100 thoughts on “Minecraft: TROLL CRAFT | GIVING AWAY DNA?! [25]

  1. I am watching this in 2019 and while he was saying we can do nothing about the mandrake i was screaming and slapping myself and saying move your stuff and use the chance blocks

  2. Ssundee u know that u can blow up the mandrake with a tnt or a bomb and dont need to give the pad lock

  3. This is depressing rewatching this so he figures out how to get rid of the lol with chance cubes but doesn’t decide to move his stuff and destroy the mandrake with chance cubes or just blow up he mandrake with a holy hand grenade or something and not give away his dna

  4. You could have used the lucky block trick like you did before because you don’t have much there you could just take your ME system and start testing your luck

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