Monster GT fishing Toughest Fish in the Ocean Surface strikes EP.373

Monster GT fishing Toughest Fish in the Ocean Surface strikes EP.373

hey everyone its Andy here I’m out today
doing some popping and jigging for big GT’s I know it’s going to be a good video
because they’ve already caught one so I’ve got a brand new rod grin from
whitsunday fishing world built it for me if you live locally or even if you don’t
live like with your bone McCoy or something like that he makes a really
nice rod and I asked him to make up a big GT rod that I can put a ten thousand
reel on and some 80 pound line and it’s um ya already proven itself today so I’m
gonna go find some bigger fish that was that was a good fish there first one but
I’m hoping the next fish is even bigger coral and rocks in there I mean that’s
gonna be a problem oh yeah here he comes here he comes here
he comes here he comes Oh tell me a little one let me just stop
here for sayin oh no I think the first one will be bigger than the second one
all right let’s have another what there’s a follow nice GT right in
the back come on oh we came out of nowhere again all
right to move out a little bit so that’s the second time he’s coming out of there
and he’s too close to the boat by the Tommy reaches Aloha so I don’t think
he’s coming from over here I think he’s coming from down here somewhere he was
about a 50 pound or maybe okay let’s try maybe a little slower a
tree give them a little bit more chance to to grab it oh here he is god yes yes almost put me
over there oh excuse a lot heavier than my last year Oh at least 10 kilos a drag
on here oh oh this is cool I think he’s at least 50 pounds I’m gonna say 50
pounds oh he’s actually fighting me in the
current net that’s what so hot I’ve got the electric holding me at the
moment just trying guy whatever I can’t he’s
got that little rut down his mouth I strike swallow right down there so
that’s cool just using the back of the body that
leaned up against oh he’s not running anymore he’s just
dead right now got your body against the current Oh join this Oh
enjoy might be the wrong word good a bit of paint involved but yeah I quite like
this rod and the real set up thanks to grant for fishing into too deep under
under the boat and yeah I’m happy I’ve got a little dead electric he’s holding
really nicely he’s good fish oh yeah look at that
why not because I 50 pound GT Oh beautiful do you mean
I’m gonna triangle it crafters onto it getting big fishing by yourself is a bit
of a challenge so I might hand line first he’s actually very tired oh here
we go oh I don’t have to get him out of the
water to get that out ready and wet he’s quite warm today and you
don’t to put a big fish on a dry deck let’s see lift him up so I’m gonna say
he’s about 25 30 pounds I’ll get a YUM I’ll do a measurement on him like this
and then we’ll get a so that’s 91cm centimeters but let’s get those hooks
out and then release him look at his eyes I love the color that I Wow
these are here surface skippers 160 great lure I’ll just beat it up with a
big hook on the end there let’s get this guy back in the water get him to survive it’s getting back in that water and
reviving I’m gonna hang on doing for quite a while I think well he wants to swim already wow this
holiday for a little while I’m gonna get his breath back a little
bit what a beautiful fish I love these
things this size is still quite manageable but
yeah let’s see if we can get a bigger one
he’s ready to go laughs you go buddy beautiful ah happy face happy angler burger I didn’t get a shot of me with
the fish Oh get another one oh that’s cool that was cool so that’s the sort of
thing they like I might draw something on here but there’s no real need to
they’re just hanging around that fat lump there right there that’s where
they’re at zoom out a little bit it’s just a just a rocky shore with a big
lump sticking out so that was cool fish like that oh yeah they’re great fun to
catch and I don’t ever want to kill one of those guys they just this too too
much fun too too old yeah so a couple of tips boy
life all I’ve just got you’re here older still bit of talking recover have
another girl later on GT’s like current and rocks or structure so any any sort
of structure doesn’t matter was a boat or rock or reef and current they’ll be
there that guy there took me a long time to actually get him to eat he had two
swipes sorry to two follows one swipe and then he finally grabbed I don’t I
don’t think I can see it saw him I might have seen just come up just as he
grabbed that last one but they quite a fast fish I think slowing down helped a
little bit but I just persisting also helped as well
and yeah thanks grant thanks with Sunday fishing world you guys are good to me
yeah thank you and I’m gonna see if I can get a bigger one
I’ll just have a breather for a second and then go again they’re a novice parked in there check out what’s happening on the sound
are they I’m gonna do some digging most of those fish are about 10 to 12 meters
down and there’s some big suckers down there so yeah let’s get the digging run
out to GT he’s just busting up here while I was watching that sander okay that’s it I’m definitely going
jigging because those guys a big and they’re down deep yeah those were some
very very big GT’S I didn’t get him on film but that was really jet black and
yeah that lady chasing fish this big so I’m gonna put the jigging rod on this is
made by Hardy Roy’s it’s a very very nice little outfit and when I say little
outfit it’s short but it’s extremely powerful like I’m running a deep aniline
on that so 130 pound leader and yeah should be aa blue well I hope to be able
to get one of these guys there’s no shut about it they’re still
tough critters so just do my best and he goes first drop don’t expect any first
drop but you never know Ida’s cranky now I get it all the way to the bottom
yep Oh straight away I don’t know what it is
it’s definitely a fish I don’t think it’s a big GT we got this drop I think
it might be yeah it was a shooter mackerel finish scared Finny scared I’ll
just get him off and let him go last Mars here Detroit the big trevally we’re
trying to eat these guys so you can see how big the trevally are off you get
alright no stopping just straight back over so you can get my nice big guy oh
no it’s another fee scared well hooked in the back that’s why so different oh
man he’s off sure alright hey it went out by the small ones before I get a big
one oh that’s a big fish hey you hit it on the way down that is a very big fish
yep that’s the one I wanted and he’s in the car I can feel it touch to the Carl
damnit I think yep I think this is definitely one of the ones just relaxing
he’s getting a bit of media oh wow this is a battle when he wants to go he
goes watching I just have to wait for the tire a
little bit it’s going up on the surface now he knows it well I think you can’t
wind down deep he’s going up ha ha I hope the shock I ain’t got even just
got it ah Mary guys ah I think a shark might have eaten him, was the big one I wanted that was the big one yep it’s just called damn that was the
one I wanted well I got a little restaurant try again
oh yeah yep something I think it could be a finny scad not sure yeah not a
feeling scared he dropped it there we go well I’m naked from those guys it’s just
cuz I’m trying to get hard I don’t want to date a date yes oh come a bit bigger I think it’s
not a bad fish at all okay it’s a good fish try and drive away from the reef I know you have a chance of getting this
going he’s swimming away from the reef right
now I think he’s on the bottom there I can feel something I don’t know why I
felt small to start with like wasn’t running or something let this one be the
one I’m gonna get Thank You me otherwise yeah the strain on that rod he’s coming
up now get up quick or something oh it’s not feeling good he’s just killing up
sooo easy yep look at that hard to finger my and something had a go at him
maybe a big GT actually yeah I’m gonna have a look at that sorry mr. finger
mark oh wow so so what happened here is I hook this nice nice fish here and
halfway through the fight a big trevally fingermark the trevally it’s that we’re
looking for any there’s no marks on that it is a bit lacerated so either big
trevallies gonna beat him down or a shark but a shark would have taken it
I’m going to say that was a young big GT whatever it was yeah I’m gonna taste go
home and eat this part here oh wow see he is 60
yeah just under 60 58 59 sorry fish but I’ll eat you anyway Wow well blog well
and I shock what it’s gone straight through that and that’s why I didn’t
feel like a big GT at first yeah actually maybe the GT that’s that’s what
happened this fish bit at first thrashed around a little bit and then a GT just
ate him so I was fighting a GT until the GT let go that is exactly what happened
that’s what I’m going with sorry fish and I’m a hundred percent
sure it was a giant trevally but a giant trevally that size the mouth is like it
would have had to get it to my head inside its mouth does that fish wasn’t a
small fish that was almost a 60 centimeter um go on the snapper or
finger mark so there’s some big suckers down there Oh where’s the clean fish Oh clean fish
again you can see it’s getting quite late it’s almost time to go home I like
to show it to the last moment I mean that’s it for me oh we stay I
follow that all the way the boat slow down but that’s generally not what you
do always one more house any better ten kilo fish huge and that’s it alright I’m
gonna hit high it’s a hard day Oh using big gear like this oh yeah I’ve
had enough still it’s that I cut off 15 amount the
rest it was pretty much just smashed to pieces but there’s a couple of good
meals in that it’s gone that’s a very big frying pan so yeah quite happy with
that really Bye

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