Mangrove Jack re-match Pt1 Andy’s Fish Video EP.307

Mangrove Jack re-match Pt1 Andy’s Fish Video EP.307

Woo hoo hoo Andy’s fishing hey everyone it’s Andy here I’m heading
back to a Creek I fish with Andrew a little while ago and a bit of a rematch
for me I um got smoked by a really nice Mangrove Jack
Andrew Andrew lost a lure and also got smoked by nice Jack say after Barramundi and Jack’s and maybe maybe a couple of big Cod as well that’ll be nice
so let’s see we go and I stayed for it really calm and now to show you the gear
I’m using got the omen some we can see that omen green spin rod and finnor 3000 rampage real so I think that’s about
thirty pound braid and this time I’m actually going to go to 30 pound black
magic fluorocarbon leader last time the lecture last two big Cod’s I had one I
think snapped me off the other one just wore through it so gonna go a little bit
heavy on the leader this time so be using some Arafura 100’s nice nice
colors in those and also the assassin 75 today I think these lures are really
good value for money and they work really well too so hopefully get a few
nice fish on first cast like to fill my first cast lead right now yep got him, dropped him
yummy hits really hard there I think he might have going back under a snag and
then a hook out nighty-night that was a decent fish and it pulled like a jack so
I’m gonna say a big Jack there he was Wow hey just just did me then I came up
really hardest I thought he actually busted me off there for a second Barra nice that is a good Barramundi
you see another monster and he’s a good fish I’m feeling trying to shake that
lure out like you hooked in pretty well not going anywhere
I don’t think he’s legal sighs but that’s okay quite have you ever got that oh wait I
love that got a boat oh I’m quite happy I’ve got that extra give you a later on
because you’re going to fish this size or where you’re through yeah thank you much time That lure has almost worked itself out. without any gills for summer isn’t every
guy my god nice one no a little bear and that hook
wasn’t in very much at all not by much got that and he’s actually legal size 61
centimeters so I haven’t had Barra for a long times the first one of the season
for me in season, yeah I’m going to eat you
sorry little buddy and here is the thing I actually discovered not long ago all
these fish this size either males or juveniles they around 65, 55 centimeters
to sixty centimeters they turn into young males and it’s not until they
reach 80 centimeters that they become females so I’m going to have a new
policy for now on anything over 80 centimeters I’m going to let go all
happy to keep a few of these little juvenile and males but to me the
breeding Barramundi females are going to go back so just so you guys know for future videos
I’ll still catch plenty Barra hopefully nice good ones to looking first yeah and
yeah that’s where he came from i am i thought i was good spot on this
side but he actually came from between those two snags so that’s pretty corny
hit it and he just sat me i don’t know if you could see it in the video but he
hit it and you could see his side and it’s like i know i knew it was a Barra
before I felt white on the rod because he was just just sitting crosswise in
that little little channel name in it that was pretty cool and another thing
you should do it after every fish just check your leader just right neither
neither lure there if not not too scuffed up and so now the fish will just
Nick it actually when I was a fish just over there that was that’s proof and
mangrove Jack they hit it before that’s cool yeah on that side too oh yeah any
fish like in a little baby Barracuda can Nick that or Barra’s they can wear
throughout mackerel any anything ham I can hear weaken your leader say always
check it doesn’t matter what fishy just caught whether you even if you hook some
oysters or something like that all bumped a
dick I always check my leader just to make sure I haven’t damaged it and then
you lose your next fish Oh how’s a hit it was a bear a hit really hospital
let’s go back in there again what was Barramundi swimming alone please near what you can go for brought here ah come on oh I thought it was too shallow oh and
he lost it lost it I was on the mud and I’m like trying to rip it off because it
was like it was in that much water and he must have just sucked it off the edge
of that ledge that was that was pretty cool it’s got my fifth cast in there – oh look for another one he won’t be back so
this section is about where ender and I stopped last time and I’m deliberately
fishing here just to just to see what it’s like and now see what I can catch oh nice Mangrove Jack oh yes catfish as well
Oh a Bream just hit it and then mr. Jack came in now that after the bring let go
that is a quick Jack it’s got to be around the 40 as well beautiful and he
was just he was sitting the middle on our way there so that’s pretty cool
let’s give this guy in don’t get under there all right ease down and I’m not
going to keep him but I’ll definitely measuring beautiful fishing nice nice
solid fangs on it a total surprise that okay from no way look at the fangs on
that guy now monsters yes here’s a solid fish
he is just under 46 centimeters that’s nice you know I got a yellow and the
green on the eyes you just an eye to see sing sometimes and look at the coloring
really nice and he’s got flecks of them what gray or green and he’s all red
there hey let you go buddy yeah our nice jack it’s just beautiful some people might say that Jax tastes
better than most things but if I catch a Barra or two, the fill it off this thing
don’t compared or Barra’s fill it there’s some yeah a lot of wasted John
Jack so I’m very happy just to let these guys go you guys beautiful then I can
catch him another day when he’s bigger looks like we’re coming into some rock
bars here so they come down and stick out so perfect place for ambush
predators like Mangrove Jack and Barramundi, it was Cod and flooded Oh rep rocks both had to
have something on them saw this bigger fish on these rock bars somewhere
definitely it’s good structure not much I’m on the edge of the river at the
moment so fishing in a be where they can either ambush your hide and that’s
assuming these rock bars I’d say oh nice Jack another da dropped him
that was another nice Jack’s very 40 again right on that corner see if is
another Oh another look another one and a brim I’m not a jack and a couple of
Bream up there come on fishies buddy that’s a Cod I think yeah oh not the
ones I saw but that doesn’t matter little estuary Cod I’ll just um yeah
hook yeah got it in there pretty well okay one and two all right off you go
little buddy never know what you’re going to get and those rock bars are
working just remember Andrew this is the bit you didn’t want to fish at primetime
fishing time if I can spot a minefield of oyster rocks should be something in
here we up big brim with Jack, Bream I think I
can fill out around deep brim and a Mangrove Jack oh oh another nice one another nice one knew
they had to be fish in this area you just just got so much structure just
lift this guy in okay says legal size may be just but some yep in let him
go I’ve got it Barra hot any more fish
really maybe maybe take another Barramundi bit see here we go is 33 I’d say just
fully i black me just right back well I’m glad I finally caught a couple of Jacks
a lesson and yeah I reckon the heavier rod if you want to see more of my videos
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videos thanks for watching bye

76 thoughts on “Mangrove Jack re-match Pt1 Andy’s Fish Video EP.307

  1. What's up Andy. Nice video but can you show us how you cook the Barra? Ive been catching some lately here in Singapore but i have absolutely no idea how to cook it! Cheers!

  2. You mentioned oyster rocks is that just another nickname for an oyster bed or is it something entirely different?

  3. What kind of actions did the lure do? thanks Andy for your videos, wish we had barras here in the state of Florida but we do got mangroves!

  4. Dang you keep fish was hoping, this was a catch and Release. But glad still to see you catch them great vid. And what do they taste like to you I fish for trout and bass. Mainly anything hopefully you reply thanks.

  5. would you ever consider doing a video of how you prep and cook different fish?

    another great video as usual, keep it up!

  6. that jack at 13:00 minutes hit so long before u striked, you can see the flash at 13:00 or maybe 12:59 a few secconds before u noticed he was on haha! quick one

  7. awesome video Andy, finally caught my first Jack on the weekend, was a stonker 47cm and got smoked by another bigger one, videos and people telling you just doesn't justify how hard Jack hit it's unbelievable

  8. More vids pls! Never have enough of your fishing vids! (A bit of flying on your ultralight would be awesome!)

  9. I would really like to see you try out Lively Lures 2.5 inch Mad Mullets. I have tried out a lot of Lively Lures and for my money the 2.5 inch mullets in either banana, bleeding mullet or ghost grey colours are by far the pick of all of them for casting at sticks like this. We all know how much you love the micro mullets, the bigger brothers go just as well.

  10. Andy mate, your subscriber count is going up so quickly! i remember like a year ago you were less than 7k! keep up the good work bud! 🙂

  11. Hi Andy.Great stuff mate. Love your work. Question about your gear. I see you mention the reel is a Fin-nor 3000 rampage. Is that in the V Series? And also can you tell me what length rod you use in the Omen Green spin rod and strength too?

  12. I really enjoy your videos and I was wondering if you would mind telling me about some of the other people that you subscribe to and enjoy.

  13. Hi Andy, can I ask how you prep your barra for storage? Do you bleed it before hitting the esky? Thanks in advance.

  14. Andy I love your videos, but please tell me how come you always talking about catching Jack's but never keep them. You always throw them back.

  15. Amazing video ¡ What is that place? The mangrove Jack in Cuba is called Cubereta and for me have a exquisite meat ¡ I fished them in the inmense Bahia de Nipe , in its estuaries. The one that measures 45 cm is the true Cubereta! Thanks.

  16. You do some great videos Andy.  No brags and no bullshit.  Its amazing to watch how shallow big and good fish come from.  Great learning experience for me even after fishing for the past 50 years.

  17. Andy, I notice you don't use a snap swivel… do you recommend not using one? Don't you have a lot of line twisting on your braid because of the lack of a swivel?

  18. Champion. I treat the big females same as crabs, I consider them breeding stock and have a personal no-take rule. But a lovely 65cm golden saltwater barra like that? GET IN MY BELLY!

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