the mood for some Gmodding.

  2. You just made Trollscout my favourite character! I may even cosplay him on a convention if it's ok. More Trollscout please! I love your vids!
    Hail from Hungary! ;D

  3. Just who made Magic Man by the way? I really want to know so I can watch more stuff that involves him. XD

  4. irl i trolled a troller spy with a spy near me there was my frend and then he killd him and then i played like hide and seek and then he found my friend agan becuz we were in same outfit then was behing him and then he sad noob_down….then i trolled him in the back YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  5. At the begin, I kinda felt bad for trollscout even know he makes us laugh, polish soldier made a insult that I could not help but wonder why

  6. There should be a version of the Dead Ringer like that, possibly only usable once per life, or some way to keep it from being too OP. But the fake body explodes.

  7. There should made an third Episode, where GabeN bans Troll-Scout and Magic-Mann with the ban-hammer for their Bad acting…

  8. Bro your the best plz make more vid and i also know that part when polish soldier killed trollscout and he’s still alive in that explosion

  9. 3:25 For those too lazy to read the text:
    “If you thought that you got me, that you made a mistake. You’re dumber than I thought. I along with magic mann fled long ago. I no longer catch up us suckers
    PS: My fake dead body is a bomb”

  10. FUCK YOU Troll Scout you deserve to rot and burn in HELL you fat ugly motherfucker!!!!!!!!😤😡😠👿😈💀☠️

  11. Why is that how’d I see it in real life

    demo gets knock out with one grubby pan heavy,.. don’t you know in Russia we break our hammer so we use our head instead

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