Oh man… I just wanted Bill to be here… (sigh) I’m having my birthday… I don’t have a cake; I don’t have friends; I’m with this ridiculous beard that I have to SHAAAVE! You know what? It’s all for you, Bill! For you I’ll shave my beard! That’s what I’m going to do! This middle part is really bad, but the rest It’s kind of good… Hunf, Bill didn’t like the mustache, he thought It was ugly. And he was a great buddy, that’s okay. That’s for you Bill… for you! What the fu-!! How? Woody?? What are you doing there? Man, they left you here? This guys in this house don’t have a minimum of respect, man! Damn. It could have wet the whole butt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Man, that’s so weird. You’re my favorite doll and you’re here?! Damn, this guys really don’t have a minimum of care! Damn Woody, let’s go, let me put you back into your place! For you to be well taken care of, okay? Okay, let’s go! Damn, man, this people keep doing all of this, It’s getting me tired. I didn’t even shave my beard, I’m really tired, I’m going to take a nap, f#ck it! (lying in bed comfortable and soft) (waking up in bed comfortable and soft) Woody?? What are you doing here, buddy? Man! Those guys keep taking you off your place! Damn, man! Hey, man, stop doing this to Woody! Leave Woody in his place. I’ll put you in your place, okay? You need to stay in your respected place, Woody! You’re a fine cowboy man, you are so damn cool, c’mon! I’m so thirsty… Damn, what do I drink? Oh, I know! Milk! Milk is the best thing to drink! Milk is full of calcium, fiber, riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin B12, vitamin A, thiamine, vitamin B6 and minerais: phosphorus, potassium, zinc and magnesium. Let me have some milk! What, but how, man? I put milk and came out… mustard? Something’s wrong, wait a minute! Dammit, man, who’s doing this— Woody? Why did they leave you here? Why are you with this bottle of mustard? Damn, man! They put you here in the fridge?? Man, it could ruin you! You could be freezing, Woody! Man, you know what? I’m going to put in your place, man! I WANT TO SEE IF SOMEONE TAKE YOU OFF THERE AGAIN!! Woody, dude, you’re like my best friend, man. And those people want to ruin you, Woody! I hate it! I’ll put you in your place again, stay calm! I want to eat something, but—Oh, I know! I going to eat cake! But I need a knife first! Damn, man! How’s a knife just vanished?? It’s a drawer, how I’m not finding this shitty knife? AAAAAAAAAA (screams in pain) Oh my god, it hurts so bad! Man! Oh, my hand was cut! Oh my god, who left a knife there in the drawer of knives? Woody? Woody, what you’re doing there? Oh, man! I can’t believe they left you here, man! And this bloody knife, you could get dirty— I CAN’T TAKE IT! Oh, Woody, dammit, man! They left you here with this knife with my blood! I can’t believe they wanted to incriminate you, like you were the one that took my hand off. This doesn’t make sense! You’re like the greatest doll, man, you wouldn’t do something like this! GOT TROLLED Subscribe!!


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