Minecraft: TROLL CRAFT |  MY NAME IS…JEFF? [33]

Minecraft: TROLL CRAFT | MY NAME IS…JEFF? [33]

♫Hi my name is what, my name is who, my name is, ♫ My name’s Jeff. ♫Intro music♫ So yeah, (laughs) I was getting on to uh set up this troll craft video Like always, like every Saturday. and there was an ‘update’ to the modpack. And every time there’s and update to the modpack, I’m always worried, That Kehaan or somebody has done something. Check this out… I clicked multiplayer and listen. My name’s Jeff My name’s Jeff My name’s Jeff My name’s Jeff My name’s Jeff Every time I click or do anything! (Laughs) My name’s Jeff (My name’s Jeffs overlapping) My name’s Jeff My name’s Jeff x2 Everything is Jeff! Oh my gosh. so, let me log into the server I’m pretty sure last week, when I logged off, I’m pretty sure I was in Jordan’s base. Captain Sparkelz, I’m pretty sure that’s where I logged off okay, loggin’ in okay, ok, please don’t break. Still loggin’ in Gettin’ the little spinny wheel of death okay. Okay, we’re here. Let me get rid of that. So far so good… (overlapping ‘my name’s jeffs’) (more ‘my name’s jeffs’) My Footsteps… (more ‘Jeffs’) so if I, jump? Okay, Jump doesn’t make the noise say let me fly we’re going to put up our i put on my arm so i can fly ok just don’t touch the ground whatever you do don’t touch the girl because we’ll hear Jeff ok ok please don’t make the noise when i open the door hold on I never guess just don’t touch the ground ever wait what is that what the heck is this they’re coming from this village what the heck happened to this bill why are their skeletons like being torches what’s this village tortured by Jeff everybody was tortured here what is this what’s causing that I’ll always break this okay so we have a red unstable beacon with an arcane stone blob what the heck happened to this village so I log in to everything being in my name is Jeff this village over here being tortured is there anything else I need to worry about hopefully there’s nothing different about my face let’s head back to our base which is yet down this way let’s head back to our home ok just don’t land on the ground I don’t I don’t want to hear Jeff anymore ok so our base you still have I have three frames per second right now why is my game crashing the chance cubes are still on the face did I break something I can’t i have three frames per second you guys are seeing this leg like what he’s going on here hold on less land dude this is like almost done place is unplayable my name is Jeff of course we still have to Jeff noises did something break put a little walk out let me log out her name is Jeff ok ok ok the like is gone remember Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff those little leg is gone let’s walk back in let’s see if that reset maybe I loaded him like a corrupt chunk or something I don’t know ah my name is Jim no I shouldn’t back 25 frames per second what the heck is going on let’s go in our face hold on let’s go everybody came footplate the place yeah what my gosh i execute lagging like crazy well here let me go on let me go on to elevator looks bad back up slowly okay let’s go down here okay hold on in my face I I don’t see anything yeah I mean there’s a dude over there to the way Jeff Jeff is that you the despot does are gonna kill me guess let’s kill Jeff just out okay remember Jeff my manager why is my computer break yet let’s go let’s go down let’s go down to our Emmy system I don’t even I don’t even know what’s happening judge in Jeff’s just stay away turn off the sound ok ok let’s go back to the game I literally have four frames per second I cannot move I have no clue what is going on I gotta figure out what I can’t even play I don’t even know what’s happening let me let me try this I’m in the back end of this server troll craft I’ll bring up Troy craft okay stop okay I stop the server okay okay let’s restart the server okay restarting it now no free is happening the server starting back up ok Korean let’s refresh ok by locking a foot please fix the lag ok hopefully this is fixed to lag let’s see i am still at five frames per second is it still yelling hold on let me turn on the sound let me turn on the sound options oh good lord this is taking forever sounds turn it up to turn it up oh it’s official I cannot go to my base and I have no idea why ok let’s go back to Jordan space oh I wanted to do something this episode as you guys remember last episode I became the terminator I became an Android so let’s go back to jordan’s house which is over here if you were met ok we’re going to go back through the portal and fly ok stop walking ok stop it there’s no more just saw the noises ok ok so remember i can upgrade all of this stuff to make myself stronger as an Android so that’s what I want to do for right now so I believe how this works if I remember it’s okay I got to turn this down I got to turn this down good lord but for freaking Jeff if you look underneath my player down here I have 45 XP which if you look at my experience bar I have 45 experience levels so I can look through this stuff and I can upgrade myself as a robot and give myself some buff so let me read through is and see which upgrades are the best yeah look at this this one here lim overclocking increases movement speed by ten percent already bought it was let’s upgrade it another time 80 okay now we have increased movement speed by twenty percent yeah now let me try this if you look in the bottom right you can see like item slots so let’s say I’d take an Android arm and put this here let’s see what happens oh it turns my arms into androids they I have robot arms now oh and that gave me extra health look at the bottom I now have hell oh and look I actually don’t need to eat anymore I don’t have to eat food anymore that’s it isn’t pretty sick I’m a robot I don’t have to eat anymore that is 90 que hora so we now have robot arms let’s do robot legs now I have robot legs okay okay is there anything else I’m looking for the head I kinda want to get ahead and a chest piece dang ok let’s see if we move faster now hold on look yeah it feels like I move faster now to with that twenty percent increase nice okay okay so what I want to do let me go back to the twilight forest dimension really quick I want to get another headpiece and I want to get some of these other pieces to put on hold on so I just killed a legendary Android and check this out if you look at like the the different things like you can get upgraded on Android pieces that legendary a robot drop the legendary chest piece which gives me AB minus forty percent glitch time Mac south of plus 3 plus ten percent speed that is sick so you can actually get legendary gear I I’m playing World of Warcraft in Minecraft this is awesome i love this so it is actually very beneficial for me to go around killing legendary robots because i wanna let me kill this state wait wait why are you not attacking me are you not attacking me because I’m a robot that’s pretty cool huh okay let’s go over here I’m going to look for another legendary and I’m pretty sure these purple things are like epic I think well let’s kill him okay let’s see he just drops an arm I may be a leg no no I don’t know maybe you can only get good gear from legendary yeah this is another legendary okay let’s kill this legendary what’s see if we did a legendary op he dropped from this guy hold on let’s kill him let’s kill him one more shot yeah okay we’ve got a legendary helmet well now let’s pick it up pick it up pick it up legendary helmet attack damage plus one dude this is sick I didn’t know you could do this with this robot mod this is literally like World of Warcraft in Minecraft things drop legendary gear this is cool i can now farm this give you a minute here’s another legendary okay okay let’s kill this i’m going to kill one more and then we’re going to go back to all the weapons station want to let’s kill this one give me something good give me a legendary give me legendary legs die ed I need a new pair of shoes ah another helmet okay that’s fine let’s see what’s on this helmet I know that’s not that way hold on oh look at this helmet so this is the helmet I had from before this only gives me plus one attack damage and plus knockback resistance this helmet plus twenty percent speed plus to attack damage knocked backwards it oh that is sick dudes I know what I’m gonna be doing I I’m gonna be legendary farming okay okay let’s head back to that back to that android guy that weapon station I want to throw on this helmet and this back piece so we’re back at the Android shops over men look to you this is how fast we run right now before I put on the legendary so this legendary chest piece gives me all of those buffs look at this glitch time max health plus 3 speed + 10 battery use minus 6 okay let’s throw a ha let me take off my armor I want to see what I look like with this chest piece okay let’s throw on yeah this this chest piece right here let’s do this on look at that okay okay now the next thing are the legendary helmet no not this one not that yeah but the one in the top of plus twenty percent speed to attack damage let’s try this will store this helmet on look look at us we are the terminator okay so we have that looks like we can throw on a battery also and I’m pretty sure yeah I have a battery Yeah right here I’ll a sort of battery here okay no clue what that does and then this other app what goes into other spot I I have no clue okay so here’s the moment of truth let’s see how fast we actually run now with these two legendary items here we go look at this and we’re not even halfway done upgrading ourselves we can still get even more legendaries dude this is sick I like this mod we are going to become the best and terminator we can be yeah and real quick check this out I forgot to show you this watch whatever I take damage watch the screen watch this my marriages look at this my man again if I do it n is out that is I love this body this Android mod is sick but there’s listen this server is like freaking broken right now I can’t get to my base because it’s so laggy so I can’t really do anything on top of that like all of that lag at my base is making everything else lag like crazy on top of that this is all ideas listen I’m going to end this here I’m sorry if this was a lot shorter than normal I just I literally cannot play on the serpent right now so if you guys have enjoyed it the like button down below show me some love also hit the subscribe button if you do to my channel I got to figure out what the Freak is wrong with this server will say it dudes next time

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  2. Jeff is love, Jeff is life, because my name is Jeff – poem by Keehan 10/10
    So true Keehan…… wow 👏 😐 😉

  3. Who came back in 2019 to see it again because he oly plays fortright😂……but i miss the good old days😭😭

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