Magnet fishing s04e07 – Seuso-treasures

Magnet fishing s04e07 – Seuso-treasures

Hello! We received an invitation from Zoltan Dezsy, he is a movie director who made 2 documentary about the Seuzo treasures, and he got a new info that these treasures might be in some wells so that’s why we are here now. The informer said, when they found some Seuzo treasures and World War 2 weapons they hide those in the wells He pointed 3 wells, we checked all of them we also brought the Izsó with us but unfortunately it couldn’t fit in the well so we had to reshape it We managed to make underwater records, after checking what under there we started magnet fishing. We found these wells up in the hills, only the first 1-2 meters were paved the rest was just scooped out. It would have been dangerous if we had gone down there that’s why we brought the magnets These magnets don’t hold noble metals, but there was a chance to find some weapons. It looks like we didn’t find the right 3 wells, because we couldn’t find anything. Zoli is obsessed with the mystery of the Seuzo treasures about 20 years, now we checked 3 wells, we need to go on and find something. We are waiting for the next wells to be discovered, can’t wait to check the new ones with Izsó and the magnets. Like we said the Polgardi firefighters were attended, they were really nice, they also enjoyed magnet fishing, also tried the hooks. They showed us a very cool tie technique, where you can make a 20m long rope into 2m long. Basically we closed this day unsuccessfully, we didn’t find the treasures but we will go on, and we will find them. I believe so. The other positive thing was the Izsó, it really works good in the wells, so we definitely going to use it more often, bring it everywhere and use it where we can, it’s really exciting to see what’s under the surface… …….. ohh cut it Bye!

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  1. Mi az az Izsó pontosan? És miért az a neve? Azért érdekel, mert a vezetéknevem Izsó, és elég ritka névnek számít ahhoz, hogy felkapjam ráa fejem 😀

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