Hi guys! This is Endurance part 2 If you haven’t seen the first part, I will leave the link here in the notes and in the description below.
have fun! Okay! I have to admit that this 254 4-stroke is bloody good!
Well, it is not a really good engine You can’t compare it to those with higher displacements Or 250 or 300 2-stroke This is easy to use and fun. It allows you to open very much. So This is a very fun drive.
A small defect, i have to say, is the fact that it has a really short ratio. So when you do Endurance you always have to be on the right gear. Or it doesn’t recover very much. If it goes under torque you won’t be able to work in a proper way. Sorry, guys.
I stopped to change the GoPro’s battery. Here in the shade in order to rest. The path is still long, from what people have told me. By the way, this is amazing. I’m having a great time. And now, let’s go. Full gas! If i’ll be able to put on my gloves.
These are awesome places. A soft fresh air here in the woods. gas, here! Or you will stop. On the left?
Yes! They made a division: hard and soft. I’ve chosen the hard path. Even if i was really tired and my brain told me: “do the soft one” But gas told me “do the hard one!”
So, hard path… here we go! Oh, there it is the hard one. Where do i have to go? It was convenient to do everything from the outside. Go to the left! Oh, wow, that was really good!
I was wrong and I went right. Otherwise I go down and do it again. Because here it’s really hitting the engine. Go! It’s all about trajectories This was fucking easy. Oh Well. Can you do it?
I’ll help you. We can go there and then you have to turn left, where is the groove. I’ve removed the chain. Go. Go. See? If you do this with a 50, well, you’re brilliant. Go, go! Mount on it so in this way you pull on the wheel behind. A chain came off F**k!
Careful with your fingers Okay. Go! Guys, why can he go like that even with 50? Because he’s doing this with ignorance, he believes in this and goes! This is a hard spot! We’ll wait for him. Because a chain has been removed already so, probably, he’ll need a hand. I feel sick with fatigue. I’ll wait for him here, on top. We’ll turn around. I refresh myself for a moment.
About 20 minutes have passed since i stopped. But the Guy with the 50 doesn’t arrive. I’m worried about him but It’s more dangerous going back And risk to catch him. As you can see, the woods are really dense. Going in that direction in a wrong way is quite risky both because he or someone else could come here So, i’ll go on a bit Look where the staff is We tell them that there’s still someone behind, so that if he doesn’t arrive They know that there is someone left behind Shit, that was deep! We had a break with some crackers I drank a sweetened tea And then i’m starting again, even if they told me That we are in the middle of the path I thought we were at the end! My God!
Here in this stretch where the paddles are, it’s where i came with the 790 to record my video presentation.
I warned them about the boy with 50! There should be a lock behind it.
(They recovered him shortly after with the chain bent) So, if he got some problems, they’re going to recover him I have to make a round of applause To S1R Association That, as i’ve said before, i’ll put all the links in the info box But i have to clap my hands to them, because they organized something really well done Really fun paths and so on! I’ll tell them as soon as i’ll arrive there. These branches! Long, long! We have to turn right. It seems easier to me, Let’s start with the second gear Now, i’m… Tired. The front wheel went into the pit Just step out of the trajectories and this happens. After 6 months without Endurance Tomorrow, i won’t be able to move. I’m so tired! Oh My God. Guys, with all this video edits you can’t actually see how long was the path we’ve done. I’m stopping now to change GoPro’s battery, this is the fourth. I’ve finished 3 of them Just to give you an idea. Guys, i’m ending this video here, from my home’s sofa, because the fourth battery has left us I would like to thank again the motoclub S1R and the dealership Ferrando Motor. I hope you liked my video.
I can’t wait to start again with Endurance. I’ll do shortly a video about the new Enduro 2020 And then we’ll start with the whole range very soon. Give me a like for this video, leave a comment and tell me what you think about it. See you next time, bye!

51 thoughts on “MOTO ROTTA NEL BOSCO! – Enduro #13

  1. Appluasi a scena aperta per l'ignoranza a suon di bestemmie del ragazzo col 50…tanta roba e tanta stima 🤣

  2. Grazie mille forno MLS di avermi dato una mano per gran parte del percorso grazie davvero, anche dei complimenti ti stimo

  3. Normale che non va è targata posso assicurarti che un 250 4 t competizione come il crf si alza fino alla 5

  4. Forno metti anche un video lungo 30 min che tanto chi ti guarda vordi che li piaci te e lenduro e almeno si vede più strada❤️😜

  5. Bel video .. ma sono sempre più convinto che voi non siete semplicemente appassionati di enduro: voi siete proprio MASOCHISTI !!! Passate in punti dove io non vorrei andare neanche se mi pagassero (manco i boscaioli taglia legna si addentrano in quelle cespugliaie).

  6. questo sono gli uomini che ci dovrebbero essere (aiutano e hanno tenacia e resistenza) bravo complimenti

  7. Io faccio sono questo commento , TANTA UMILTA , grande forno , grande uomo , non e da tutti fermarsi ad aiutare e preoccuparsi x dei concorrenti , complimenti

  8. Grande forno! Complimenti per esserti fermato ed aver aiutato il ragazzo col 50, non da tutti💪 (anche io ho il 50 ma il massimo che ho fatto é stato da bologna a firenze sulla futa😂) comunque bellissimi sentieri e non so come tu faccia ad affrontarli. Tra l'altro questo percorso era lunghissimo! Ancora tanti complimenti❤

  9. Video bellissimo come tutte le endurate! Una domanda: avevi la ventola sul radiatore? Se no, ti ha dato qualche problema? pensi che sia indispensabile per fare delle endurate?

  10. Bellissimo video complimenti, mi sarebbe piaciuto partecipare anche a me dato che sto anche vicino, anche se ti sei fermato un po’ a fare enduro appena torni in sella, ne sai dare del gasss! Complimenti

  11. Seguitemi sul mio MOTOVLOG in sella alla mia HARLEY
    VI ASPETTO!!!!

  12. secondo me il 250 4 t é per cross
    il 350 4t per enduro
    il 450 per pista
    il 500/530/690 per "" strada ""
    e il 125 per citta e seghe😊

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