Mini Feeder Fishing With Jon Arthur

Well that didn’t take long. I’m at Rookery Waters today in Cambridgeshire And I’m on Jay Lake Which is a typical snake lake fishery. It’s probably about 14 metres wide But rather than fishing a pole like most people would do I’m fishing quite a nice little method A little 9ft rod instead. And as you can see (laughs) The fish don’t seem to mind it at all! They are quite angry fish in here. Come on! Oh yes! Let’s get this fish in. That’s about the typical stamp we’ve been having today. A couple of pounds. They’ve been going a little bit bigger too. I’ll just get my disgorger. Straight out. Plop him in. A bit of weed on the line there. Yes, it’s been a really good session. What I have been doing today Rather than a typical pole approach tight across to the far bank I’ve been chucking a little home made feeder And I’ve been fishing an 0.16mm hooklength To a 16 Wide Gape Pellet hook One or two dead maggots Just like that. Dead easy And then I’ve just got a mixture of groundbait with a few micro pellets in Filling the feeder up Nice and compact I call this my little Boat Feeder I didn’t come up with the name. My mate Nick Speed came up with the name. But that’s what I’ve been chucking out. On a little 9ft rod setup like this It’s actually a combo length rod. It’s a 9ft 10ft but I’m using it at the shortest length It’s the Ultralight Mini Feeder from Drennan. I’ve got 5lb Feeder & Method Mono A little reel. And it’s just really nice and easy at the shorter length For casting tight to the far bank. Obviously the tighter you can get it the better. Plop! Straight in like that. And because it’s such a compact setup I’m not even needing a rod rest or anything. I’m wedging the rod right up against the front of my keepenet. Right in the V of the keepnet And the bites… Have been pretty electric! Just like that! As you can see the 9ft rod is bending right through Really soaking up every lunge I have caught fish up to 10lb on this rod You can use it for little roach and skimmers It’s bending and soaking up all the lunges And I never feel like I’m going to get broken on it Let’s get this one in Another one that’s fighting pretty hard As they all seem to be doing at Rookery Waters I have set my reel drag a little bit light as well So if they do run they can take a bit of line But the rod’s bent double and just taking all that extra strain Oh it’s a ghostie! That’s why he fought so hard So there you are A great little method Very very simple A little 9ft rod and a little feeder Free-running on the line 0.16mm and single dead maggot Groundbait and pellets or a mixture of the two on the feeder And that’s the result!

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