Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage

It’s pretty popular. So… I like to throw lures that get bit with a smaller profile. Bass eat it pretty well. Caught quite a few fish on it It’s pretty simple. Natural, brown, green pumpkin, brown. When the water’s dirty…this water’s a little dirty, kinda stained so you could probably get away with green pumpkin. This brown-ish, camo-ish color. When the water is really muddy… black and blue. I just use use straight black with a black and blue trailer a lot of times. The trailers I like to use, depending on the water color, or excuse me, water temperature… We’re getting towards the end of Summer, the beginning of Fall, so the water’s still pretty warm. When the water’s warm, I like to use stuff that kicks. This is a Zoom ZCRAW JR. Or the Zoom ZCRAW Of course all the Rage baits are awesome… Rage Bug Rage Craw, that’s probably my favorite jig trailer. Of course, I’ll cut it down. That’s one of my jigs that I make.

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  1. Awesome! Got the new boat wet, on the outside this time! Hey, what was that white box on your counter, and did Eric go for the biscuits and gravy?

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